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TV Listings for DISCOVERY on Sunday (23.04.2017)

06 00-06 30How It's Made
Find out how commercial drones, aquarium fish, runway cleaners, and shuttlecocks are made. S24, Ep5

06 30-07 00How It's Made
Find out how mortars, pestles, bowling lane conditioners, crematories and wood playsets are made. S24, Ep6

07 00-07 30How It's Made
Find out how wooden matches, tillage machines, telescopic gangways, and mabe pearls are made. S24, Ep7

07 30-08 00How It's Made
Find out how mosquito coils, solar-assist tricycles, palm oil, and fiberglass chopper guns are made. S24, Ep8

08 00-09 00Extreme Car Hoarders
The duo discover a haul of American classics including Impalas and Chevelles. But can they persuade Edd to part with some of his hoard to build his dream pickup? S1, Ep2

09 00-10 00Misfit Garage
The guys struggle to deal with 'landlord' Richard Rawlings, as well as the completion of their first major build. Will the '67 Chevelle redo put 'Fired Up Garage' on the map? S1, Ep2

10 00-11 00Fast N' Loud
Aaron's plan to build a 'junkyard Porsche' to take on Richard's 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S goes awry when the pricey conversion kits don't fit. S3, Ep28

11 00-12 00Fast N' Loud
Aaron and the gang aim to finish their junkyard Porsche ahead of their big race against Richard's new $200,000 Porsche Turbo S, and Richard finds four Mustangs. S4, Ep1

12 00-13 00Mythbusters Jawsome Shark Special
The MythBusters celebrate the 25th anniversary of Shark Week with a countdown of their Top 25 shark myths of all time!

13 00-14 00Mythbusters Shark Week...
Jaws the Revenge. For the 40th anniversary of 'Jaws', the team dip their toes in shark-infested waters to test new ideas, new theories and new angles.

14 00-15 00The Last Alaskans
While Heimo pursues caribou meat, Tyler and Ashley score big game and confidence. Plus, Bob and his daughter arrive at their cabin and reminisce about the past. S2, Ep3

15 00-16 00The Last Alaskans
Autumn continues in the bush as the Last Alaskans settle into wilderness solitude. Battling loneliness, Bob Harte welcomes a visitor to his cabin. S2, Ep4

16 00-17 00Tanked
ATM is excited to design a tank for WWE superstar Titus O'Neil. The guys will need to work as a team to deliver a Gator tank with a University of Florida theme. S6, Ep1

17 00-18 00Tanked
The Texas Ranger's biggest slugger, Prince Fielder, is building his man cave in his home in Orlando, Florida, complete with an elegant saltwater aquarium. S6, Ep2

18 00-18 30Auction Kings
Paul and the team at Gallery 63 prepare for the next auction, where a prop from the movie Talladega Nights brings out Cindy's inner redneck. S3, Ep1

18 30-19 00Auction Kings
Today at Gallery 63, a man claims he has President Thomas Jefferson's desk and Jon tests out an antique horse racing game, but will his luck be in? S3, Ep2

19 00-20 00New: Dogs: The Untold Story
Dogs are willing to do almost anything we ask of them. From the front lines of war to medical detection, there has never been a busier time to be a working dog. S1, Ep2

20 00-21 00New: Blowing Up History
Westminster Palace is one of the most iconic structures on the planet. What Victorian secrets and mysteries are hiding behind this famous landmark? S1, Ep4

21 00-22 30New: Sacred Cod: The Fight For...
...A New England. A look at the collapse of the historic cod population in New England, delving into the role of over-fishing, the impact of climate change and the effect of government policies.

22 30-23 00How It's Made
Find out how CNC assembly machines, lemon tarts and miniature war figures are made. S24, Ep1

23 00-00 00Apollo Astronauts: Training...
...NASA's Moon Men. Featuring stunning NASA footage and expert interviews with Apollo space scientists, this inspirational film explores the early days of astronaut training.

00 00-01 30Sacred Cod
A look at the collapse of the historic cod population in New England, delving into the role of over-fishing, the impact of climate change and the effect of government policies.

01 30-02 00How It's Made
Find out how chemical tank pressure vents, candy wafers, food trucks and traditional ropes are made. S24, Ep2

02 00-03 00Street Outlaws
Frustration grows on the 405. Racers try to hang on instead of move up. Race night gets heated when Dave makes a callout for a race he has no plan to compete in. S3, Ep19

03 00-04 15Sacred Cod
A look at the collapse of the historic cod population in New England, delving into the role of over-fishing, the impact of climate change and the effect of government policies.

04 15-04 40How It's Made
Find out how graphene, the world's smallest car, force testers, and composite cars are made. S24, Ep3

04 40-05 30Mythbusters
Hold onto your hats as the MythBusters put the legendary Indiana Jones and his hijinks to the test. Featuring experiments involving Indiana's whip. S10, Ep221

05 30-06 00How It's Made
Find out how decadent champagne, powerful marine turbochargers and the everyday necessity of ATMs are made. S23, Ep18

06 00-07 00Misfit Garage
'Fired Up Garage' goes to work on a '67 Chevelle. The team also enters a demolition derby for publicity, running into old co-worker Richard Rawlings. S1, Ep1