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TV Listings for DISNEY on Saturday (22.04.2017)

06 00-06 24Jessie
Texan girl Jessie gets a job in New York working for famous movie director Morgan and his glamorous ex-supermodel wife Christina, now a successful entrepreneur. S1 E1

06 24-06 50Bunk'd
When Lou's dog dies, the gang gets together to show its support. Ravi and Tiffany are surprised to learn that they have something in common with Hazel. S2 E14

06 50-08 00Elena and the Secret of Avalor
Sofia discovers Princess Elena of Avalor has been magically trapped inside her amulet for 41 years, waiting for another Princess to set her free, and Sofia is up to the task!

08 00-08 04Descendants Wicked World
While throwing a slumber party, the Aks and VKs realize that, despite their differences, they'd rather be friends with each other than anyone else. S2 E1

08 04-08 35Sofia The First
Olaf and The Tale of Miss Nettle: Sofia's amulet summons Olaf, from Frozen, instead of a princess. They set off to stop Miss Nettle stealing Freezenberg's snowdrop flowers. S3 E18

08 35-09 00Frozen Northern Lights
Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and their friends from Disney Frozen are helping Little Rock the troll earn his tracking crystal. Join them as they embark on a mountain adventure under the Northern Lights!

09 00-09 31New: Elena Of Avalor
Gabe tries to make his demanding father proud by joining Avalor's olaball team despite being a terrible player. S1 E14

09 31-11 11Mulan
Exciting and entertaining blend of high adventure, humour and heartfelt emotion in a modern day animated classic based on one of China's most popular legends.

11 11-11 26Milo Murphy's Law
Milo and Melissa share their most embarrassing stories, but Zack refuses to reveal his dark past. S1 E7a

11 26-11 55Stuck In The Middle
Avid inventor Harley is all set to accept a community award, but must first devise a way to get her family out of the house and to the ceremony on time. S1 E1

11 55-12 00Access All Areas: Music
All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel.

12 00-12 31Stuck In The Middle
When Hayley's family seems to have forgotten her birthday, she tries to ensure they don't remember, to guilt trip them into giving her the coveted camper van seat. S1 E2

12 31-13 00Stuck In The Middle
The Diaz family goes to the movies when Suzy accidentally cancels the internet. But Harley says she's done her big science project - and she hasn't even started it! S1 E3

13 00-13 29Stuck In The Middle
To raise money to replace her family's broken tablet, Harley decides to rent out the family's couch to a foreign exchange student. S1 E4

13 29-14 00Liv and Maddie
As the school year begins, the girls' cousin, Ruby, returns from a summer trip. Excited to have "sort of" siblings, Ruby can't wait to be a sister! S4 E1

14 00-14 31Liv and Maddie
Linda and Heather -A-Rooney: Liv lands a small part on the hit show Linda and Heather but her role turns out to be bigger than she could have ever imagined. S4 E2

14 31-15 00Liv and Maddie
When Parker and Joey learn students at their new school, BOOMS, don't celebrate Halloween, they make it their mission to show them how much fun it can be. S4 E3

15 00-15 31Liv and Maddie
When Liv's new show may get canceled because they can't find the right cast, Liv helps by searching for the perfect star. S4 E4

15 31-16 00Liv and Maddie
Liv has a sleepover to help Ruby and co-star Priya become better friends. Joey meets a new nemesis and Parker reveals a big surprise to Maddie. S4 E5

16 00-16 29The Evermoor Chronicles
Tara hatches a plan to pull her magical self out of the tapestry to help defeat Bridget. Instead she pulls out her fictional alter-ego. S1 E9

16 29-17 00Disney The Lodge
Skye reads her mum's diary which shows the mysterious initials S.J. A double date causes chaos. Skye and Ana end up in the water after a kayak race. Who will Ben save? S1 E4

17 00-17 31Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie are over the moon when their Bizaardvark channel finally hits 10,000 subscribers and they are invited to produce videos in the prestigious Vuuugle space. S1 E1

17 31-18 00Bizaardvark
Amelia gives Frankie and Paige tips on how to produce their Draw My Life video, which has to tell the story of how the two met and created their channel. S1 E2

18 00-18 31Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie feel like they've officially "made it" when they discover that they have their very first superfan, Belissa! S1 E3

18 31-19 00Bizaardvark
When Dirk leads the gang in a circle of truth exercise, Frankie learns Paige has been secretly taking MMA lessons and decides to join in on the fun. S1 E4

19 00-19 31Bizaardvark
When the girls receive mean comments about their videos, Frankie begins to lose her confidence and becomes obsessed with finding who wrote them. S1 E5

19 31-20 00Girl Meets World
When Maya leads a rebellion in class, her best friend Riley joins in to try to be like her - much to the dismay of dad Cory, who's their history teacher! S1 E1

20 00-20 31Girl Meets World
To get students to communicate in person rather than texting, Cory sets an assignment that shows how to communicate face to face, sparking a connection between Riley and Lucas. S1 E2

20 31-21 00Girl Meets World
Riley compliments Farkle on his performance in the school play even though he wasn't very good, Maya tells her she shouldn't have done it and it's important to tell the truth. S1 E3

21 00-21 31Girl Meets World
Riley becomes jealous when another girl flirts with Lucas, so she enlists Maya and Farkle's help to learn how to flirt too. S1 E4

21 31-22 00Girl Meets World
Riley is allowed to babysit Auggie for the first time and invites Maya to join her. At first he's upset as he wanted Riley to himself, but soon they are all having fun. S1 E5

22 00-22 53Violetta
Violetta finishes her performance and, although Ludmila tries to embarrass her in front of Pablo, Maxi prevents it. S2 E31

22 53-23 16Hannah Montana
Super (Stitious) Girl: Miley has lost the lucky anklet her mother gave her, and thinks it's bad luck. Things start to go wrong. Will it mean she can't perform in the concert that night? S3 E16

23 16-23 40Hannah Montana
Miley isn't happy when her new Prince Charming is unable to make their double date with Oliver and Lilly and his frog of a friend arrives instead. S3 E17

23 40-00 00Groove High
Zoe enters Tom in a song-writing competition, but doesn't think he'll have a chance of winning using the school's old studio, so she sneaks him into A-list's new studio. S1 E1

00 00-06 00Disney Channel Preview
Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!

06 00-06 31Sofia The First
Olaf and The Tale of Miss Nettle: Sofia's amulet summons Olaf, from Frozen, instead of a princess. They set off to stop Miss Nettle stealing Freezenberg's snowdrop flowers. S3 E18