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TV Listings for LIVING on Saturday (21.01.2017)

06 00-07 00UK Border Force
In the final instalment of the series, the Manchester enforcement team conducts raids in Rochdale in search of illegal workers, while a man is deported to Nigeria. (8/8)

07 00-08 00UK Border Force
Series two of the powerful and provocative documentary. Find out how the UK Border Agency enforces immigration and custom regulations both in the UK and abroad. (1/10)

08 00-09 00UK Border Force
The probing documentary series continues to examine and explore immigration laws. This week's focus is on asylum seekers in Calais, who sneak aboard trucks heading to Britain. (2/10)

09 00-09 30Monkey Life
Series two begins with a new arrival named Bryan, who strikes up a bond with one of the park's naughtiest residents. The adult orangutans, meanwhile, enjoy giant ice lollies. (S2, ep 1)

09 30-10 00Monkey Life
While emotions run high for Alison when she says goodbye to Julio the woolly monkey, animal manager Jeremy visits Paris to collect a baby orangutan. (S2, ep 2)

10 00-10 30Monkey Life
A trip to the dentist is in order for Bryan when he has an operation on his teeth, while stump-tailed macaque Koko requires a helping hand from Jeremy. (S2, ep 3)

10 30-11 00Monkey Life
Nerves jangle when orangutan Lingga is moved into her new enclosure to meet her housemates. Chimp Jimmy, meanwhile, hurts his leg. (S2, ep 4)

11 00-11 30Monkey Life
Young orangutan Hsiao-Ning experiences a sugar rush after eating too much fruit. Plus, Jeremy makes a risky decision to help Jimmy with his leg wound. (S2, ep 5)

11 30-12 00Monkey Life
Bryan learns a painful lesson when he heads outside for the first time. Chimp Susan, meanwhile, could be pregnant for the second time. (S2, ep 6)

12 00-13 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom, Sara and Nick investigate a deathly electrocution at a Japanese casino and find that the murder was acting as an elaborate distraction for a bigger scheme... (S4, ep 13)

13 00-14 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
It's a mammoth task for the CSI team when a grocery store shoot-out results in five deaths, a large crime scene and an enormous amount of evidence to collate. (S4, ep 14)

14 00-15 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
A known drug addict and old-time Vegas casino mogul is found dead in what looks like a drugs overdose. Grissom, however, suspects this was no suicide... (S2, ep 1)

15 00-16 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom and crew investigate when a student, who was packing up to leave her dorm room, disappears without a trace and leaves all of her belongings behind. (S2, ep 2)

16 00-17 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
A construction worker who fell 12 storeys to his death is thought to have committed suicide by everyone but Grissom, who believes the man was murdered. (S2, ep 3)

17 00-18 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
A cocky teen football player is fatally shot in a high school restroom and the evidence seems to implicate a student who was tormented by the jock. (S2, ep 4)

18 00-19 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom scours an apartment with blood-sprayed walls but finds no body, while Catherine and Nick try to determine how a dead scuba diver ended up in a tree. (S2, ep 5)

19 00-20 00Forever
Secrets are close to being exposed when Henry and Jo enter the world of cyberterrorism to find the killer of a hacktivist. (S1, ep 17)

20 00-21 00Criminal Minds
The BAU investigate a series of murders in which all the victims are women and they soon discover there could be more than one killer. Violence/flashing images. (S7, ep 16)

21 00-22 00Bones
The duo's latest case sees them knee deep in knick-knacks, while their complex relationship progresses. Fifth season finale. Contains mature themes. (S5, ep 22)

22 00-23 00Criminal Minds
The BAU investigate a heartrending series of murders, where the victims were foster parents to young children. Violence/mature themes/flashing images. (S7, ep 17)

23 00-00 00Criminal Minds
Morgan must revisit his own traumatic past when a young boy is found scared and alone in the desert, and another is reported missing. Sex/violence/flashing images. (S7, ep 18)

00 00-01 00Grey's Anatomy
Lives hang in the balance as the team struggle to cope in the aftermath of the storm. Sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S10, ep 1)

01 00-02 00Grey's Anatomy
Meredith faces a tough choice that will affect the life of a loved one, while Callie makes a bold decision about her marriage. Sex/mature themes. (S10, ep 2)

02 00-03 00Scandal
Karen Grant gets herself in to trouble, sparking tension between Fitz and Mellie. Sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S4, ep 4)

03 00-04 00Scandal
While Olivia worries about Jake's whereabouts, Mellie jumps to conclusions about Fitz's actions. Violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S4, ep 5)

04 00-05 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
It's a race against the clock for the CSIs when a killer with a vendetta kidnaps Nick and buries him alive, forcing the team to watch through a hidden webcam. (S5, ep 24)

05 00-06 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grave Danger, Part 2: Grissom delivers the ransom money to Nick's captor, who then swiftly commits suicide leaving no clues as to the whereabouts of a rapidly declining Nick... (S5, ep 25)

06 00-07 00UK Border Force
The past comes back to haunt immigrants who, for a while at least, had evaded the Home Office. Meanwhile, a takeaway in Wales is exposed as a hub of illegal activity. (4/10)