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TV Listings for MTV on Saturday (24.06.2017)

06 00-06 20My Super Sweet 16
Sky is a funky, beautiful rising Atlanta rap artist with her own sense of style... so she's throwing an extravagant Moulin Rouge style bash, arriving in a 10 foot hydraulic dress! (S7, ep2)

06 20-07 10Fired By Mum & Dad
Robyn has been fired from 30 jobs. When she gets placed at a top beauty salon, the boss finds out she's destroyed company property, he calls down her parents to view the evidence. (S1, ep1)

07 10-08 00Fired By Mum & Dad
Serial quitter Molly gets her dream job as a model booker. But after messing up a casting, can she still blag the job? Or will she miss out on the opportunity and get fired by mum and dad? (S1, ep2)

08 00-09 00The Catfish Awards
Nev and Max are contacted by Carmen who is sounding the alarm on behalf of her cousin, Antwane. He's been in a three-year romance with a man named Tony that he met on a telephone chat line. (S3, ep2)

09 00-10 00The Catfish Awards
Ramon met Paola on Facebook and established an exclusive online relationship. But after many failed attempts to video chat, is she really who he thinks she is? (S2, ep3)

10 00-11 00The Catfish Awards
Lauren met Derek online years ago. Derek is caring, supporting Lauren after she had a baby with a former boyfriend. Lauren thinks Derek could be the one, so why has he avoided meeting her? (S2, ep4)

11 00-12 00The Catfish Awards
Five months ago Artis met Jess online. Artis and Jess each were in relationships, but believed they'd found true love. But is Jess everything that she says she is? (S2, ep9)

12 00-13 00The Catfish Awards
Whitney met Brenell on a LGBT website four years ago and is head-over-heels in love. Brenell refuses to video chat with her, and Whitney is desperate to know why. Nev and Max investigate. (S4, ep7)

13 00-14 00The Catfish Awards
After being bullied in her past, Jen relies on online communities to establish relationships. After meeting Skylar online, they immediately hit it off. But they've never met in person! (S2, ep6)

14 00-15 00The Catfish Awards
Lucille led a simple life until she was asked to work for music producer Kidd Cole. Companies were never paid and one day Kidd couldn't be found. Will she get the answers she needs? (S3, ep4)

15 00-16 00Teen Mom OG: The Drama So Far
Maci and Taylor welcome their third child but still worry that Ryan isn't showing up enough for Bentley. Gary tries to co-parent with Amber but realises there's still tension between them. (S6, ep8)

16 00-17 00Teen Mom OG: The Drama So Far
Amber worries she's developed a new addiction to food. Farrah decides to open a frozen yogurt shop, while Tyler's concerned that Catelynn is falling back into bad habits. (S6, ep9)

17 00-18 00Teen Mom OG: The Drama So Far
Amber and Gary get ready for Leah's first day of school, while Catelynn continues to struggle with her anxiety. Ryan takes Bentley for the weekend, though Maci isn't convinced he's changed. (S6, ep10)

18 00-19 00Teen Mom OG: The Drama So Far
Amber and Matt attempt to put a stop to the tabloid rumours surrounding them, but are sidetracked by a visit from Matt's son. Tyler and Catelynn celebrate Butch's first year out of prison. (S6, ep11)

19 00-20 00Teen Mom OG: The Drama So Far
In an attempt to keep Matt's son sober, Amber and Matt invite him to move in. Catelynn and Tyler attempt to celebrate their first year of marriage, but are worried about Carly. (S6, ep12)

20 00-21 00Teen Mom OG: The Drama So Far
Farrah and her mother uncover old family wounds and get into a huge fight. Matt is offered the opportunity to write a book about his life, and Maci and Taylor head to Las Vegas. (S6, ep13)

21 00-22 00Just Tattoo Of Us
There are tears and fall outs as three couples come to the studio to get tattoos designed by their loved ones. Will the relationship of Geordie Shore's Sophie and Joel survive their new ink? (S1, ep1)

22 00-23 00Just Tattoo Of Us
Things get emotional as Geordie Shore couple Holly and Kyle design tattoos for each other, while best mates Sean and Dan look to stitch each other up with memories of girlfriends past. (S1, ep2)

23 00-00 00Ex On The Beach
Eight sexy singles hit the beach in Bali hoping to find love. Fatima and Nicole go to war, Geordie Shore's Marty takes a shining to Fatima and it's instant attraction for Che and Max. (S7, ep1)

00 00-01 00Danielle Lloyd In Therapy
Former Miss GB Danielle Lloyd, now a single mum of three, opens up to therapist Mandy Saligari.

01 00-02 00Katie Price In Therapy
Dr Claudia Bernat, an expert in women's mental health, attempts to get under Katie's skin to discover what toll 20 years in the public eye has had on her emotional wellbeing.

02 00-02 50OMG! My Mum's Hotter Than Me!
Documentary about parents who will do anything to look hotter than their kids and are having the time of their lives, even if their offspring are embarrassed by them.

02 50-03 00MTV Cribs
Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police!

03 00-06 00Teleshopping

06 00-06 20Snog Marry Avoid US
Harmony's a designer who has lost her personal style to a passion for extreme fashion! Harmony has come to Stacy to help her trade her Punk Rock Barbie style for something more professional. (S1, ep1)