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TV Listings for MTV on Monday (22.05.2017)

06 00-06 20Time's Up
Brian is moving to Boston for work. His boyfriend, Matt, is returning to college where he's a competitive cheerleader. Brian is worried his move will be too much for them to handle. (S1, ep3)

06 20-06 45The Ex And The Why
Sebastian and Austin met in high school band. Sebastian went away to college and he made his Mom break with Austin. Nelson broke up with Rocki because she cheated. She wants another chance. (S1, ep11)

06 45-07 10The Ex And The Why
Dalton fell in love with Paige when he was 6. They dated in high school but broke up. Dalton wants another chance. Reese and Sam broke up because she moved away. He wants another chance. (S1, ep12)

07 10-08 00I Used To Be Fat
Makenzie is off to cosmetology school and her dad wants her to lose weight. Will she realise she should focus on her self-esteem first? Or will she keep trying to win her dad's love? (S1, ep4)

08 00-09 00Catfish: The TV Show
After being bullied in her past, Jen relies on online communities to establish relationships. After meeting Skylar online, they immediately hit it off. But they've never met in person! (S2, ep6)

09 00-10 00Catfish: The TV Show
Five months ago Artis met Jess online. Artis and Jess each were in relationships, but believed they'd found true love. But is Jess everything that she says she is? (S2, ep9)

10 00-11 00Catfish: The TV Show
Superfan Keyonnah can hardly believe her luck, she's almost certain that she's been having an online relationship with her childhood crush, the rapper Bow Wow. Is this too good to be true? (S2, ep15)

11 00-12 00Catfish: The TV Show
After being Catfished by her best friend, Larissa turned to online pal Anthony for support. Feelings between them grew, but after some suspicious moves, Larissa is worried he is also lying. (S5, ep14)

12 00-13 00Catfish: The TV Show
Long Islander Catherine has fallen in love with Graham from Tennessee. She's ready to uproot her life to be with him, but Nev and Max discover that Graham's not everything he claims to be. (S5, ep18)

13 00-14 00Catfish: The TV Show
Luis has fallen for a single mum, and now he's ready to take their online relationship to the next level. But first Nev and Max must help him make sure that she is who she says she is! (S5, ep19)

14 00-15 00Catfish: The TV Show
Andrew thinks he's met the perfect match in Zac until a text message from a friend reveals something shocking. Nev and Max try to uncover whether Zac could be keeping a big secret. (S5, ep20)

15 00-16 00Catfish: The One's That Got Away
Nev and Max reunite past Catfish and their victims who parted on bad terms to follow up on what life has been like since the show and to help them find a better resolution.

16 00-17 0016 And Pregnant
After a shotgun wedding, Brooke and Cody are forced to sacrifice car racing for parenthood. Now they're trying to balance high school life and moving in to their own place. (S2, ep11)

17 00-18 00Catfish: The TV Show
For shy Devan, meeting Rylan was love at first click. Devan wants to believe that Rylan is marriage material but her suspicious behaviour is leaving him with doubts. (S4, ep18)

18 00-19 00Teen Mom 2
Javi returns home from deployment to mixed reactions. After a flood devastates West Virginia, Jeremy and Leah have trouble communicating, and Chelsea hopes her doctor's visit goes well. (S7, ep16)

19 00-20 00Catfish: The TV Show
Vince's online-ex, Alyssa, is stalking him. This caused real life girlfriend, Liz, to break up with him. Nev and Max help Vince confront Alyssa so he can try to salvage a future with Liz. (S5, ep12)

20 00-21 00Teen Mom OG
Catelynn and Tyler celebrate Nova's birthday and consider having another baby, while Farrah makes a decision about her and Sophia's future. Amber and Gary throw Leah a birthday party. (S6, ep18)

21 00-22 00Tattoo Disasters
Jordan wants to show his son that he has buried the hatchet with the boy's mother. Emma's tattoo of her son as a cherub looks more like a fat bloke on the loo. (S3, ep6)

22 00-23 00New: Just Tattoo Of Us
Emotions run high as presenters Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear design tattoos for each other in this explosive episode. (S1, ep8)

23 00-00 00New: Are You The One? Second...
... Chances. The Perfect Matches are put on the spot when a mission forces them to show a little PDA. Tori gets paranoid that Morgan may be turning against her and their relationship. (S1, ep6)

00 00-01 00Geordie Shore
It's proper awks between the newbies, while Scotty T and Abbie begin to get closer. Zahida goes mental at Marty and Gaz gets his revenge on Sam. Marnie's back and gets properly mortal. (S14, ep8)

01 00-01 30Jackass
Johnny Knoxville gets pelted with paintballs in the behind-the scenes footage of his magazine cover shoot. Bam Margera leaps off a bridge and into the water below utilizing a patio umbrella. (S2, ep5)

01 30-02 00Jackass
Johnny Knoxville gets blasted into a wall by a fire truck hose; the entire Jackass cast successfully revisits the "Human Slingshot" idea; Steve-O gets his butt cheeks pierced together. (S2, ep6)

02 00-02 20Ridiculousness
Model and actress Charlotte Mckinney joins Rob, Sterling and Chanel to tell some "Dirty Secrets" and taste some "All Natural Beef". (S7, ep9)

02 20-02 50Ridiculousness
Rob, Stee-Lo, and Chanel meet with motorcycle madman Robbie Maddison, showcase some "Mini Madd Asses" and cause some serious "Grammage". (S7, ep10)

02 50-03 00MTV Cribs
Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police!

03 00-06 00Teleshopping

06 00-06 20Time's Up
Phil, a runway model in New York, must say goodbye to his girlfriend, Zoe, as she leaves to attend design school in Chicago. Will this farewell mark the end of their relationship? (S1, ep4)