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TV Listings for DISNEY on Tuesday (17.01.2017)

06 00-06 29Best Friends Whenever
Cyd and Shelby Strike Back - Part One: The girls discover inventor Janet Smythe is behind the future lab, and travel back in time to stop Janet starting the corporation. S1 E11

06 29-07 00Jessie
Jessie and Chloe are friends, until Chloe steals Jessie's ideas for a character. She also enlists Ravi's help to make sure she gets an indie film role Jessie wants. S3 E12

07 00-07 29Stuck In The Middle
When their parents take off for the weekend, Harley and her siblings are left to fend for themselves. S1 E9

07 29-08 00Liv and Maddie
Liv has an audition as a basketball star, so Maddie has to teach her to play - quickly! Meanwhile, Joey and Parker fight for the affection of a girl in their robotics class. S2 E6

08 00-08 31K.C. Undercover
Agent Beverly hassles K.C. for her mission report. Marisa inadvertently used the classified information for her class paper and must race to get it back. S1 E18

08 31-09 00Elena Of Avalor
Elena officially becomes crown princess and rescues her sister, Isabel, from Noblins, elf-like shapeshifting creatures based on a Chilean peuchen myth. S1 E1

09 00-09 31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Lady WiFi: Marinette's friend Alya is akumatized. Now Lady Wifi, she's convinced Chloe is Ladybug and seeks to unmask her. Ladybug must protect her secret identity at all costs! S1 E7

09 31-10 00Austin & Ally
Trish is nervous about a visit from a boy she fancies so she turns to advice columnist, Dr Cupid. The advice works, then she is surprised to learn Dr Cupid's real identity. S3 E7

10 00-10 29Hannah Montana
Oliver is upset when he overhears Miley saying she doesn't want him to help with the drama class performance because he gets stage fright. S1 E13

10 29-11 00Hannah Montana
A new pupil turns out to be Jake Ryan, who stars in hit TV show Zombie High. Most people are thrilled and he gets lots of attention, which makes Miley jealous. S1 E14

11 00-11 31A.N.T. Farm
When Angus's sneeze is picked to be the next text tone, over all of Chyna's attempts, she gets jealous and tries to sabotage his success. S3 E5

11 31-12 00Shake It Up
Since the fire on the set, Rocky is coping well, but CeCe is not. She decides to look deeper into her own spirituality, and discover who she is without dance. S3 E2

12 00-12 31The Evermoor Chronicles
A black prediction appears on the tapestry. The villagers are shocked, and say it must be guarded - so Seb will miss the Prom! Tara tries to help but makes things worse. S1 E15

12 31-13 00Good Luck Charlie
The Duncans take their first holiday with the newest member of the family. They head for a house on Dead Man's Lake, which turns out to be creepy. But is it haunted? S3 E10

13 00-13 29Good Luck Charlie
Ivy and Teddy are delighted to get jobs in Denver's first weather-themed restaurant, until they find they are also supposed to be part of the hourly show. S3 E11

13 29-14 00Jessie
Jessie reads it's not good for children to have imaginary friends and tries to wean Zuri off them. But it backfires when Zuri gets a real friend, and Jessie is jealous. S1 E7

14 00-14 31The Suite Life on Deck
London's unhappy she has to attend school on board and runs away to Parrot Island. London's friends try to bring her back but get into trouble. A pig comes to the rescue. S1 E7

14 31-15 00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. The Evillustrator: A fellow student in love with Marinette gets akumatized. Now the Evillustrator, he seeks revenge against Chloe, the bully who made fun of him. S1 E8

15 00-15 31Elena Of Avalor
Elena must save Esteban after he drinks too much magical water from the Fountain of Youth and starts getting younger and younger. S1 E4

15 31-16 00Girl Meets World
Cory gives the class a living history assignment. Through investigating their ancestors, the kids have a chance to learn from history and not repeat the mistakes of the past. S1 E14

16 00-16 29K.C. Undercover
K.C. goes undercover at a retirement home in order to plant a tracker on her target. S2 E10

16 29-17 00Liv and Maddie
Maddie and Diggie try to out-fun each other at a local music festival as Liv tries to help Andie get over her breakup. S3 E3

17 00-17 31Lab Rats
When Bree is accepted for a high school semester abroad program and Davenport won't let her go, she destroys her chip forsaking her bionic abilities. S3 E9

17 31-18 00Stuck In The Middle
When Harley's Dad goes out of town, Mom becomes extremely clingy. Harley is determined to find her mom another friend to get her out of her hair! S1 E10

18 00-18 31Bunk'd
After the campers think they see a UFO land in Lake Kikiwaka, a new boy shows up at and Jorge and Tiffany think he's an alien. S1 E16

18 31-19 00Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie feel like they've officially "made it" when they discover that they have their very first superfan, Belissa! S1 E3

19 00-19 31Jessie
Jessie's Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey - Part Two: The volcano erupts after people take advantage of its natural resources. To stop it these must be returned. S3 E22

19 31-20 00That's So Raven
Raven wants to go to the dance with one boy, but when he doesn't ask her she settles for someone else. S1 E13

20 00-20 31Sonny With a Chance
Falling for the Falls - Part Two: Chad is nervous about his first date with Sonny, gets sick and runs out. She's angry, not realising what happened, but eventually gives him a second chance. S2 E17

20 31-21 00Austin & Ally
As the rest of the group prepares for the next phase of their lives, Trish is still determining what her next steps will be. S4 E20

21 00-21 31Good Luck Charlie
While out with Teddy and the others, Victor falls down a manhole. They raise money for Halloween by charging people to see him. Amy even features his plight on her TV show! S4 E15

21 31-22 00Good Luck Charlie
Ivy tricks Teddy into joining her on a road trip to Las Vegas which isn't what it seems! Gabe admits he's playing Little League. Will Amy be embarrassing if she watches him? S4 E16

22 00-22 53Violetta
Ludmila is jealous of Violetta and concocts a plan to stop her taking the dance part of her entrance exam, but Violetta escapes and gives a great performance. S1 E16

22 53-23 16Hannah Montana
Hannah gets a part in an animated film starring a top voice-over artist (played by Lucas Cruikshank, famous as YouTube's Fred). She's fired for not being as good as him. S3 E25

23 16-23 40Hannah Montana
He Could Be the One - Part One: Hannah's going steady with Jake again - but she's worried all the things she said to Robbie about Jake might have made her dad dislike him. S3 E26

23 40-00 00Groove High
Tom dreams of having a fan, but when super-fan Carla arrives the dream turns into a nightmare. Tom learns being the object of hero worship can get annoying, and a little bit scary. S1 E5

00 00-06 00Disney Channel Preview
Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!

06 00-06 29Best Friends Whenever
By travelling back in time to stop Janet Smythe starting the corporation, the girls realize they also stopped other events in their lives from happening. S1 E12