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TV Listings for DISNEY on Friday (21.07.2017)

06 00-06 29Bizaardvark
Annual beauty convention Pretty-Con is coming to Vuuugle and Amelia hopes to win the coveted Golden Powder Puff award. S1 E10

06 29-07 00Bizaardvark
Belissa Returns: When Paige and Frankie hit a writing slump and other bad things start happening to them, Paige begins to think they are cursed. S1 E11

07 00-07 29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Pharoah: Jalil, a young Egyptologist, is akumatized by Hawk Moth. He becomes Pharaoh and wants to sacrifice Alya in a ritual. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir stop him? S1 E5

07 29-07 34Star Wars Forces Of Destiny
On her way to a Jedi ceremony, Ahsoka leaps into action to stop a malfunctioning droid. S1 E4

07 34-08 05Andi Mack
Big sis Bex arrives for Andi's 13th birthday. She's arranged for Andi to spend time with her crush, Jonah but it goes wrong. Then Bex tells Andi a secret that changes her life. S1 E1

08 05-08 34Liv and Maddie
Liv and Maddie's house has a beetle infestation. Their parents plan to move to a hotel for the weekend. The kids misunderstand and think they're moving from the house forever! S1 E12

08 34-09 05K.C. Undercover
KC freezes on a mission and starts losing confidence. Marisa sees her struggling and tries to improve matters by helping her practise for a basketball competition. S1 E8

09 05-09 10Access All Areas: Music
All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel.

09 10-09 39K.C. Undercover
Double Crossed - Part One: KC is paired with another young spy, Brett (who unknown to her is arch nemesis Zane's son) to pose as boyfriend and girlfriend and take down a pirate movie ring. S1 E9

09 39-10 10Stuck In The Middle
When their parents take off for the weekend, Harley and her siblings are left to fend for themselves. S1 E9

10 10-10 41Stuck In The Middle
When Harley's Dad goes out of town, Mom becomes extremely clingy. Harley is determined to find her mom another friend to get her out of her hair! S1 E10

10 41-10 55Milo Murphy's Law
Sara wants to see The Doctor Zone Files movie with Milo, but worries about potential problems. S1 E3a

10 55-11 00Descendants Wicked World
In the cafeteria, the Aks and Vks argue about Mal's evil behavior, leading to a school wide food fight. The episode contains a new Descendants song entitled Evil. S2 E6

11 00-11 31Liv and Maddie
Liv plays matchmaker at the school dance when she tries to make Joey fall for Willow. S2 E5

11 31-12 00K.C. Undercover
Kira reluctantly agrees to help K.C. reunite Abby with her mother Erica, who has been hiding from The Other Side and The Organization for several years. S2 E5

12 00-13 40Teen Beach Movie
Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell star in this fun-filled film as surfers mysteriously transported into a beach party movie, where opponents break into song and dance as they battle for the beach hangout.

13 40-13 45Star Wars Forces Of Destiny
Leia and Wicket work together to help Ewoks escape from Stormtroopers. S1 E3

13 45-14 00Milo Murphy's Law
At a dude ranch, Milo and his friends meet the great, great, great, great granddaughter of Calamity Jane and their troubles multiply exponentially. S1 E5b

14 00-14 31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Marinette is looking after Alex's watch when it gets broken. Akuma evilises Alex so she becomes Timebreaker, and can freeze everyone in time so she can get the watch back. S1 E4

14 31-15 00Stuck In The Middle
Harley needs to visit an inventor's contest in Boston. Dad is away and Mum's busy with the other kids. Rachel's her last chance but doesn't have her licence. S1 E15

15 00-15 31Bunk'd
Waka, Waka, Waka! Ravi and Tiffany get video proof that the Kikiwaka exists. Meanwhile, Emma and Lou try to outsell Hazel at the Kikiwaka Day Festival. S1 E8

15 31-16 00Bunk'd
Emma and Zuri disagree when trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Tiffany. To get out of a volleyball tournament, Ravi and Jorge fake injuries. S1 E9

16 00-16 29Andi Mack
Big sis Bex arrives for Andi's 13th birthday. She's arranged for Andi to spend time with her crush, Jonah but it goes wrong. Then Bex tells Andi a secret that changes her life. S1 E1

16 29-17 00New: Descendants 2: It's Going Down
Take a look ahead to the long-awaited sequel to the film in which the kids of Disney heroes and villains meet at school.

17 00-18 05New: Tangled Before Ever After
Set between the movie and Tangled Ever After, Rapunzel is preparing for her wedding and coronation. But it has all been a rush, and she's determined to have one last adventure.

18 05-18 36Bizaardvark
When Dirk leads the gang in a circle of truth exercise, Frankie learns Paige has been secretly taking MMA lessons and decides to join in on the fun. S1 E4

18 36-19 05Bunk'd
Emma and Zuri won't stop fighting, so Lou sends them out in a canoe in the middle of the lake to work out their differences. S1 E4

19 05-19 36Mako Mermaids
While trying to catch Zac the mermaids follow him to school. Rita, the principal, confiscates Sirena's Moon Ring. While trying to retrieve it they learn she too is a mermaid! S1 E3

19 36-20 05Jessie
Luke sees Jessie busking in Central Park and decides he wants to play with her. A record producer offers to make a demo and a music video for them, for money. Is it a scam? S1 E5

20 05-20 36That's So Raven
Raven has a vision of Devon kissing her, and tries to make it come true. But she has to deal with his sister Nadine, who's very possessive about her big brother! S2 E6

20 36-21 05Kim Possible
Yori helps Ron find Sensei, who has mysteriously disappeared. Kim is jealous, but discovers DNAmy is using Sensei to get the friends to lead her to Gorilla Fist S3 E64

21 05-21 36Good Luck Charlie
Amy's maternity leave is up and she goes back to her hospital job, leaving the family to watch Toby and Charlie. They find the way to keep her quiet is to sing to her. S3 E14

21 36-22 07Good Luck Charlie
Amy is determined to help Teddy's hockey team by becoming the team mom. PJ discovers the pretty new girl in the neighbouring apartment thinks he's a doctor and doesn't correct her. S3 E15

22 07-22 51Violetta
Gery finds out about Roxy and asks Alex's help to unmask her. Gregorio announces that the studio must close. Leon sees Roxy, kisses her, and realises the truth. S3 E40

22 51-23 14Hannah Montana
After donating a date with herself to a charity auction, Miley ends up going out with Rico and Johnny. Guest stars Corbin Bleu and Donny Osmond. S2 E30

23 14-23 37Hannah Montana
Miley learns to drive but finds it's not as easy as she thought, and fails the test. Using her celebrity status she gets a second one and passes, but as Hannah! S3 E1

23 37-00 00Groove High
Things get complicated when Tom and Baz are afraid to ask Zoe and Lena to the dance. Tom masquerades as new boy Dom, and Baz turns into Jazz, who becomes Lena's BFF. S1 E15

00 00-06 00Disney Channel Preview
Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!

06 00-06 29Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie help Bernie sign new clients and arrange meetings for the 12-year-old agent to win over animal acts, including internet sensation Grumpy Cat. S1 E12