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TV Listings for ITV2 on Sunday (23.04.2017)

06 00-06 10Totally Bonkers Guinness World...
...Records. Matt Edmondson looks at entertaining world records. Featuring a human cannonball, the man with the stretchiest skin, and the record for the most meatballs eaten in one minute. S1 Ep3

06 10-06 35You've Been Framed! Gold
Harry Hill presents another selection of hilarious clips, including a bulldog battering ram, a snowboarding slip-up and a collection of musical bursting balloons. S21 Ep16

06 35-09 20Emmerdale Omnibus
Cain is furious at Harriet. Adam and Victoria get some news. Pierce acts suspiciously. Chrissie gets a shock. Vanessa plays with fire. [SL]

09 20-11 50Coronation Street Omnibus
It is war at the bistro. Nathan's influence on Bethany increases. Freddie attempts to make amends. [SL]

11 50-13 00Take Me Out
Paddy McGuinness plays Cupid for a line-up of 30 single girls as four more brave guys descend in the love lift. Paddy also takes a look at how last time's couples got on. S9 Ep2

13 00-13 05New: 2Awesome
Roman Kemp and Vick Hope introduce the concluding episodes of US shows Guidance, LA Story and Side Effects and take a look back over the last 15 weeks of 2Awesome fun. S1 Ep16

13 05-13 352Awesome: Guidance
Capitol Catch-Up (Part 1): US teen comedy-drama series. Tyler goes to extremes in order to protect Brianna. One week after the shooting, Mr Ridley's fate is revealed. S2 Ep10

13 35-14 052Awesome: Guidance
Capitol Catch-Up (Part 2): US teen comedy-drama series. In the series finale, Mr Ridley and Principal Decost face the repercussions of their actions when Alana finds out the truth. S2 Ep11

14 05-14 202Awesome: LA Story
US reality series. In the series finale, the group reflect on what they want out of the New Year. Jamie makes an unexpected resolution as midnight strikes. S2 Ep8

14 20-14 552Awesome: Side Effects
US comedy-drama about a teenager who has musical hallucinations. Whitney and her siblings finally learn the truth of what happened to their father. S1 Ep4

14 55-15 55You've Been Framed!
Harry Hill selects the best clips from the archives. A young boy grapples with a very heavy sandwich, a teen takes on a praying mantis and a flatulent horse scares a dog. S22 Ep5

15 55-17 15Britain's Got Talent
Ant and Dec host the UK's biggest talent show as judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams take in the second round of weird and wonderful auditions. S11 Ep2

17 15-18 15Britain's Got More Talent
Stephen Mulhern hosts the eleventh series of the fun-packed companion show, featuring exclusive extra audition footage and hilarious backstage shenanigans with the judges. S11 Ep2

18 15-19 15The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Superhero action sequel starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, 2014. Spider-Man returns to battle supercharged villain Electro while confronting someone from his past.

19 15-19 20FYI Daily
A round-up of the latest entertainment news.

19 20-21 00The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Superhero action sequel starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, 2014. Spider-Man returns to battle supercharged villain Electro while confronting someone from his past.

21 00-22 00New: Take Me Out: The Gossip
Mark Wright and Laura Jackson host the dating show's companion series from the new and exclusive Villa Fernandos. This week, there is a shock confession and love is on the cards. S6 Ep1

22 00-22 30Family Guy
Animated comedy. Quagmire becomes obsessed with dating apps, but loses his sexual prowess. Stewie enjoys the extra attention when he is forced to wear a back brace. S15 Ep14

22 30-23 00Family Guy
US animated series. Quagmire begins dating a sexually insatiable woman. Stewie finds himself torn between Rupert and his old teddy bear Oscar. S12 Ep3

23 00-23 30Family Guy
Subversive animated comedy about the everyday trials and tribulations of family life. The Griffins move to a farm, where Peter starts a drug business. S11 Ep20

23 30-23 55American Dad!
Animated series. Francine is up for an award for her lonely housewife novel, so the family head to New York for the ceremony. S11 Ep11

23 55-00 25American Dad!
Animated series about a family man who works for the CIA. Stan becomes the new adviser to his boss who soon takes advantage of his willingness to please. S4 Ep3

00 25-00 55The Cleveland Show
Animated comedy. Donna wants to renew her wedding vows with Cleveland, but he ruins the big day and is dragged along to marriage guidance counselling. S4 Ep9

00 55-01 25The Cleveland Show
When a Man (or a Freight Train) Loves His Cookie: Animated comedy. When Freight Train misses his own wedding anniversary, Cookie is so upset that she leaves him to go on the road. S4 Ep10

01 25-02 15The Vampire Diaries
US supernatural drama series. Damon and Alaric face an old enemy after obtaining a weapon that could destroy Cade. Cade digs deep into Bonnie's mind. S8 Ep13

02 15-05 45Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

05 45-06 00ITV2 Nightscreen
Text-based information service.

06 00-06 25Totally Bonkers Guinness World...
...Records. Matt Edmondson offers his unique insights on some Guinness World Records from across the globe, including the world's longest snake and the heaviest vehicle pulled by nipples. S2 Ep11