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TV Listings for ITV3 on Sunday (23.04.2017)

06 00-06 25In Loving Memory
Sitcom about an undertaker's. Billy hopes that the British Undertakers' annual outing may provide him with a little romance. [SL] S2 Ep1

06 25-07 25Rising Damp
Movie spin-off of TV series starring Leonard Rossiter and Frances de la Tour, 1979. The skinflint owner of a crumbling boarding house in London is reunited with his tenants.

07 25-07 30FYI Daily
The latest entertainment news.

07 30-08 20Rising Damp
Movie spin-off of TV series starring Leonard Rossiter and Frances de la Tour, 1979. The skinflint owner of a crumbling boarding house in London is reunited with his tenants.

08 20-09 20Heartbeat
Nostalgic drama series set in a Yorkshire village in the 1960s. Merton's cousin, singer-songwriter Deborah Vine, arrives in Aidensfield to find a secluded location to work. S12 Ep5

09 20-10 20Heartbeat
Nostalgic police drama series set in a Yorkshire village in the 1960s. Gina has a near miss with a local farmer defending his land against ramblers. S12 Ep6

10 20-11 20Murder, She Wrote
Murder mystery series about a sleuthing writer. Jessica stays in Ireland on an estate owned by a man convinced that he is about to die. S9 Ep4

11 20-12 55Columbo: Short Fuse
A smokescreen of lies hinders Columbo's investigation when a businessman and his chauffeur are murdered.

12 55-15 00Foyle's War
Feature-length drama about an enigmatic detective working on the South Coast during World War II, who has to solve the murder of a well-known German woman. S1 Ep1

15 00-17 00Our Queen at 90
To celebrate her 90th birthday, this documentary follows the Queen and members of the royal family during the year in which she became the country's longest-reigning monarch.

17 00-18 00When Phillip Met Prince Philip:...
...60 Years of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Phillip Schofield gets up close and personal access to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh during the 60th anniversary year of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

18 00-20 00Midsomer Murders
Barnaby and Acting DC Ben Jones investigate the garrotting of a husband and wife outside a deserted cottage. S9 Ep1

20 00-21 00Morecambe and Wise Forever
Two-part documentary celebrating the life and work of the biggest and best loved double act Britain has ever known, 75 years since they first faced an audience. S1 Ep1

21 00-22 00Morecambe and Wise Forever
Eric's son Gary makes an emotional trip back to the family villa in Portugal and Eric's other son Steven recalls spending happy times with his father fishing on the River Test. S1 Ep2

22 00-23 05Ruth Rendell's Thirteen Steps Down
First in a two-part psychological thriller set in London's Notting Hill, a story of obsession and loneliness - in which reality and fantasy blend and end with disastrous results. S1 Ep1

23 05-00 05Ruth Rendell's Thirteen Steps Down
Conclusion. When Gwendolen returns from hospital, Mix's behaviour and movements come under the microscope - but Mix cares little for the suspicions he arouses. S1 Ep2

00 05-01 15Wycliffe
Lane finds herself in charge of an investigation involving the death of two drug dealers. Meanwhile, serious attempts are made to discredit Wycliffe. S5 Ep6

01 15-03 00A Touch of Frost
When two rich brothers fall under suspicion of murder, Frost's quest for the truth leads to him being suspended. A new lady friend enters his life. S5 Ep3

03 00-03 50May the Best House Win
Merseyside is the location today. Retired midwife Ruth loves the floral prints in her five bedroom new build, while Cheryl has a 1930s matching semi with hot tub. [SL] S6 Ep17

03 50-04 40May the Best House Win
There are some spooky moments in North Wales today, including a haunted 17th century pub, and ghostly goings on in the converted police station home of former cop Nigel Williams. [SL] S6 Ep24

04 40-05 05In Loving Memory
Sitcom about a firm of undertakers in a northern town. When Billy sets off for the local dance, Ivy has high hopes for her nephew's chances with the girls. [SL] S1 Ep3

05 05-05 30In Loving Memory
Sitcom set in a northern undertaking business. As Ivy struggles to keep her late husband's business afloat, Percy Openshaw opens an unscrupulous rival firm. [SL] S1 Ep4

05 30-06 00ITV3 Nightscreen
Text-based information service.

06 00-06 25In Loving Memory
Sitcom about a family firm of undertakers. A woman in gypsy clothing calls at Unsworths and gets short shrift from Ivy, who recognises her as an old classmate. [SL] S2 Ep2