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TV Listings for TCM on Monday (27.03.2017)

06 00-06 35Hollywood's Best Film Directors
Film-maker Barry Levinson talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as Rain Man, Toys, Sleepers and Good Morning, Vietnam. EP11

06 35-07 10Hollywood's Best Film Directors
Film-maker Rob Reiner talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as This Is Spinal Tap, Stand by Me and Misery. EP12

07 10-07 45Hollywood's Best Film Directors
Film-maker Mel Gibson talks about his career, which has included Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto.

07 45-09 30My Friend Irma Goes West
Musical comedy based on a radio show and featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and Marie Wilson as the scatter-brained Irma. (1950)

09 30-11 15Ride, Vaquero!
Robert Taylor plays steely-eyed bandit Rio, who is terrorising Texas. Only Howard Keel has the guts to confront him, until his wife falls for Rio's charms. D: John Farrow (1953)

11 15-12 45Man From God's Country
A retired sheriff is mistaken for a hated representative of the railway company, leading to trouble with some local thugs (1958)

12 45-13 50Rawhide
A woman whose husband disappeared after the Civil War pulls a gun on a Confederate prison commandant as she believes her spouse is still alive. S3EP5

13 50-15 00Rawhide
The drovers capture a man trying to return money stolen from Favor 10 years earlier and learn he is wanted for murder. S3EP6

15 00-16 20The Red Badge Of Courage
Devastating war film, with war-hero-turned-actor Audie Murphy as the young recruit forced to master his cowardice when it has terrible consequences. D: John Huston (1951)

16 20-17 35The Marksman
A U.S. Marshal chases down the gang of rustlers that killed his colleague. Masquerading as a harmless prospector, Morris uses a rifle complete with a telescopic lens (1953)

17 35-21 00Mutiny on the Bounty
The second, epic version of the famous British naval mutiny, with Marlon Brando as mutineer Fletcher Christian, and Trevor Howard as Captain Bligh. D: Lewis Milestone (1962)

21 00-22 55National Lampoon's European...
Amy Heckerling's (Clueless) hilarious box office hit. Will Europe survive the Griswalds as they head across the Atlantic? Stars Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Eric Idle. (1985)

22 55-01 35Lone Star
When the skeleton of a murdered former town Sheriff is found, new Sheriff Sam Deeds discovers many other long-buried secrets in his Texan town. D: John Sayles (1996)

01 35-02 35Conspiracy Theory with Jesse...
Investigation of America's most controversial conspiracy and the 911 Commission Report. Jesse investigates whether the September 11th attacks were an inside job! S1EP1

02 35-03 30Conspiracy Theory with Jesse...
Investigating HARRP, the Alaskan military installation. A communications research project or a doomsday device that can control minds and weather across the globe? S1EP2

03 30-04 00Hollywood's Best Film Directors
Profile of director Paul Greengrass who has directed three films in 'Bourne' series as well as United 93 and Captain Phillips. EP52

04 00-04 30Hollywood's Best Film Directors
A profile of director Terry Gilliam who has directed such classic films as Brazil, Time Bandits, Twelve Monkeys and The Fisher King. EP53

04 30-05 00Hollywood's Best Film Directors
Film-maker Frank Darabont talks about his career, which has included directing The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist. EP55

05 00-05 30Hollywood's Best Film Directors
Film-maker Chris Columbus talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. EP13

05 30-06 00Hollywood's Best Film Directors
Film-maker George Lucas talks about his career, which has included THX 1138, American Graffiti and Star Wars. EP14

06 00-06 30Hollywood's Best Film Directors
The Last Stand and the Rush Hour series. EP15