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TV Listings for GOLD on Sunday (23.04.2017)

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

07 00-07 40Ever Decreasing Circles
The classic series that the creators of 'The Good Life', Esmonde and Larbey, came up with next. Martin is hopeful of winning the local snooker tournament. S2 Ep5

07 40-08 20Ever Decreasing Circles
Richard Briers is the insufferable anorak Martin in the series that paired him with stage legend Penelope Wilton. Ann is offered a job - guess who by? - which upsets Martin. S2 Ep6

08 20-09 10One Foot in the Grave
Victor and Margaret battle to rid their home of an evil Moroccan curse, as their neighbours put their house up for sale - but there are few takers. S3 Ep5

09 10-10 20Only Fools and Horses
Classic comedy. Rodney and Cassandra are officially engaged. However, Rodney thinks he has failed his exams, and he also has to find the cash for a deposit on a flat. S6 Ep6

10 20-11 00Only Fools and Horses
It's the first ever episode of the iconic sitcom, introducing Peckham's finest to the world. Young Rodney must decide whether to go into business with Del. S1 Ep1

11 00-11 40Only Fools and Horses
Ducking and diving from the Peckham wide boys. After Del manages to sell a rust-bucket of a car, he decides that he and Rodders have earned a night on the town. S1 Ep2

11 40-12 20Only Fools and Horses
National treasure of a comedy with Peckham's finest. An opportunity arises for Del to make his fortune, but a missing statue and gang warfare create problems. S1 Ep3

12 20-13 00Only Fools and Horses
Love comes into Del's life when an old flame returns to London. But Rodney and Grandad are determined to extinguish the torch that Del is carrying. S1 Ep4

13 00-13 40Only Fools and Horses
You can't help but admire Del's flair for enterprise as he ropes in a reluctant Rodney and Grandad into Trotter Watch Security and Trotter's Ethnic Tours. S1 Ep5

13 40-14 20Only Fools and Horses
More ducking and diving as Del and Rodney discover that three tons of lead is not all it appears to be. In fact, it could even be used in case of war. S1 Ep6

14 20-15 00Only Fools and Horses
Rodney and Grandad are sure Del has set them on the road to ruin as he challenges Boycie to a poker game. Sitcom from the popular pen of John Sullivan. S2 Ep3

15 00-15 40Only Fools and Horses
More belly laughs with one of comedy's great pairings, Del and Rodney. When Rodney falls in love, he doesn't appreciate Del's brotherly helping hand. S2 Ep4

15 40-16 20Only Fools and Horses
Poor old Rodders! He finally finds romance but proceeds to send the whole Trotter household into a panic with his choice of girlfriend. Genius comedy! S2 Ep1

16 20-17 00Only Fools and Horses
The Trotters pay their respects to Trigger's recently deceased grandmother, only to end up trying to respectfully dispose of her late husband's ashes. S2 Ep2

17 00-17 40Henry IX
Sitcom from legendary writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais following life at the fictitious, contemporary court of Henry IX, King of the United Kingdom. S1 Ep3 New.

17 40-18 20Only Fools and Horses
Bad French, a three-wheel car and appalling cocktails. It must be the Trotters! Del can never resist the temptation to make a quick profit, but this deal is dodgy. S2 Ep5

18 20-19 00Only Fools and Horses
The ducking and diving sitcom with our favourite free marketeers. Del and Rodney's soft hearts persuade them to take Grandad along on their holiday trip abroad. S2 Ep6

19 00-19 40Only Fools and Horses
One of the most famous episodes with Peckham's self-employed chancers. Del sees a unique opportunity to raise his social standing... involving an antique chandelier. S2 Ep7

19 40-20 20Only Fools and Horses
Rodney and Grandad are sure Del has set them on the road to ruin as he challenges Boycie to a poker game. Sitcom from the popular pen of John Sullivan. S2 Ep3

20 20-21 00Only Fools and Horses
More belly laughs with one of comedy's great pairings, Del and Rodney. When Rodney falls in love, he doesn't appreciate Del's brotherly helping hand. S2 Ep4

21 00-21 40Knowing Me, Knowing You... with...
...Alan Partridge. Alan Partridge presents a special French edition of the show 'live' from Paris, with co-host Nina Vanier, the French Sue Lawley. Guests include fashion dame Yvonne Boyd. S1 Ep4

21 40-22 20Knowing Me, Knowing You... with...
...Alan Partridge. Just who will be Miss Norwich? Steve Coogan's socially inept Alan Partridge tries to chair a political debate - Jeremy Paxman need not worry. S1 Ep5

22 20-23 00Knowing Me, Knowing You... with...
...Alan Partridge. The spoof chat show welcomes Hollywood directors Scott and Dean, two lesbian presenters and restaurant critic and raconteur Forbes McAllister. Aha! S1 Ep6

23 00-23 40I'm Alan Partridge
Steve Coogan returns as the hapless Alan Partridge. After a nervous breakdown, Alan has managed to rebuild his life with a coveted slot on Radio Norwich. S2 Ep1

23 40-00 20I'm Alan Partridge
Steve Coogan's comedy classic. Alan is disturbed when Michael sleeps over, and then injures himself with a spike before a conference. S2 Ep2

00 20-01 00The Thick of It
Peter Capaldi stars in the wonderfully sweary sitcom. Nicola Murray and her team need a sports personality to be the face of DoSAC's Healthy Choices campaign. S3 Ep7

01 00-01 30The Thick of It
Political sitcom from the co-creator of Alan Partridge. As the election looms, Malcolm is running out of options and friends. But he is soon setting his finest trap yet. S3 Ep8

01 30-02 00Monty Python's Best Bits
Just before the Monty Python tribute series ceases to be, there's just time for The Parrot Sketch, The Ministry of Silly Walks and praise from Chevy Chase and Steve Coogan. S1 Ep5

02 00-02 30Nighty Night
Black comedy series. Following the news that Cath is pregnant with Don's child, Jill decides it's time to announce her pregnancy by Cath and Don's 12-year-old son, Bruce. S2 Ep5

02 30-03 00Human Remains
Julia Davis and Rob Brydon star in the darkly comic spoof-documentary series. A south-coast couple who run a shop are approaching their eighth wedding anniversary. S1 Ep6

03 00-03 30The Armando Iannucci Shows
Armando Iannucci invites us into his world. Armando worries about looking like a fool in front of others, including for his lack of football knowledge. S1 Ep1

03 30-04 00The Armando Iannucci Shows
Armando Iannucci welcomes you to his world. This time, the focus is on work, from clowns becoming teachers to firemen stripping - whilst putting out fires. S1 Ep2

04 00-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.