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TV Listings for DISCOVERY on Saturday (25.03.2017)

06 00-07 00Secret Space Escapes
A toxic ammonia leak endangers an entire crew. Meanwhile, a cosmonaut narrowly survives re-entry, only to be stranded in the wilderness. S1, Ep3

07 00-08 00The Great Shark Chase
British adventurer and marine biologist Monty Halls tracks and analyses sharks as they chase the incredible natural phenomenon of the sardine run off the southern African coast.

08 00-08 30Baggage Battles
Three teams of experts are hunting for unclaimed property at auctions. But what will they find when they open the boxes? And can they make a profit on the contents? S3, Ep12

08 30-09 00Storage Wars Canada
At storage auctions across Canada, high-stakes buyers convene daily. Today, Rick and Cindy try to quit smoking on the day of an auction in Leslieville. S1, Ep21

09 00-09 30Auction Hunters
The guys try to authenticate props from the film Titanic, Ton faces off with a rattler during a snakebite kit sale and Allen gets into ice carving with chainsaws. S5, Ep15

09 30-10 00Auction Hunters
The guys get stuck with a unit they didn't want and have to sort through, but they uncover glass blowing tools, autographed baseballs and a hockey puck launcher. S5, Ep16

10 00-11 00You Have Been Warned
Featuring the world's most dangerous electric bike in the USA, a human-powered submarine, a New Zealand-based flying hovercraft and a life-sized Lego car in Australia. S3, Ep10

11 00-12 00Close-Up Kings
Follow a trio of New York City street magicians as they are given a number of challenges to complete. None will be easy, but the team will use everything they've got. S1, Ep2

12 00-13 00Mythbusters
After more than ten years of testing downright crazy myths that you shouldn't try at home, the Mythbusters investigate a host of myths that maybe you can. S9, Ep25

13 00-14 00Mythbusters
the cliff top push, the two-wheel wipeout, and finally the Corvette barrel roll from 'Wanted'. S9, Ep26

14 00-15 00Railroad Alaska
Dan Mawhinney is in a race to airlift his stranded snow machine out of the frozen tundra. Orville and Jackie James face their first winter alone in the wilderness. S2, Ep2

15 00-16 00Alaskan Bush People
The Brown family determines to thrive in their new piece of land, populated by bears. After avoiding disaster on the seas, they contact an old friend for help. S2, Ep2

16 00-17 00Alaskan Steel Men
The welders of Quality Marine work around the clock to prepare Kodiak's fishing fleet for the new season. Dennis and his crew race to repair a stranded fishing boat. S1, Ep1

17 00-18 00Airplane Repo
With three assets and $3,000,000 on the table, Kevin is looking at one of the most complex missions of his career. To pull it off, he calls in Mike Kennedy. S2, Ep8

18 00-19 00Mythbusters: The Search
Elite builders face off to become the next Mythbusters crew and test two tall tales - the sideways ejector seat and infamous 'Deflategate' football. S1, Ep1

19 00-19 30Street Science
Kevin Delaney and his team of experts show how explosive hydrogen peroxide can really be. Plus, combining ping pong balls with pressurised liquid nitrogen. S1, Ep1

19 30-20 00Street Science
Kevin and his team of experts explore the amazing science behind rockets, using unconventional materials to power homemade projectiles to incredible heights. S1, Ep2

20 00-21 00Fast N' Loud
Aaron has shock news - just as Richard agrees to a drag strip showdown with Street Outlaws' Big Chief, so the crew must build the race car. S4, Ep14

21 00-22 00Gunslingers
In a mining camp teeming with violence and vice, Seth Bullock was the lone stabilising force standing in the way of complete chaos. S2, Ep2

22 00-23 00Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer
Explore the motives of the confirmed killer of four women in Scotland, who first killed at the age of 16, and is now thought to have killed another five. S1, Ep2

23 00-00 00Street Outlaws
Big Chief and the Crow-mod finally make a run for the list, but have they bitten off more than they can chew? Meanwhile Dave looks to make his move against Monza. S3, Ep11

00 00-02 00Street Outlaws
Catch Oklahoma City's fastest street racers as they compete. It's race day and tensions lead to outbreaks of fighting, sending shockwaves through this racing community. S1, Ep1

03 00-04 00Street Outlaws
Local racing legend Varley #9 is devastated when he's told he must quit street racing. After a fight, Chuck begs Big Chief to coach him back up the list. S1, Ep2

03 50-04 40Wheeler Dealers
Mike finds an unregistered Cobra with just 1,000 miles on the clock, but it must pass tough emissions tests to make it legal. Can Edd get the car back on the road? S9, Ep8

04 40-05 30Mythbusters
Adam and Jamie try to find the most efficient way to board a plane. Meanwhile, can Kari, Grant and Tory fool a forensic pathologist with bullets made from human teeth? S8, Ep190

05 30-06 00How It's Made
More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how membrane filters, bridge ties, and biplanes are made. S22, Ep4

06 00-07 00Fast N' Loud
Having junked his '68 Caddy, Richard takes a bold gamble by building a '60 Bel Air. At the garage, Tony and Christy try to sell an '88 Yugo. S2, Ep7

07 00-08 00Fast N' Loud
Aaron builds a flying machine for the Flugtag event and the team launches him off a pier. Plus, the crew brings a rare Dodge Wayfarer back to life. S2, Ep8

08 00-09 00Fast N' Loud
Aaron and crew turn a tired Chevy Kingwood station wagon into the cool, hot rod dragster it was meant to be. Plus, Richard acquires a MG Replicar. S2, Ep9