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TV Listings for CHANNEL 5 on Friday (28.04.2017)

06 00-06 05Driftwood Bay
Animation. Lily finds Delilah's winch handle and as a reward Salty gives her a ball from the store. When it starts to rain, Lily and Gull invent a new game called Splatball. (S1 Ep 13)

06 05-06 15Mofy
Animated series. Foxy rushes up with some exciting news for Mofy and Kerry - there's a stranger in the forest! (S1 Ep 11)

06 15-06 20Peppa Pig
Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa and George are at the seaside with Granny and Grandpa Pig. Peppa rescues a little fish and puts it back in the sea. (S2 Ep 10)

06 20-06 30Little Princess
Little Princess uses the garden shed as a cave and has lots of fun as a cavegirl, but when night falls, such a life becomes a rather scarier prospect. (S2 Ep 18)

06 30-06 45Paw Patrol
Animation. Skye's favourite stunt pilot, Ace Soarenson, is on her way to Adventure Bay to put on a fantastic air show when she runs into engine trouble. (S2 Ep 9)

06 45-06 55Bob the Builder
CGI animated adventures. When Muck is determined to get more reward stars from Bob for having worked well, he tries a little too hard. (S2 Ep 19)

06 55-07 05Fireman Sam
Animation. Mrs Chen's class are making sky lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But Norman fails to heed a fire warning when the wind changes direction. (S8 Ep 26)

07 05-07 20Thomas and Friends
Animation. Percy rushes around trying to take his mind off of how much he misses his friend, Gator, and loses control of some trucks which roll into an old mine. (S18 Ep 13)

07 20-07 25Milkshake Monkey
Preschool series. Milkshake Monkey's exploits take him on a journey to the Eden Project in Cornwall, to discover where his favourite snack, bananas, come from. (S2 Ep 1)

07 25-07 35Shimmer and Shine
Animated series about twin genies-in-training. The girls meet a Lightning Genie and help him catch his bolt. (S2 Ep 15)

07 35-07 50Noddy Toyland Detective
CGI-animation. When Revs suddenly slows down during a race, Noddy is on the case and discovers that Revs was hoping to help a friend. (S1 Ep 27)

07 50-08 05Paw Patrol
Animation. Ryder and the Paw Patrol need to help Cap'n turbot move a beehive across the bay and over to a much safer home for them at Farmer Al's. (S2 Ep 16)

08 05-08 15Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Impish animation. King Thistle is perplexed when his magic bird-spotting book cannot identify a new creature who makes a nest in the castle. (S1 Ep 49)

08 15-08 30Digby Dragon
CGI-animation. Grizel falls into a trap she was making for Digby and can't climb out, so Mungo tries to get some rope to rescue her without telling the others. (S1 Ep 15)

08 30-08 40Peppa Pig
Animated series about a lovable little pig. Peppa shows Kylie Kangaroo how to jump up and down in muddy puddles, but who can jump the highest? (S4 Ep 14)

08 40-08 50Peppa Pig
Animated series about a lovable little pig. Mummy Dog and Danny are very excited! Captain Daddy Dog is home from the sea, and he's bearing gifts! (S4 Ep 15)

08 50-09 00Wissper
CGI-animation. Wissper asks Stripes the tiger to help restore order among the playful baby monkeys in the jungle. (S1 Ep 10)

09 00-09 15Wanda and the Alien
Animated series. Mummy Rabbit is doing her exercises. Wanda and Alien join in, but find it too hard to keep up, so head off to find out which exercises others are doing. (S1 Ep 36)

09 15-11 15The Wright Stuff
Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show.

11 15-12 10GPs: Behind Closed Doors
Documentary series. How does cancer affect patients at different stages stages of their lives? The patients are a toddler, a teenager and a pensioner. (S4 Ep 22)

12 10-12 155 News At Lunchtime
National and international news.

12 15-13 15The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door
Documentary series about Britain's feuding neighbours. Tim moved house and discovered that his new neighbour shared his home with a large menagerie of birds. (S4 Ep 3)

13 15-13 45Home and Away
Phoebe and Justin try to clear the air between Tori and Nate. Justin asks Phoebe to marry him. Hunter comes up with a radical idea to spend more time with Olivia.

13 45-14 15Neighbours
Xanthe overhears something shocking about Finn. Tyler reacts violently after being goaded by one of the backpackers. A lovelorn David confides in Jack.

14 15-15 15NCIS
Naval police drama series. The murder of a port authority officer reveals Parsa's possible whereabouts, as the team continues their tireless hunt. (S11 Ep 14)

15 15-17 00Trump Unauthorized
A look at the life of the real estate king, media mogul and reality TV star, Donald Trump before his sudden and unexpected rise to President elect. (2005)

17 00-17 305 News At 5
National and international news.

17 30-18 00Neighbours
Xanthe overhears something shocking about Finn. Tyler reacts violently after being goaded by one of the backpackers. A lovelorn David confides in Jack.

18 00-18 30Home and Away
Phoebe and Justin try to clear the air between Tori and Nate. Justin asks Phoebe to marry him. Hunter comes up with a radical idea to spend more time with Olivia.

18 30-19 005 News Tonight
National and international news.

19 00-20 00New: The Gadget Show
Action-packed consumer series. Ortis Deley helms a fire engine with the power to reduce the temperature of a burning building from 700C to 7C in just 6 seconds. (S25 Ep 7)

20 00-21 00New: Barging Brits In The Sun
An affectionate look at some of the faces populating Britain's canals, from a former Bond girl with a 100,000 boat to the UK's top Elvis tribute act. (Ep 1)

21 00-22 00New:Spectacular Spain with Alex...
...Polizzi. Travel series. Alex explores inland Spain, visiting Madrid and the town whose windmills inspired Cervantes, meeting a monk who built his own cathedral, and ending up in Salamanca. (Ep 5)

22 00-23 30The Bruce Forsyth Story:...
...From The Palladium To The Palace. Documentary about the remarkable career of Britain's ultimate all-rounder: dancer, singer, actor and consummate game show host with perfect comic timing. (Ep 1)

23 30-23 55Peter Kay: The Early Years
Rare early interview footage of Peter Kay, right at the start of his rise to fame.

23 55-00 15Impractical Jokers UK
Hidden camera comedy show as four friends challenge each other to ever greater public humiliation. Rounds include selling swimwear by modelling it on Brighton beach. (Ep 1)

00 15-03 10SuperCasino
Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit

03 10-04 45Double Team
Fast-paced thriller starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman. A rogue CIA agent teams up with a flamboyant arms dealer to kill an international terrorist. (1997)

04 45-05 10House Doctor
Ann Maurice presents more home improvements for properties that are proving difficult to sell. A bachelor pad in Cheltenham is given a makeover. [SL] (S5 Ep 5)

05 10-05 35Great Artists
Tim Marlow looks at the work of the Western world's most famous artists. The great British artist Joseph Turner who was first exhibited at the tender age of 15. (S1 Ep 13)

05 35-06 00Wildlife SOS
Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. [SL] (S1 Ep 4)

06 00-06 10Pip Ahoy!
Children's animation. Aunt Twitcher loves bird watching, so she takes Pip and Alba out to sea on a bird-watching expedition, hoping to see an albatross. (S1 Ep 8)