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TV Listings for MTV on Monday (27.03.2017)

06 00-06 20Pimp My Ride
Pimp Master of Ceremonies Xzibit turns tired old hatchbacks into fully loaded cruisin' machines. In this episode, X and the guys at G.A.S. roll the dice on a Vegas themed van that is down on its luck.

06 20-06 45My Super Sweet 16
Trying to get everything her way including hairstyles, dresses and getting everyone to learn their dance moves, we find that this sweet 15, might turn into a messy quince. (S2, ep8)

06 45-07 10My Super Sweet 16
My Super Sweet 16 takes a humorous inside look at extreme over-the-top coming-of-age. From lavish quinceaneras to exclusive debutante balls we find that sometimes sixteen ain't so sweet. (S2, ep9)

07 10-07 35The Hills
Lauren moves from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles for an internship at Teen Vogue, and fashion school. Can she juggle work, school, partying, and all of the drama that will follow? (S1, ep1)

07 35-08 00The Hills
Lauren has to face her boss after the party. Meanwhile, Heidi doesn't take school seriously and makes different plans for her future. (S1, ep2)

08 00-09 00Baby Faced Brides
The documentary following youthful brides focuses on 17-year-old Celine from Dunfermline, who got engaged to her fiance Kiel after they had been dating for just a month. (S1, ep7)

09 00-10 00Baby Faced Brides
Documentary about young brides and grooms, some who have only just left school, as they prepare for their big day. (S1, ep8)

10 00-11 00Baby Faced Mums
Lettie, 21, has three children but wants a fourth. Rachel, 17, is due her first child while also studying for exams. However, boyfriend Chris is thinking of moving away for work. (S1, ep1)

11 00-12 00Catfish: The TV Show
Whitney met Brenell on a LGBT website four years ago and is head-over-heels in love. Brenell refuses to video chat with her, and Whitney is desperate to know why. Nev and Max investigate. (S4, ep7)

12 00-13 0016 And Pregnant
Sabrina used to be a cool California girl, with an athlete boyfriend and big group of friends. When she gets pregnant, Sabrina must start a new life, and hopes her boyfriend will come too. (S4, ep10)

13 00-14 0016 And Pregnant
Devon wants to raise her baby with her boyfriend Colin, an Iraq war veteran who is still in the reserves. If Colin is deployed, can Devon handle not living at home? (S4, ep11)

14 00-15 0016 And Pregnant
When Kristina's boyfriend Todd dies just weeks after the couple finds out she's pregnant, Kristina must deal with the tragic loss while also preparing to welcome their baby into the world. (S4, ep12)

15 00-16 0016 And Pregnant
Maddy, an all-American girl from Illinois, gets pregnant from a one night stand. Will Maddy choose to live with the father of her child and his family, or move away to live with her father? (S5, ep1)

16 00-17 00Catfish: The TV Show
Tracie Thoms had a connection with a fan named "Sammie" after hearing about the passing of Sammie's friend. Sammie suddenly disappeared and now Tracie is left wondering who Sammie really is? (S3, ep5)

17 00-18 00Catfish: The TV Show
John is ready to leave Detroit but one thing holds him back: Kelsey. The two have never spoken outside of online chats but John is sure she's the one. Can he include Kelsey in his plans? (S3, ep6)

18 00-19 00Teen Mom OG
Amber worries she's developed a new addiction to food. Farrah decides to open a frozen yogurt shop, while Tyler's concerned that Catelynn is falling back into bad habits. (S6, ep9)

19 00-19 30New: Snog Marry Avoid?
Join Jenny Frost as she digs into Britain's self-image obsession, looking beyond the glitz of over-the-top guys and gals to give them the ultimate make-under and reveal their true beauty. (S3, ep9)

19 30-20 00New: Snog Marry Avoid?
Join Jenny Frost as she digs into Britain's self-image obsession, looking beyond the glitz of over-the-top guys and gals to give them the ultimate make-under and reveal their true beauty. (S3, ep10)

20 00-21 00Teen Mom 2
Divorce mediation leads to arguments outside the courtroom for Kailyn and Javi. Chelsea officially reveals her baby's gender. Leah finds out that Jeremy is engaged. (S7, ep22)

21 00-22 00New: Are You The One?
Tensions erupt in the house when non-match couples stand their ground and refuse to separate. Things get serious between Hayden and Carolina, leaving Gianna heartbroken. (S5, ep8)

22 00-23 00New: Spring Break With Grandad
Spring Break draws to a close but not before the Spring Breakers go wild with their grandparents. James declares whom he really "loves", and everyone is devastated as the party finally ends. (S1, ep8)

23 00-23 30New: Are You The One? The...
... Aftermatch. The drama doesn't end after the Match Up Ceremony. In this episode 8 aftershow, cast members, special guests and relationship experts breakdown love, life, dating and everything AYTO!

23 30-00 30Ex On The Beach
The tablet of terror holds a big fat Greek wedding for Sean and Zahida, but the arrival of the final Ex throws the celebrations into chaos. And Harriette faces some shocking news from Ross. (S6, ep10)

00 30-01 00Ridiculousness
In this episode of Ridiculousness Rob shows skateboard prodigy Jagger Eaton some "Mega Dumps", discovers some "Magnet Feet", and they all learn how to build "Budget Skateparks". (S6, ep2)

01 00-02 00Geordie Shore
The Geordies are back and buzzin' as big boss Anna sends them off to Greece! Holly and Kyle kick off, while Gaz and Charlotte find themselves in a very awkward situation. (S11, ep1)

02 00-02 50Geordie Shore
Big boss Anna sends the guys to their new home in Crete. Chloe wants to know where she stands with Scott. Charlotte and Marnie have some explaining to do after their first night in Malia. (S11, ep2)

02 50-03 00MTV Cribs
Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police!

03 00-06 00Teleshopping

06 00-06 20Pimp My Ride
Pimp Master of Ceremonies Xzibit turns tired old hatchbacks into fully loaded cruisin' machines. X and the guys take a worn out Mama's Minivan and make it fit for a 'Glamour Girl'.