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TV Listings for CHANNEL 5 on Wednesday (26.04.2017)

06 00-06 05Driftwood Bay
Animation. Lily finds a sculpting tool and imagines that it was lost when Lord Stag commissioned a giant statue from Wee Rabbit. (S1 Ep 11)

06 05-06 15Mofy
Animated series. Kerry's song is not selected for a competition. Mofy tries to cheer him up, but Kerry is in a bad mood. (S1 Ep 9)

06 15-06 20Peppa Pig
Animated series about a lovable little pig. It is a cold and windy day so Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig wear their hats and scarves and coats to the park. (S2 Ep 8)

06 20-06 30Little Princess
Little Princess cannot play on her swing without adult supervision, but she can't resist the temptation to disobey the rule... until she has a little accident. (S2 Ep 16)

06 30-06 45Paw Patrol
Animation. Old friend Mandy the monkey swipes Ryder's PupPad, resulting in a wild monkey chase through the jungle that leads to a cursed temple. (S2 Ep 5)

06 45-06 55Bob the Builder
CGI animated adventures of the popular builder and his friends. Anxious to impress Tiny, Lofty tries to lift materials that are far too heavy for him! (S2 Ep 17)

06 55-07 05Fireman Sam
Animation. The self-styled 'wild men of Pontypandy' need rescuing from a fox den when they try to retrieve a hat. (S8 Ep 4)

07 05-07 20Thomas and Friends
Animation. Duncan, the grumpiest engine on the narrow gauge railway, gets a taste of his own medicine when he receives a very grumpy passenger. (S18 Ep 11)

07 20-07 25Milkshake Monkey
Preschool series following inquisitive puppet Milkshake Monkey. Milkshake Monkey gets his fur wet when he goes swimming. (S1 Ep 18)

07 25-07 35Shimmer and Shine
Animated series about twin genies-in-training. Zeta steals Samira's staff and turns everyone into chickens! (S2 Ep 13)

07 35-07 50Noddy Toyland Detective
Pat-Pat and the pirates have fallen out over a board game because they've lost the rules and can't agree who has won. Can Noddy help? (S1 Ep 25)

07 50-08 05Paw Patrol
Animation. During preparations for Farmer Al's annual corn roast, an accident causes the maze to fill with popcorn - with Chickaletta somewhere inside! (S2 Ep 12)

08 05-08 15Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Impish animation. Ben and Holly set out in the elves' new vessel to try and rescue Redbeard the elf pirate's sunken treasure. (S1 Ep 47)

08 15-08 30Digby Dragon
CGI-animation. Fizzy has a container that can make things change colour, but when Grizel and Mungo get their hands on it all the colour disappears from Applecross! (S1 Ep 13)

08 30-08 40Peppa Pig
Animated series about a loveable little pig. Everyone is excited when Mummy Rabbit arrives with a big tummy and they learn that there is a baby bunny inside. (S4 Ep 10)

08 40-08 50Peppa Pig
Pedro Pony pretends he is a proper cowboy, telling everyone stories in the camp he has set up in the garden. (S4 Ep 11)

08 50-09 00Wissper
CGI-animation. Sam the seal wants to learn how to dance, so Wissper asks natural mover Stripes the tiger to teach him. (S1 Ep 8)

09 00-09 15Wanda and the Alien
Animated series. Wanda's family send some presents for Alien's family, but a sheep enters the spaceship along with them, giving Alien's family a very lively gift. (S1 Ep 34)

09 15-11 15The Wright Stuff
Matthew Wright hosts the topical discussion show.

11 15-12 10GPs: Behind Closed Doors
Observational documentary series. Dr Kwan treats a teenage patient who has decided to stop taking the medication she has been prescribed. (S4 Ep 20)

12 10-12 155 News At Lunchtime
National and international news.

12 15-13 15The Gadget Show
Tech show with Craig Charles. Georgie attempts a record-breaking VR session, John and Ortis pit two cameras against each other, and Ortis helps two paramedics to maximise their breaks. (S25 Ep 6)

13 15-13 45Home and Away
Leah and Irene clash over Luc. Marilyn is determined not to let John go without a fight. Mason asks Lena out on a date, only to discover that she enjoys recreational drugs.

13 45-14 15Neighbours
Terese's plans to rebrand Lassiter's Day Spa come under threat. David is confused by Aaron's behaviour. Susan catches a glimpse of Finn's ambition and does not like what she sees.

14 15-15 15NCIS
Crime drama series. When a stolen drone is linked to the elusive terrorist Benham Parsa, the team has to track down the rewired device before it is used for an attack. (S11 Ep 12)

15 15-17 00Running For Her Life
Drama starring Claire Forlani and Michelle Nolden. An amateur triathlete is pushed to the limit by her trainer's unconventional methods. (2016)

17 00-17 305 News At 5
National and international news.

17 30-18 00Neighbours
Terese's plans to rebrand Lassiter's Day Spa come under threat. David is confused by Aaron's behaviour. Susan catches a glimpse of Finn's ambition and does not like what she sees.

18 00-18 30Home and Away
Leah and Irene clash over Luc. Marilyn is determined not to let John go without a fight. Mason asks Lena out on a date, only to discover that she enjoys recreational drugs.

18 30-19 005 News Tonight
National and international news.

19 00-20 00The Lost City Of The Pharaohs
Following Archaeologists who may have uncovered evidence that could lead them to the remains of Pi-Ramesses, built by the most powerful Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Ramses the Great.

20 00-21 00New: GPs: Behind Closed Doors
Documentary series. Cases include an elderly patient with suspected skin cancer, a severely depressed woman who is self-harming, and a baby with gastroenteritis. (S4 Ep 29)

21 00-22 00New: Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away
Reality series. A debtor in London ties his car to a tree to stop agents taking it in payment, a church ministry owes rent and a barber owes a business consultancy. (S5 Ep 6)

22 00-23 05New: One Night With My Ex
Reality series. A communication breakdown caused Emma and Scott's break-up. Sophy and Sam never properly ended their love affair. Aiden learns the reason Brendon broke up with him. (S1 Ep 5)

23 05-00 05Violent Child, Desperate Parents
Therapist Mandy Saligari takes on some of the UK's most difficult children. Nine-year old Jack is at risk of being locked up because of how badly he terrorises his dad. (S2 Ep 1)

00 05-01 00On Benefits: Breadline Scousers
Stories of people getting by on benefits. Jimmy's religion stops him working on the Sabbath. Nicola has become an expert bargain hunter to stretch her benefits. (S4 Ep 6)

01 00-03 10SuperCasino
Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit

03 10-04 00Body of Proof
Crime drama series. When a teenager is murdered inside a psychiatric institution, another patient claims that she was the intended target and that her mother is a killer. (S3 Ep 10)

04 00-04 45Criminals Caught On Camera
Documentary series with Nick Wallis. This episode exposes the rise of smash-and-grab raids in the UK, committed by gangs who are using increasing levels of violence. (S3 Ep 1)

04 45-05 10House Doctor
Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton present more home improvements for properties that are proving difficult to sell. They visit the Hampshire market town of Petersfield. [SL] (S5 Ep 3)

05 10-05 35Great Artists
Tim Marlow looks at the work of the Western world's most famous artists. The Dutch painter Harmenszoon Van Rijn Rembrandt is a giant in the history of art. [SL] (S1 Ep 11)

05 35-06 00Wildlife SOS
Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. [SL] (S1 Ep 2)

06 00-06 05Driftwood Bay
Animation. Lily discovers a glass jar on the beach which Salty tells her is just perfect for rockpool dipping. During her adventure Lily finds Snippy, an adorable hermit crab. (S1 Ep 12)