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TV Listings for FX on Thursday (25.05.2017)

06 00-06 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.

06 30-07 00Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.

07 00-07 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone

07 30-08 00Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.

08 00-09 00Monk
Investigating a triple murder, Monk is spooked when he sees the prime suspect, who bears a striking resemblance to his dead wife, Trudy. (S1, Ep8)

09 00-10 00The Mentalist
Bloodshot - Patrick is temporarily blinded by a bomb blast just before the CBI are called in to investigate the murder of a stock-broker. (S1, Ep16)

10 00-11 00The Mentalist
Carnelian, Inc. - When the Attorney General receives some strange emails, CBI is ordered to investigate. They're soon investigating a high profile murder. (S1, Ep17)

11 00-12 00Leverage
The team take advantage of a crooked politician's love of baseball to take him down, but end up with more than they expect. (S2, Ep14)

12 00-13 00Leverage
The team attempts to take down a corrupt local mayor, even as the stakes rise to dangerous levels. (S2, Ep15)

13 00-14 00NCIS
When a 14-year-old foils a home invasion, Gibbs suspects the teenager is withholding pertinent details, and Director Vance travels to London for the British spy case. (S13, Ep22)

14 00-15 00NCIS
The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who has left one colleague fighting for their life in ICU. (S13, Ep23)

15 00-16 00The Mentalist
Russet Potatoes - Jane and the CBI track down a person, who hypnotizes people into doing the dirty work for them. (S1, Ep18)

16 00-17 00The Mentalist
A Dozen Red Roses - A former state senator is murdered, and the team discovers that he was producing a movie for his actress wife and that he may have a connection to a drug dealer. (S1, Ep19)

17 00-18 00Leverage
While in prison, Nate and the team take on a corrupt warden to save an innocent inmate. (S3, Ep1)

18 00-19 00Leverage
While taking on a corrupt software magnate who is financing overseas terrorists, the team must infiltrate the crook's high school reunion. (S3, Ep2)

19 00-20 00NCIS
NCIS, FBI and MI6 continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who is targeting current and former agents, on the 13th season finale of NCIS. (S13, Ep24)

20 00-21 00NCIS
Gibbs and the NCIS team have to find answers regarding Tony's months-long assignment when an NCIS agent is found dead. (S9, Ep1)

21 00-21 30American Dad
In his continuing quest to touch a boob, Steve decides to try to earn a letter jacket by joining the school's water polo team. (S12, Ep2)

21 30-22 00New: Family Guy
Quagmire finally confesses his love for Lois, but it happens while he accidentally pocket dials Peter, who is furious, so Brian tries to fix the situation. (S15, Ep7)

22 00-22 30American Dad
Stan and Steve become sushi chefs. (S13, Ep3)

22 30-23 00Family Guy
From Grimm to Griffin, three classic fairy tales get a new Quahog spin, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. (S13, Ep10)

23 00-23 30New: Baskets
Eddie forces Chip and Martha on a little road trip to settle some unfinished business; the cowboy way. (S1, Ep7)

23 30-00 00Family Guy
When Brian's neglected son Dylan shows up in town as a teen TV star, Brian jumps at the opportunity to be hired on the show's writing staff. (S13, Ep11)

00 00-00 30New: Samurai Jack
A samurai sent through time fights to return home and save the world. (S5, Ep10)

00 30-01 00Rick And Morty
Adult Swim on FOX. Morty goofs this time and now they gotta chill out and wait. Jerry and Summer explore their father daughter relationship too. (S2, Ep9)

01 00-01 30American Dad
Everyone is surprised when Jeff suddenly shows up at the Smith house. While everyone loves the new Jeff, it soon becomes clear that this an alien imposter. (S11, Ep16)

01 30-02 00American Dad
Chinese businessman Fung Wah purchases the American Dad TV show. Later, when Stan forgets Francine's birthday, he has her committed to an insane asylum. (S11, Ep17)

02 00-02 30American Dad
Now and Gwen - Francine's sister, Gwen, arrives at the house and is up to no good. Meanwhile, Stan teaches Steve the art of hugging, and Klaus shadows Roger's dramatic comments. (S11, Ep8)

02 30-03 00American Dad
Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas - When Stan wishes to be single as he places an angel on the Christmas tree, his wish comes true. (S11, Ep9)

03 00-03 30Family Guy
When Carter cancels the annual Quahog Christmas Carnival, Peter must transform his father-in-law from a Scrooge into a hometown hero in order to salvage the event. (S13, Ep8)

03 30-04 00Family Guy
Peter Problems:When Peter finds he can't perform his, um, er, uh, manly duties, he enlists Quagmire and Joe to help him get his mojo back. (S13, Ep9)

04 00-04 30American Dad
Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour - Francine is up for an award for her lonely housewife novel, so the family heads to the Big Apple for the ceremony. (S11, Ep14)

04 30-05 00American Dad
The Shrink - Stan is horrified when he sees a couple die in a car crash and goes to see a shrink. Meanwhile, Roger and Klaus study for a wine tasting. (S11, Ep15)

05 00-05 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.

05 30-06 00Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone

06 00-06 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.