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TV Listings for NICKELODEON on Tuesday (28.03.2017)

06 00-06 31Victorious
In an effort to take more risks as an actress, Tori goes to an underground spot called The Gorilla Club. Andre and Robbie lose a very interesting bet to Jade. (S3, ep 7) Also in HD.

06 31-07 00School of Rock
Zack starts a food truck, only to find himself in competition with his rival Justin. The students vote on which truck gets to stay, Zack wonders if he has his friends' support. (S2, ep 9) Also in HD.

07 00-07 31Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat babysit two boys - one asks a lot of questions, the other can't stop hugging. The girls try to save their favourite TV show from being cancelled. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD.

07 31-08 00The Thundermans
Back in elementary school to complete a hero assessment, Phoebe & Max realize that it won't be easy when the instructor is a former classmate that Max tormented. (S3, ep 20) Also in HD

08 00-08 31Henry Danger
When Henry is caught sneaking out at night, he is grounded, keeping him from his crime-fighting duties. Piper drives him crazy at home. Charlotte becomes sidekick. (S1, ep 21) Also in HD

08 31-09 00Game Shakers
When Dub gives the girls bonuses for Sky Whale's success, Babe buys herself a fancy new jacket. But she is crushed when she loses it. (S1, ep 4) Also in HD.

09 00-09 31Victorious
The kids are excited to hear that they'll be the stars of a new reality TV show. Meanwhile, Trina and Robbie must work at The Grub Truck when Festus is injured. (S1, ep 14) Also in HD.

09 31-10 00Henry Danger
Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems: As Henry tries to adjust to his new role as Kid Danger, he struggles to balance his schedule between crime fighting, school, family and friends. (S1, ep 3) Also in HD.

10 00-10 31Game Shakers
A company asks Game Shakers to build a game based on a robot they created. The robot develops a bro-bot crush on Hudson and malfunctions. (S1, ep 6) Also in HD.

10 31-11 00iCarly
Spencer tries to surprise Carly for her birthday, but ends up burning down her bedroom! When the insurance pays out, he has a chance to make it up to her. (S3, ep 1) Also in HD.

11 00-11 31Victorious
Tori Goes Platinum, Part 1: Tori wins a contest to sing the opening number at a big music awards show, but the producer wants to totally change her look and behaviour. (S3, ep 15) Also in HD.

11 31-12 00Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat promise to buy a girl a Fresno Girl doll if she raises her grades. When she does, Sam and Cat are amazed by the expensive accessories that come with it. (S1, ep 29) Also in HD

12 00-12 31The Thundermans
Phoebe is devastated when she thinks the family's new shredder has accidentally destroyed her concert tickets, not realising that Max has them. (S2, ep 7) Also in HD.

12 31-13 00Game Shakers
Feeling pressure to fit in with Trip's rich friends, Babe convinces Trip to 'borrow' Dub's jet for the night. (S1, ep 7) Also in HD.

13 00-13 31iCarly
The gang goes into business selling t-shirts. After sales go through the roof, Sam gets 4th-graders to help, but the trio disagree about how to treat them. (S3, ep 3) Also in HD.

13 31-14 00Bella and the Bulldogs
Bella gets injured during practice and helps Troy prepare for a game, but when Troy scores a touchdown Bella becomes worried about being replaced. (S1, ep 12) Also in HD.

14 00-14 31Victorious
Tori Goes Platinum, Part 2: Tori gets to sing at a big music awards show, but the producer wants to change her style. Tori agrees, but finds that she doesn't like her new image. (S3, ep 16) Also in HD

14 31-15 00The Thundermans
Phoebe tries to turn herself into a bad girl to appeal to Max's new best friend, a bad boy rocker who is the key member of Max's new band. (S2, ep 8) Also in HD.

15 00-15 31Sam & Cat
When Sam and Cat are hired to take a pair of obnoxious kids on a flight to the Bahamas, they must first get through the challenges of the airport. (S1, ep 32) Also in HD.

15 31-16 00SpongeBob SquarePants
All is quiet while SpongeBob is 'House Sitting for Sandy' - until Patrick shows up! And in 'Smooth Jazz at Bikini Bottom', SpongeBob and Squidward try to sneak backstage at the Kelpy G concert.

16 00-16 31Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
The urban legend of Pigfoot takes over Edgewood when Dawn fakes a story for her column on the school's website. Even the boys get in on the action. (S2, ep 2) Also in HD.

16 31-17 00Henry Danger
When a dangerous pinata ends up at a kids' birthday party, Kid Danger and Captain Man must go undercover and step in before it's too late. (S3, ep 1)

17 00-17 31The Thundermans
Phoebe visits her boyfriend's shy brother, but the mild-mannered boy discovers his evil side when he gets his hands on one of Max's inventions. (S3, ep 10) Also in HD.

17 31-18 00Game Shakers
Kenzie invites an uninterested Babe to her coding club, but Babe swoons when she meets coding cutie Scott. An app predicts that Trip will go bald. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD.

18 00-18 31New: School of Rock
Summer tries to get over Freddy once and for all. Mr. Finn helps Tomika overcome one of her biggest fears. (S2, ep 11) Also in HD.

18 31-19 00Sam & Cat
When their favourite drink is banned, Sam and Cat begin making their own version instead. When they start selling it, the authorities come knocking at their door! (S1, ep 27) Also in HD.

19 00-19 31Instant Mom
Stephanie discovers Gabby's a tyrant of a group leader and injects herself into Gabby's school project. But Gabby's tirade might not have been so wrong! (S3, ep 5) Also in HD.

19 31-20 00Henry Danger
When Captain Man suddenly announces he's getting married, Henry and Charlotte go searching for answers only to discover that things are not as they seem. (S3, ep 2)

20 00-20 31School of Rock
Summer tries to get over Freddy once and for all. Mr. Finn helps Tomika overcome one of her biggest fears. (S2, ep 11) Also in HD.

20 31-21 00Game Shakers
When a rival rapper releases a track about Double G, the Game Shakers convince Dub to respond. The traack enrages the rapper and he comes to confront Double G. (S1, ep 17) Also in HD.

21 00-21 31Bella and the Bulldogs
Bella competes in a beauty pageant to show that girls can be pretty and tough. Pepper and Sophie bet Troy and Sawyer that being a cheerleader is harder than it looks. (S2, ep 10) Also in HD.

21 31-22 00True Jackson VP
When True has to design gear for Ryan Sheckler, she and Lulu go undercover as boys to Ryan's skate club to do a little research. Amanda tries out a friendlier attitude. Also in HD.

22 00-22 31See Dad Run
David lets Joe play hooky to help with his stress, but Joe feels guilty and reveals the truth, causing Joe and David to get detention! (S2, ep 12) Also in HD.

22 31-23 00Every Witch Way
While Emma and Daniel patch things up, the Panthers devise a plan to steal the Hexoren. (S1, ep 8) Also in HD.

23 00-23 31Game Shakers
Kenzie invites an uninterested Babe to her coding club, but Babe swoons when she meets coding cutie Scott. An app predicts that Trip will go bald. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD.

23 31-00 00100 Things To Do
Our friends set out to meet their idols, but when their plans unravel, they realise the importance of patience and recognising the real idols in life. (S1, ep 23) Also in HD.

00 00-03 00Teleshopping

03 00-03 30Renford Rejects
Jason is tired of listening to Bruno boast about how good he is at football, so he tricks him into thinking he has been asked to train with West Ham. (S3, ep 3)

03 30-04 00Summer in Transylvania
Magda may, possibly, have told a few white lies and told her sister Helga that she is married to Summer and Jake's dad! Now Bug, her nephew, is on his way to meet the family. (S1, ep 12)

04 00-04 30Genie in the House
Philip says he would like a more exciting job. Thanks to Adil, that's what he gets - as a stunt man. Meanwhile, Emma is preparing Adil for a date with his secret admirer. (S1, ep 24)

04 30-04 45House of Anubis
Amber is desperate to know who her secret prom date will be. The teachers catch on to the plan. Preparations for the ball are stopped by an unwelcome visitor. (S1, ep 58) Also in HD.

04 45-05 00House of Anubis
Joy is captured, but might still get a chance to put the pieces together. The gang discover the truth about Rufus, but time is running out. (S1, ep 59) Also in HD.

05 00-05 31Winx Club
As outside of Alfea the fight between the Trix and the Alfea's fairies goes on, the Winx use their Stones of Memories to go back to Alfea in the past. (S7, ep 24) Also in HD.

05 31-06 00Every Witch Way
Daniel and Andi are on the hunt for Emma, who has turned herself into a bird. Maddie thinks that Emma is responsible for her face turning into a mood ring. (S2, ep 15) Also in HD

06 00-06 31Victorious
After posting a hamboning video online, Robbie is challenged for the title of Hambone King. When Robbie is beaten, Tori tries to help Robbie avenge his defeat. (S3, ep 14) Also in HD