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TV Listings for GOLD on Saturday (27.05.2017)

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

07 00-07 35Yes, Prime Minister
The classic sitcom returns. Another crisis looms for Jim when a coalition partner threatens to jump ship. Guest starring Robbie Coltrane. S3 Ep5

07 35-08 05Last of the Summer Wine
Roy Clarke's young-at-heart sitcom. Just when Barry finds himself looking for an alternative to golf, Billy turns up with an archery training course. S24 Ep7

08 05-08 45Last of the Summer Wine
The sitcom that's been going strong since 1973. Marina has bought Howard a full-size life-like gorilla. Getting it home causes mayhem. S24 Ep8

08 45-09 20Last of the Summer Wine
Comedy about young-at-heart pensioners. Tom and Smiler have a blind date lined up. Truly learns that his ex-wife's new husband is coming to town. S24 Ep9

09 20-09 50The Best of Tommy Cooper
Part two of a celebration of the unique comic talents of Tommy Cooper, featuring many classic clips of the brilliantly bumbling magician. S1 Ep2

09 50-10 25The Best of Tommy Cooper
Part four of a celebration of the unique comic talents of Tommy Cooper, featuring many classic clips from the great man who graced our screens for several decades. S1 Ep4

10 25-12 00Only Fools and Horses
A special Christmas comeback episode of the nation's favourite sitcom. The Trotters find themselves owing a large amount of money to the Inland Revenue.

12 00-13 00The Two Ronnies Spectacle
A charming insight into the life and work of one of the UK's favourite double acts begins with the story of how Messrs Barker and Corbett came together. S1 Ep1

13 00-14 00Bob Monkhouse: Million Joke Man
Paul O'Grady presents the definitive look at the life and career of Bob Monkhouse, starting with the trials and triumphs of his early years. S1 Ep1

14 00-15 00Peter Cook and Dudley Moore:...
...The Interviews. Trace the story of one of the most inspired and irreverent double acts, through a mix of classic clips and revealing interviews with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. S1 Ep5

15 00-15 40The Brittas Empire
Farcical sitcom set around a leisure centre. Gordon organises a sponsored bungee jump, but the only staff member who's really keen is the heavily pregnant Julie. S7 Ep1

15 40-16 20The Brittas Empire
Leisure centre sitcom. After receiving some threatening letters, Julie is enjoying armed police protection. But Gordon is irked by the constant body searches. S7 Ep2

16 20-17 00One Foot in the Grave
The classic surreal comedy with the great Richard Wilson. Victor and Margaret head off for a weekend by the seaside at their friends Vince and April's boarding house. S2 Ep5

17 00-17 40One Foot in the Grave
More grumpy fun with hapless OAP Victor Meldrew. A trip to Whipsnade Zoo turns into a nightmare when Victor and Margaret become imprisoned like the animals. S3 Ep4

17 40-18 20Only Fools and Horses Christmas...
...Special. Thicker than Water: What kind of drinks would Del conjure up at Christmas? Find out in South London's finest comedy. The Trotters' long lost dad Reg turns up after 18 years away. S3 Ep8

18 20-19 00Only Fools and Horses
More ducking and diving as Del and Rodney discover that three tons of lead is not all it appears to be. In fact, it could even be used in case of war. S1 Ep6

19 00-19 45The Black Adder
Featuring a special introduction by Tony Robinson and producer John Lloyd. The king's treachery gives Edmund the chance to seduce an eligible princess. S1 Ep4

19 45-20 25Blackadder II
Featuring a special introduction by Tony Robinson and producer John Lloyd. England is celebrating the exploits of Walter Raleigh, so our droll antihero is stung into action. S2 Ep3

20 25-21 00Not Going Out
The likeable slacker sitcom. Lee is insufferably smug when he wins a thousand pounds in a writing competition, but Tim is suspicious about his friend's entry. S3 Ep2

21 00-21 40Men Behaving Badly
An explosive episode of the lads' comedy. Deborah and Dorothy are away for the weekend, so Tony focuses his energies on converting the shed into a sauna. S5 Ep7

21 40-22 20Harry Enfield and Chums
Harry Enfield's back for more fun along with colleagues Kathy Burke and Paul Whitehouse. Including Wayne and Waynetta Slob, the Scousers, Tim Nice-but-Dim and Kevin the Teenager. S1 Ep1

22 20-23 00Little Britain
Join Matt Lucas and David Walliams for a third series full of their grotesque comic creations. New characters include plump health-spa guest Desiree and Thai bride Ting Tong. S3 Ep1

23 00-23 35Black Books
Sitcom silliness with everyone's favourite bad-tempered bookseller Bernard Black. Fran tries to discover her inner karma and Bernard finds proof that Manny is mad. S2 Ep5

23 35-00 10Black Books
Splendidly offbeat sitcom with Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey. Bernard and Manny can't hear themselves argue because of the builders next door. Fran suggests a holiday. S2 Ep6

00 10-00 40Spaced
Everyone's favourite flatsharers Tim and Daisy return for more surreal sitcom fun. Here, the pair come face to face with an old enemy during a night on the town. S2 Ep5

00 40-01 20Monty Python's Best Bits
Simon Pegg, Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson and Dara O Briain are among those celebrating some fine Python moments, from Nudge Nudge to The Meaning of Life. S1 Ep3

01 20-02 00House of Fools
More mayhem from Vic and Bob's house. Bob hopes to defend his title of toupee wearer of the year, but his toupee is stolen by their house rat. S1 Ep4

02 00-02 35House of Fools
Sitcom set in Vic and Bob's house. When Vic invites Bob's ex-wife Erika over as a surprise for Bob's birthday, Bob is not at all pleased. S1 Ep5

02 35-03 10Nighty Night
Black comedy series. Jill is disappointed about the presence of Don's girlfriend Natalie, so she engineers a way of meeting her and suggests she could become a top model. S2 Ep3

03 10-04 00Nighty Night
Black comedy series. Glen is happily married to Jill, but Jill is still happily in lust with Don. Meanwhile, Sue brings her new boyfriend, Vicar Arno, to visit Cath. S2 Ep4

04 00-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.