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TV Listings for CHANNEL 4 HD on Thursday (19.01.2017)

06 00-06 45Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Gyles Brandreth is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

06 45-07 10The King of Queens
Doug lives to regret letting Arthur go to a cocktail lounge instead of a more sedate dance event.

07 10-07 35The King of Queens
Thinking he's been offered a job at FedEx, Doug tries to renegotiate his package at work. Meanwhile Carrie overdoes it with the fake tan.

07 35-08 00The King of Queens
Deacon is upset when Kelly goes on a date so he asks Doug to help him win her back.

08 00-08 30Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray's family reluctantly tell him the truth about his performance after he appears as a panellist on TV.

08 30-09 00Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray reluctantly accompanies Debra to parenting classes but realises he can use the lessons on his parents.

09 00-09 30Frasier
When Daphne finds an engagement ring in Martin's underwear drawer, Niles hires a detective to investigate Sherry's past.

09 30-10 00Frasier
Frasier gets a new agent who sets him up with an opportunity for some great publicity when a crane at the local zoo is named after him.

10 00-10 30Frasier
Niles, under the care of his and Maris's therapist, is convinced their marriage can be saved - until a surprise rendezvous with his ice princess leaves him devastated.

10 30-11 30Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
Gordon visits the Prohibition Grille in Everett, Washington, to meet a belly dancer-turned-restaurateur who is oblivious to the disastrous dishes served from her own kitchen. (S6 Ep14/16)

11 30-12 00Four in a Bed
At The Abertay Guest House near Dundee, owners Kate and Karlos Victor are judged by the toughest critics of all: their peers. The experience leaves them crushed and vowing revenge.

12 00-12 05Channel 4 News Summary
Includes sport and weather.

12 05-12 35Four in a Bed
At The Registry Guest House, near Aberdeen, simmering tensions cause problems for hosts Bob Calder and Kirsty Laird, and Bob's strict 'no baked beans' policy is put into action.

12 35-13 10Four in a Bed
As the guests head to The Albert in Scarborough, hosts Pauline and Mike Hirst have to deal with tensions in a fracturing group, and there's a shock in store for Jules and Jan.

13 10-13 40Four in a Bed
The final visit is to The Wellwood in Amble, owned by chef Jules Tagger and partner Jan Latimer, where a joke leads to accusations of sabotage and the guests have a feeling of déjà vu...

13 40-14 10Four in a Bed
It's the last day of the competition and tensions run high. Kate and Karlos have some explaining to do but are left in tears. The payments are revealed and the winner is announced.

14 10-15 00Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Gyles Brandreth is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

15 00-16 00A New Life in the Sun
A British-run dive centre discovers a shipwreck in the Med. Two Brits explore the French wilderness looking for a prehistoric cave, and wildfire threatens one couple's dream life in Spain.

16 00-17 00A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
Godsisters and best friends Roselyn and Jennifer from London are looking for a holiday home that could one day be a full time retirement location on the Caribbean island of Grenada.

17 00-18 00Come Dine with Me
First to host in Newcastle is larger than life nurse Charity, who plans to impress her guests with an energetic night and some Nigerian inspired food.

18 00-18 30The Simpsons
Lisa becomes an apprentice to legendary magician the Great Raymondo, but she is coaxed into revealing her mentor's most famous magic trick to his arch-nemesis.

18 30-19 00Hollyoaks
Esther is still struggling with her memory. Nancy tells Darren that her test results have arrived, and Leela feels guilty when Peri admits that she needs her dad.

19 00-20 00Channel 4 News
Includes sport and weather.

20 00-21 00The Restoration Man
Matt and his future father-in-law Mike pool their resources to convert a huge water filtration plant into two semi-detached houses, sharing an internal garden atrium. (Ep3)

21 00-22 00Spies
The trainees are challenged to get information from unwitting strangers in a pub, then must work out if they're being followed or not, and have to select just one trusted ally. (Ep3/4)

22 00-22 5560 Days in Jail
After more than a month behind bars, the six remaining undercover inmates celebrate Thanksgiving far from their families.

22 55-00 0024 Hours in A&E
John and Iris have been married for 65 years, and now Iris has dementia. Clementina, who's eight, has fallen off her scooter. She wants to be a midwife when she grows up. (S12 Ep10)

00 00-01 00Britain's Benefit Tenants
In Hull, a tenant has left his flat damaged, and the landlord's curtains are missing. In Grimsby, letting agent Harp has his faith restored when a tenant cleans up the mess at his property.

01 00-03 25Paying Guest
A youth poses as an old gent to rent a room and woo his landlord's daughter. But the comedic romance turns sinister. With Nutan and Dev Anand. In Hindi/subs.

03 25-03 55President Trump's Dirty Secrets
Dispatches investigates the controversial figures surrounding Trump and their links to powerful corporations that could have far-reaching consequences beyond America.

03 55-04 50Location, Location, Location
In Liverpool, Phil Spencer helps James and Mairead find a family home on a £600,000 budget, while Kirstie Allsopp takes first-time buyers Laura and Andy under her wing.

04 50-05 05Kirstie's Handmade Treasures
Kirstie Allsopp battles it out with the best in the shortbread competition at the Chagford Show, but is her rosemary and lavender shortbread too radical for the judges?

05 05-06 00Location, Location, Location
Kirstie Allsopp helps sisters Gemma and Lucy find a home in costly Berkshire while Phil Spencer helps newly-weds Hannah and Hassan find a four-bed house in Buckinghamshire.

06 00-06 45Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Gyles Brandreth is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.