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TV Listings for CHANNEL 4 HD on Wednesday (26.07.2017)

06 00-06 45Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Jenny Eclair is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

06 45-07 10Will & Grace
Will attempts to discover whether there's a new woman in his dad's life.

07 10-07 35Will & Grace
A nervous Jack turns to Will for help with writing his nursing school graduation speech.

07 35-08 00Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray agrees to take Robert out on the anniversary of his divorce, but is disturbed by the brotherly bonding that develops.

08 00-08 35Everybody Loves Raymond
To teach Ally a lesson about quitting, Ray resumes the piano lessons with his mother that he gave up 25 years earlier.

08 35-09 05Frasier
Frasier and Roz are nominated for broadcasting awards, but are then tempted to bribe the judges with gifts.

09 05-09 35Frasier
Frasier feels guilty when he loses his father's chair and learns that sentiment is more important than style.

09 35-10 05Frasier
Confronted with the prospect of ageing, Frasier has a mid-life crisis and considers chasing a younger woman to prove he still has some youthful vitality.

10 05-11 00Undercover Boss USA
Stephen J Cloobeck, CEO of hotel company Diamond Resorts International, becomes the first boss to go undercover in his own business for a second time when he visits Pacific Monarch Resorts.

11 00-11 30The Simpsons
Homer becomes a hero when he somehow averts disaster at the nuclear plant, earning a phone call from Magic Johnson (guest starring) and an entry in the dictionary.

11 30-12 00The Simpsons
Krusty the Clown comes for dinner at the Simpsons', and Bart and Lisa end up trying to reunite him with his estranged father Rabbi Krustofsky.

12 00-12 05Channel 4 News Summary
Includes sport and weather.

12 05-13 05Couples Come Dine with Me
In Hertfordshire, Sinead and partner Tony lay on a Gaelic feast and there's a non-stop fun factory from Tony as he attempts silly dances, silly jokes and silly accents!

13 05-14 10Posh Pawn
A reformed 1980s cat burglar hopes to raise funds by pawning his family's jewellery. And PA Jo tries to convince MD James to extend the loan of a client who's had a string of bad luck.

14 10-15 00Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Jenny Eclair is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.

15 00-16 00The Question Jury
It's mid-week in the jury room and the jurors are raring to go. But one juror hasn't slept a wink, and she has a lot to say about it...

16 00-17 00A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun
Retired couple Stephen and Janis Pigeon have a budget of £150,000 to move to the western Costa del Sol. Having sold their Buckinghamshire home, the pressure is on for Jasmine Harman.

17 00-17 30Four in a Bed
There are single bed grumbles and breakfast problems at Nigel and Pok U's B&B and Cantonese restaurant, the Bingham Townhouse in Nottinghamshire.

17 30-18 00Come Dine with Me
The next host in Windsor is outspoken entrepreneur Mohinder, who after two nights of criticising his fellow guests' culinary efforts and personal tastes, needs to pull out all the stops.

18 00-18 30The Simpsons
Homer and Bart take Lisa to a book fair to make up for attaching fireworks to her video. At the fair, Krusty meets his long-lost daughter, but it doesn't go well...

18 30-19 00Hollyoaks
Warren tells Grace his true feelings, while Alfie and Tom tease Hunter. Prince is keen to make his relationship with Lily work, and Darren lies to Nancy about his whereabouts.

19 00-20 00Channel 4 News
Includes sport and weather.

20 00-20 30Tried and Tasted: The Ultimate...
...Shopping List: Food writer William Sitwell joins chef Michel Roux Jr. as the panel test tea, croissants and barbecue ribs. The quick-fire public food challenge is rice pudding. (Ep7)

20 30-21 00Food Unwrapped
Food Unwrapped returns with a new episode. Kate visits a remote potato paradise in Chile, Jimmy investigates avocado-rustling, and what makes sour beer taste tangy?

21 00-22 0024 Hours in A&E
Joan has severe pain in her chest, arm and jaw. Roofer Mark has fallen 10 feet off a ladder. And Josie fell and hit her head while performing a Dirty Dancing routine on a hen do. (S13 Ep8)

22 00-22 35The Windsors
The satirical comedy soap opera continues. Charles is in a new traditionalist town unveiling another statue of himself, while Kate runs into old flame Gypsy Ricky. (S2 Ep4/6)

22 35-23 35Fargo
Emmit sits down with Gloria. Meanwhile, Nikki negotiates a deal. (S3 Ep9/10)

23 35-00 35999: What's Your Emergency?
What's Your Emergency? returns for a new series, meeting the emergency services in Wiltshire. This episode examines the rise in racially-aggravated hate crimes. (S4 Ep1)

00 35-01 30One Born Every Minute
Rochalla is ten days overdue. She conceived just weeks after finishing an aggressive course of chemotherapy. And can Kieron and Joanne kick their clockwatching habit during labour? (S9 Ep3)

01 30-02 20Ramsay's Hotel Hell
Gordon Ramsay visits the struggling Historic Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota, where the staff are working at full stretch and are on the brink of revolt.

02 20-04 05Hope Springs
Adult romcom starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. A married couple's love life has stagnated over the years, so they turn to a blunt therapist for help.

04 05-05 00Escape to Costa Rica
Gaia Vince goes horse riding with a 99-year-old cowboy, takes a canoe trip to meet the indigenous Bribri and sees thousands of turtles arriving on a remote beach to lay their eggs. (Ep3/3)

05 00-05 05Kirstie's Handmade Treasures
Kirstie Allsopp battles it out at the Nidderdale Show with her sausage competition entry. Will her caramelised onion flavour win over the judges?

05 05-06 00Location, Location, Location
Kirstie and Phil catch up with two of their favourite couples: the camel-racing Fossett clan who needed to relocate their family and menagerie; and fussy Nick and Katrina in Jersey. [SL]

06 00-06 45Countdown
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Jenny Eclair is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.