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TV Listings for DISNEY on Wednesday (26.04.2017)

06 00-06 29Jessie
Jessie and Chloe are friends, until Chloe steals Jessie's ideas for a character. She also enlists Ravi's help to make sure she gets an indie film role Jessie wants. S3 E12

06 29-07 00K.C. Undercover
Ernie develops a truth serum which K. C. accidentally drinks. Not able to tell a lie, she divulges the family secret to Petey and gets into trouble with Marissa. S2 E8

07 00-07 29Stuck In The Middle
Harley uses her creativity to convince her dad to hire her at his marina store. Once there, she unveils her newest invention, the Slushinator. S1 E6

07 29-08 00Liv and Maddie
Josh has been depressed since he split with Maddie. Liv realises having Joey around cheers Josh up, so gets him a small part in Voltage, but he takes it too far. S3 E18

08 00-08 16Milo Murphy's Law
Cavendish and Dakota, time travel agents from the future, discover that they are considered worthless, low level employees, but vow to impress their boss. S1 E8b

08 16-08 31Milo Murphy's Law
Milo and Melissa share their most embarrassing stories, but Zack refuses to reveal his dark past. S1 E7a

08 31-09 00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Copycat: When a disgruntled sculptor who is in love with Ladybug is targeted by Hawk Moth, he is transformed into Copycat, a perfect double of Cat Noir. S1 E3

09 00-09 31Elena Of Avalor
Elena is torn between a promise she made to help Isabel and fulfilling her royal duties as crown princess. George Takei (Star Trek) guest stars as King Toshi. S1 E2

09 31-10 00The 7D
Uncle Humidor takes the 7D to find the rarest and largest bird in Jollywood. The Smarty-Pants Stone turns Grim into a genius who can outwit the 7D. S1 E15

10 00-10 29Hannah Montana
Hannah's obsession with Jake interferes with her singing. Her father is worried and gets someone to give her advice - her godmother, Dolly Parton! S1 E18

10 29-11 00Hannah Montana
Miley's determined to make Jake jealous. Her plan backfires when the boy she chooses turns out to be too young. S1 E19

11 00-11 31A.N.T. Farm
Olive falls for talented young chef Graham, but when he joins the ANT programme Chyna and Fletcher discover he's a pompous jerk, and decide to help Olive see the real Graham. S2 E18

11 31-12 00Shake It Up
A reporter gives the show a bad review in a popular online blog, and the girls are determined to convince him he was wrong. How should Deuce and Dina celebrate their anniversary? S2 E10

12 00-12 31The Evermoor Chronicles
It's the Night of the Stench, when the bog turns against the village. Tara asks the tapestry what her future holds, and is horrified what she learns S1 E7

12 31-13 00Good Luck Charlie
When Spencer has a row with Teddy, Bob decides to give him some advice on how to handle a Duncan woman. S3 E16

13 00-13 29Good Luck Charlie
Gabe's horrified when his Mum starts work as the school nurse. Teddy gets laryngitis before her school presentation. PJ makes a profit looking after the younger kids. S3 E17

13 29-14 00Jessie
Jessie must make sure Luke prioritises schoolwork over his hobby after she enrols him for a dance class and he becomes obsessed. S3 E9

14 00-14 31The 7D
When Queen Delightful's beloved mirror goes missing it's up to the 7D to track down the culprits. Bashful uses his superhero alter-ego to foil the Gloom's plan. S1 E4

14 31-15 00Elena Of Avalor
Elena attends her first Royal Retreat, but clashes with King Hector, the self-appointed leader, when she tries to reunite a baby sea creature with its mother. S1 E8

15 00-15 31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
..& Cat Noir. Kung Food: Humiliated by Chloe in a cooking competition, Marinette's great uncle gets akumatized into Kung Food. Anyone who tastes his dish falls under his power. S1 E14

15 31-16 00Lab Rats: Bionic Island
When Adam, Bree and Chase decide to take the students off the Island for the night they accidentally leave Spin and Bob behind and must get them back before Davenport finds out. S4 E1

16 00-16 29K.C. Undercover
K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter Part One: Brett returns, ordered to eliminate K.C.! When he can't bring himself to do it, K.C. decides to help protect him from The Other Side. S1 E28

16 29-17 00Liv and Maddie
Liv is up for a role in the Space Werewolves film. Joey and Parker want to discourage her, so send a nerd to ask awkward questions. But series fan Maddie turns up instead. S1 E9

17 00-17 15New: Milo Murphy's Law
Milo accidentally gives away Mom's priceless rock concert T-shirts and must negotiate a series of obstacles to get them back. S1 E9a

17 15-17 31Milo Murphy's Law
Athledecamathalon:The gang participates in a school event that combines the Academic Decathlon and the Athletic Decathlon. S1 E7b

17 31-18 00Stuck In The Middle
Harley decides to go solo on a Mother's Day gift, rather than include the rest of her siblings. S1 E7

18 00-18 31Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie invite Amelia over for a sleepover, while Bernie helps Dirk conceal a big mistake. S1 E7

18 31-19 00Bunk'd
Dance in my Pants: Camp Kikiwaka hosts its annual dance. Tiffany and Zuri hope to dance with a cute boy. Meanwhile Emma learns about some of the history between Lou and Xander. S2 E2

19 00-19 31That's So Raven
Cory deals with a bully who takes people's lunches. Raven fails a magazine quiz on how well she knows her best friend. S4 E2

19 31-20 00Kim Possible
Kim reluctantly takes on the coaching of Jim and Tim's soccer team, and finds herself becoming far too competitive. S1 E15

20 00-20 31Austin & Ally
Ally wants to prove to Austin that she can unlock the hidden musical talent of a new student. S4 E5

20 31-21 00Gravity Falls
When Stan causes Waddles to get snatched up by a pterodactyl, the gang journeys to a land trapped in time to rescue him. S1 E18

21 00-21 31Good Luck Charlie
Teddy and Amy end up on the set of Shake It Up, being mistaken for hip hop duo The Duncan Sisters. Rocky and CeCe help design a dance number, with Charlie in the finale. S2 E15

21 31-22 00Good Luck Charlie
Teddy's laptop is ruined when it's run through the dishwasher and her video diaries are lost. She considers not bothering any more. S2 E16

22 00-22 53Violetta
Diego goes to comfort Violetta after she sees Le?n kissing Lara. S2 E35

22 53-23 16Hannah Montana
Miley tries to get home from her concert for Lilly's birthday, but doesn't make it in time. So Jackson takes Lilly to a Lakers' game for a birthday treat! S3 E24

23 16-23 40Hannah Montana
Hannah gets a part in an animated film starring a top voice-over artist (played by Lucas Cruikshank, famous as YouTube's Fred). She's fired for not being as good as him. S3 E25

23 40-00 00Groove High
Tom dreams of having a fan, but when super-fan Carla arrives the dream turns into a nightmare. Tom learns being the object of hero worship can get annoying, and a little bit scary. S1 E5

00 00-06 00Disney Channel Preview
Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!

06 00-06 29Jessie
Jessie needs money so she takes a job at Empire Skate Building, not knowing Emma will be her boss. When they argue in front of a food critic Boomer must decide who to fire. S3 E13