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TV Listings for DISNEY on Monday (27.03.2017)

06 00-06 29Bunk'd
Luke returns to camp and decides to take Griff and Zuri on an adventure to prove that he can be just as responsible as the other CITs. Cameron Boyce guest stars. S2 E6

06 29-07 00Jessie
Morgan asks teen movie heartthrob Jordan to stay with the Ross family so he can convince him to star in his next movie. Emma fancies him and is jealous when he asks Jessie out. S1 E14

07 00-07 29Stuck In The Middle
The Diaz family is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star in their own reality show. S1 E17

07 29-08 00Liv and Maddie
Liv and Maddie's house has a beetle infestation. Their parents plan to move to a hotel for the weekend. The kids misunderstand and think they're moving from the house forever! S1 E12

08 00-08 31K.C. Undercover
Double Crossed - Part One: KC is paired with another young spy, Brett (who unknown to her is arch nemesis Zane's son) to pose as boyfriend and girlfriend and take down a pirate movie ring. S1 E9

08 31-09 00Elena Of Avalor
Elena attends her first Royal Retreat, but clashes with King Hector, the self-appointed leader, when she tries to reunite a baby sea creature with its mother. S1 E8

09 00-09 31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Stormy Weather: The loser of a kids-channel contest gets akumatized. Now Stormy Weather, takes revenge. Dark skies ahead for our superheroes! S1 E1

09 31-10 00Austin & Ally
Austin's invited to play his latest hit on a live radio broadcast. He wants Ally to come along and perform, but she has stage fright so he just plays a demo with her singing. S1 E11

10 00-10 29Hannah Montana
Miley, Lilly and Oliver get revenge on Amber and Ashley but what they do rebounds on Miley in her Hannah Montana identity. S1 E4

10 29-11 00Hannah Montana
Miley and Lilly play matchmaker for Hannah Montana fan Becca, who fancies Oliver. The couple do get together, but Oliver's not impressed with the girls' meddling. S1 E5

11 00-11 31A.N.T. Farm
China and the other ANTs head to Australia where this year's ANT convention is being held. Fletcher is accidentally stranded in desert so the other ANTs must save him. S2 E9

11 31-12 00Shake It Up
Rocky and Cece play truant from Gary's trip to a charity event and get stranded in a Texas town. The mayor asks them to perform on the wings of an old plane! S2 E2

12 00-12 31The Evermoor Chronicles
Bella is now a statuette. Tara must make Cam fall for Bella so he will kiss her to make her human again but, the only way she can do that is to pretend to be Bella. S1 E19

12 31-13 00Good Luck Charlie
Since Teddy and Spencer got back together the basketball team hasn't won, so they think Teddy is a jinx. Gabe overhears his parents discussing sending him to military school. S3 E2

13 00-13 29Good Luck Charlie
Amy convinces Mary Lou Wentz to throw her a baby shower, but the event turns bad when Charlie blurts out all the horrible things Amy said about her baby shower guests. S3 E3

13 29-14 00Jessie
Diary of a Mad Newswoman: Things get tense when Bryn joins the morning news readers to co-anchor with Emma and Luke. She tries to sabotage them so she can have the newscast all to herself. S2 E26

14 00-14 31Elena Of Avalor
Elena must save Esteban after he drinks too much magical water from the Fountain of Youth and starts getting younger and younger. S1 E4

14 31-15 00The 7D
A spell that makes Hildy fall in love with Grumpy threatens to ruin his favorite holiday. The 7D help Queen Delightful fix her pipe organ. S1 E3

15 00-15 31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Pharoah: Jalil, a young Egyptologist, is akumatized by Hawk Moth. He becomes Pharaoh and wants to sacrifice Alya in a ritual. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir stop him? S1 E5

15 31-16 00Jessie
Jessie tries to help Ravi make friends by taking him to a MENSA meeting in the park. They meet Madeline and Scott. Things look promising, but the couple aren't what they seem. S4 E13

16 00-16 29K.C. Undercover
K. C. Levels Up: When K.C. is up for a promotion at The Organization, she becomes obsessed with acing her test. S2 E12

16 29-17 00Liv and Maddie
The school runs a Battle of the Bands. Liv, Willow, Andy and Holden sign up to compete against Arty, Joey and Karen. Parker helps Johnny Nimbus host the contest. S2 E20

17 00-17 31Lab Rats: Bionic Island
When Douglas' long lost dog, Otis, shows up on the island, Chase becomes severely allergic and Adam instantly bonds with him. S4 E12

17 31-18 00Disney The Lodge
Sean and Skye discuss their relationship, not realizing Danielle is recording them. Josh calls Skye to tell her the reality show is voting for which boy she'll choose. S1 E6

18 00-18 31Bunk'd
When Murphy challenges the kids to cook the camp dinner, a competition between campers ensues. S2 E17

18 31-19 00Bizaardvark
When the girls receive mean comments about their videos, Frankie begins to lose her confidence and becomes obsessed with finding who wrote them. S1 E5

19 00-19 31Jessie
Glue Dunnit - A Sticky Situation: When Luke and Ravi get into a sticky situation and Mrs Chesterfield's hands get stuck to her head, Jessie is determined to find the culprit. S1 E18

19 31-20 00That's So Raven
Raven knows Chelsea likes Ben. She's horrified when she foresees herself kissing him but as usual she's got it wrong. S3 E18

20 00-20 31Sonny with a Chance
Chad announces he's hosting a hidden camera show, and everyone's worried about getting caught. Tawni convinces Sonny to ignore a movie audition she says is a prank, but it's not! S1 E15

20 31-21 00Austin & Ally
Visiting the Smithsonian museum Austin slips on the famous shoes from the Wizard of Oz and can't get them off! The museum thinks they've been stolen: what can he do? S3 E3

21 00-21 31Good Luck Charlie
Teddy is disappointed when she only gets on the waiting list for her first choice college, Yale, but Victor gets in. She plays a prank which could have serious repercussions. S4 E17

21 31-22 00Good Luck Charlie
Teddy's offhand comment to Ivy's parents, while helping her best friend to pack for college, leads to them make a decision which horrifies both girls. Can Teddy put things right? S4 E19

22 00-22 53Violetta
Diego apologizes to Violetta for the problems he caused her with her father, and confronts Le?n. Francesca turns Marco down for being too hasty! S2 E5

22 53-23 16Hannah Montana
Hannah's obsession with Jake interferes with her singing. Her father is worried and gets someone to give her advice - her godmother, Dolly Parton! S1 E18

23 16-23 40Hannah Montana
Miley's determined to make Jake jealous. Her plan backfires when the boy she chooses turns out to be too young. S1 E19

23 40-00 00Groove High
It's the last day of term. The kids are moving up to year two except Tom, who will be held behind unless he can make up six days of song-writing classes in one day. S1 E26

00 00-06 00Disney Channel Preview
Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!

06 00-06 29Bunk'd
When Murphy challenges the kids to cook the camp dinner, a competition between campers ensues. S2 E17