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TV Listings for GOLD on Sunday (02.04.2017)

06 00-07 20Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

07 20-07 50Ever Decreasing Circles
Stage legend Penelope Wilton stars here alongside the king of sitcom, Richard Briers, in a darkly comic look at suburbia. Martin is outraged by Paul's behaviour. S1 Ep3

07 50-08 30One Foot in the Grave
Why can't the Meldrews just have a nice pleasant day out? Naturally, a trip out on the river leads to epic complications for Victor and his long-suffering spouse. S4 Ep3

08 30-09 10One Foot in the Grave
More great, dark comedy as the Meldrews are back from holiday and find that their neighbours Patrick (aka Angus Deayton) and Pippa have put their house on the market. S4 Ep4

09 10-09 50Only Fools and Horses
Comedy with TV's favourite duckers and divers. Del urges Rodney to use his position as chairman of the Tenants' Association to sort out their lifts. S3 Ep1

09 50-10 30Only Fools and Horses
South London sitcom with 'businessmen' Del and Rodney - or is that Mickey and Rodney? Rodders feels it's time to go it alone, but Del and Grandad aren't so sure. S3 Ep2

10 30-11 10Only Fools and Horses
One of the nation's favourite sitcoms. Del's latest foolproof scheme for making millions - game fishing - backfires when events take an unusual turn. S3 Ep3

11 10-11 50Boomers
New to Gold. Comedy series following the ups and downs of three retired couples. Joyce and Alan have financial concerns and are considering downsizing. S1 Ep5

11 50-12 30Boomers
New to Gold. Comedy series following the ups and downs of three retired couples. Joyce, Alan, Maureen, John, Trevor and Carol go away for a 60s weekend at a seaside resort. S1 Ep6

12 30-13 35Porridge Christmas Special
Comedy legend Ronnie Barker stars as Fletch in a Christmas special. Fletcher plans some Christmas spirit at Slade in the form of his very own home-made liquor.

13 35-14 10Only Fools and Horses
More classic laughs with Peckham's most famous businessmen. To Rodney and Grandad's consternation, Del flirts with the antiques business, and a dealer. S3 Ep4

14 10-14 50Only Fools and Horses
Genius comedy with Del and Rodders. An old schoolfriend of Del's returns to Peckham. Guest star Jim Broadbent plays the slimy Detective Inspector Slater. S3 Ep5

14 50-15 30Only Fools and Horses
Comedy classic. Rodney's kindly nature and Del's mischievous sense of humour combine to give the Trotter family a worrying time with the Peckham Pouncer at large. S3 Ep6

15 30-16 10Only Fools and Horses
TV gold with those ducking and diving brothers from Peckham. The Trotters embark on a decorating venture, only to find they get the bird. S3 Ep7

16 10-16 50Only Fools and Horses Christmas...
...Special. Thicker than Water: What kind of drinks would Del conjure up at Christmas? Find out in South London's finest comedy. The Trotters' long lost dad Reg turns up after 18 years away. S3 Ep8

16 50-17 45Porridge Christmas Special
Christmas special from 1975. The festive season falls upon the inmates of Slade and finds them planning an escape. But Fletch plans to spend some time in the infirmary.

17 45-18 30Only Fools and Horses
Love comes into Del's life when an old flame returns to London. But Rodney and Grandad are determined to extinguish the torch that Del is carrying. S1 Ep4

18 30-19 10Only Fools and Horses
You can't help but admire Del's flair for enterprise as he ropes in a reluctant Rodney and Grandad into Trotter Watch Security and Trotter's Ethnic Tours. S1 Ep5

19 10-19 50Only Fools and Horses
When Rodney is given a grant to make a community film, Del sees a chance for lining his own pockets by videoing weddings, and making a blue movie called Night Nurse. S5 Ep5

19 50-21 00Only Fools and Horses
Classic comedy. Rodney and Cassandra are officially engaged. However, Rodney thinks he has failed his exams, and he also has to find the cash for a deposit on a flat. S6 Ep6

21 00-21 40Absolutely Fabulous
Saucy fashion fun. Eddy has had an isolation tank shipped in from LA. As she slips into a dream-like state, her world begins to change - but not necessarily for the better. S1 Ep4

21 40-22 20Absolutely Fabulous
Fashion and PR get a pasting as Patsy and Saffron lock horns, Patsy gets Edina involved with her magazine, and Saffron and Edina's mother are victims of a Patsy make-over. S1 Ep5

22 20-23 00Absolutely Fabulous
Edina has reached her fortieth birthday. Saffy takes it upon herself to organise a family get-together, but Eddy is far from happy about the prospective guest list. S1 Ep6

23 00-23 40I'm Alan Partridge
Steve Coogan plays Norwich's finest. Armed with programme ideas and a clump of cheese, Alan meets a BBC commissioner. S1 Ep1

23 40-00 20I'm Alan Partridge
Steve Coogan's comedy classic. Alan has failed to get a second TV series and is days away from bankruptcy. Meanwhile, he has fallen in love. S1 Ep2

00 20-01 00The Thick of It
Award-winning political sitcom from the co-creator of Alan Partridge. Nicola Murray is stuck in an Eastbourne hotel bedroom, desperate to finish her party conference speech. S3 Ep3

01 00-01 40The Thick of It
Critically acclaimed political sitcom. Nicola and co prepare for a visit from the DoSAC shadow minister Peter Mannion - who uses it as an opportunity to measure up for new curtains. S3 Ep4

01 40-02 25Nighty Night
Black comedy series. Jill and the kidnapped Linda get closer to finding Cath and Don Cole when a car accident leads them in the direction of Trees Therapy Centre. S2 Ep2

02 25-02 50jam
Surreal no-holds-barred sketches by Chris Morris. A doctor treats patients while running a phone sex line. A lonely woman goes to extreme lengths to meet people. S1 Ep4

02 50-03 15jam
Chris Morris' twisted and dark comedy series. A woman's unorthodox method of acupuncture tends to leave her patients dead. S1 Ep5

03 15-04 00The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer offer up their unique brand of off-the-wall humour. Their roster of curious characters includes Jack Dent, Eric Potter, Pat Wright and Dave Arrowsmith. S1 Ep1

04 00-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.