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TV Listings for DISNEY on Friday (20.01.2017)

06 00-06 24Best Friends Whenever
Jump to the '50s: When Shelby's adventurous Grandma Rita visits, the girls learn time travellers were responsible for setting up Shelby's grandparents and jump to the1950s to investigate. S1 E15

06 24-06 55Jessie
Brooks proposes to Jessie, but she can't decide whether to accept, as she doesn't know if the kids like him. Can Brooks win the kids over and gain her hand? S3 E25

06 55-07 25Bizaardvark
When Paige convinces Dirk to stop doing such risky dares, his brother Kirk is worried the dare-devil is broken for good. S1 E8

07 25-07 29Bizaardvark
Join Paige and Frankie for the Whisper Challenge. S1 E3

07 29-08 00Liv and Maddie
It's Maddie and Diggy's meetiversary, but when Liv hears what present Diggy has got for Maddie she decides she needs to intervene. S2 E12

08 00-08 31Best Friends Whenever
Shelby and Cyd get their first jobs at a fudge kiosk at the mall, but the job is not all that Shelby thought it would be. S2 E10

08 31-09 00Elena Of Avalor
Elena finds herself at odds with the Grand Council when dealing with a magical rock whose anger can trigger a "monfuego" eruption! S1 E3

09 00-09 31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Horrificator: Humiliated during the making of a film, Mylene is akumatized and turns into a terrifying monster. Who's afraid of the big bad monster? Not Ladybug and Cat Noir. S1 E10

09 31-10 00Austin & Ally
Ally accidentally records over one of Kira's songs but Jimmy Starr thinks Austin and Ally are trying to sabotage Kira's budding career and fires Austin from the label. S2 E16

10 00-10 29Hannah Montana
Miley's determined to make Jake jealous. Her plan backfires when the boy she chooses turns out to be too young. S1 E19

10 29-11 00Hannah Montana
Dad gives Jackson and Miley credit cards for emergencies but they go mad at the market. They sell off memorabilia to pay their debts and accidentally sell priceless earrings. S1 E20

11 00-11 31A.N.T. Farm
Chyna hates the fact that Kennedy doesn't like her, so she helps Kennedy plan a surprise party for Fletcher's birthday. S3 E8

11 31-12 00Shake It Up
Egg it up: Rocky and CeCe fall out when they get assigned to do a school project together, but CeCe doesn't feel like working. Rocky tries to switch partners, hurting CeCe's feelings. S2 E9

12 00-12 31The Evermoor Chronicles
Operation Lights Out:The other Everines have disappeared. Bella looks set to be next. Tara and the gang decide to guard her, steal the Lantern and destroy it. But their plan goes badly wrong. S1 E18

12 31-13 00Good Luck Charlie
When Spencer has a row with Teddy, Bob decides to give him some advice on how to handle a Duncan woman. S3 E16

13 00-13 29Good Luck Charlie
Gabe's horrified when his Mum starts work as the school nurse. Teddy gets laryngitis before her school presentation. PJ makes a profit looking after the younger kids. S3 E17

13 29-14 00Jessie
Emma must travel across New York for a project so Jessie brings the kids along for the experience. They get lost but Jessie is determined Emma will make it on time. S1 E10

14 00-14 31The Suite Life on Deck
Zack and Cody help security guard Kirby pass his exams. London embarrasses Bailey on her internet show "Yey Me" in a new segment called "Boo You". S1 E10

14 31-15 00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir: Rejected and humiliated by Chloe, Kim gets akumatized and becomes Dark Cupid. Armed with a bow and evil roses, the black angel wants to turn all love into hate! S1 E11

15 00-15 31Elena Of Avalor
A moth fairy tries to bring the gift of eternal darkness to Avalor during a solar eclipse, Elena must control the magic in her sceptre to save the kingdom. S1 E10

15 31-16 00Girl Meets World
When Riley and Maya are forced to work in the school cafeteria, they learn to appreciate and respect the cranky lunch lady they had never really acknowledged before. S1 E17

16 00-16 29K.C. Undercover
K. C. Levels Up: When K.C. is up for a promotion at The Organization, she becomes obsessed with acing her test. S2 E12

16 29-17 00Liv and Maddie
The Dream is asked to reunite for a fundraiser but with Voltage taking all of her time, will Liv be able to perform? Maddie must decide where to go to college. S3 E14

17 00-17 31New: Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie invite Amelia over for a sleepover, while Bernie helps Dirk conceal a big mistake. S1 E7

17 31-18 02New: Best Friends Whenever
Daisy reveals that she's engaged to Sebastian, a man she's never met. Cyd and Shelby travel to the 16th century to help her break off the engagement. S2 E7

18 02-19 42Cloud 9
Liv and Maddie's Dove Cameron stars as Kayla Morgan, a prima donna snowboarder who gets ditched by her snowboarding team and is forced to work with former champion Will to redeem her stature.

19 42-19 47Disney Mickey Mouse
Minnie's cafe has run out of croissants. She calls Daisy at the patisserie for help. Mickey sets off with supplies. He comes to the rescue despite obstacles en route. S1 E1

19 47-20 18Sonny With a Chance
Sonny's thrilled her favourite TV show Pauly and Pets is being made on the same lot. But when she gets a chance to be Pauly for a while there's trouble with Chad. S2 E14

20 18-20 23Access All Areas: Music
All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel.

20 23-20 52Austin & Ally
Ally rushes to write another song for Austin so he can have another hit, but Dez misreads the words and books a kangaroo for the promotional video, causing chaos! S1 E2

20 52-20 57Access All Areas: Music
All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel.

20 57-21 28Good Luck Charlie
Teddy helps Bob mind Charlie when Amy goes back to work. But Bob falls down the stairs, so PJ takes him to the hospital where Amy works, leaving Teddy to watch Charlie. S1 E1

21 28-21 31Access All Areas: Music
All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel.

21 31-22 00Good Luck Charlie
Teddy encourages Amy and Bob to go on a date while the kids babysit. PJ takes Charlie to the park, flirts with Emma, then brings back the wrong baby! S1 E2

22 00-22 53Violetta
Ludmila tries to convince Tomas that Violetta is now with Leon. Luca is holding music nights at the resto bar, and Leon asks Violetta to sing with him there. Tomas sees their performance. S1 E19

22 53-23 16Hannah Montana Forever
Hannah enrols in Seaview High after a mix-up prevents Miley attending the school for her senior year. S4 E1

23 16-23 40Hannah Montana Forever
The Stewarts have moved into their new house. Robbie ships the contents of Miley's room there. She takes a trip down Memory Lane but tells him she's moved on. S4 E2

23 40-00 00Groove High
Tom invites a reality show into school, but it's owned by Duke's father. Duke uses it to promote Zoe's popularity and gets Tom thrown out of school - in a medieval catapult! S1 E8

00 00-06 00Disney Channel Preview
Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!

06 00-06 24K.C. Undercover
KC and Ernie can't stop fighting. Craig and Kira are sick of it. To help them learn to work together they're sent on a mission and end up trapped in a bank vault. S1 E26