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TV Listings for FX on Monday (29.05.2017)

06 00-06 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone

06 30-07 00Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.

07 00-07 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.

07 30-08 00Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone

08 00-09 00Monk
Monk reluctantly goes on vacation with Sharona and Benjy. However, Benjy witnesses a murder and the body disappears. (S1, Ep10)

09 00-10 00The Mentalist
Red Sauce - An ex-mobster in the Witness Protection Program is found executed. The mafia is the prime suspect, so Patrick socializes with its leader. (S1, Ep20)

10 00-11 00The Mentalist
Miss Red - While investigating the murder of a C.E.O., Patrick matches wits with a sexy con artist who was trying to get her hands on his secret stash of millions of dollars. (S1, Ep21)

11 00-12 00Leverage
Parker goes missing during a personal mission she takes on for her mentor Archie Leach. Can the team find her before time runs out? (S3, Ep3)

12 00-13 00Leverage
A reporter turns to the team for help after barely escaping a hit-and-run. Her story involves two ruthless brothers who are running for election in Africa. (S3, Ep4)

13 00-14 00NCIS
The NCIS team investigates the death of a young Marine who came to his homecoming party with a stab wound. (S9, Ep2)

14 00-15 00NCIS
There is a surprise in store for the NCIS team when the investigation into the murder of a Navy lieutenant leads them to McGee's grandmother. (S9, Ep3)

15 00-16 00The Mentalist
Blood Brothers - A teenage boy's murder appears to be related to a secret group he belonged to at an unorthodox school for troubled teens. (S1, Ep22)

16 00-17 00The Mentalist
Red John's Footsteps - A victim is discovered in a park deliberately disposed of in CBI jurisdiction with evidence that Red John is involved. (S1, Ep23)

17 00-18 00Leverage
The Leverage team takes on a pharmaceutical CEO who plans to distribute a deadly drug for big profits. (S3, Ep5)

18 00-19 00Leverage
The Leverage team unwittingly turns Eliot into a star as they attempt to go after a corrupt country and western record executive. (S3, Ep6)

19 00-20 00NCIS
When a contract killer murders a Navy lieutenant commander, the NCIS team has to find out the motive behind it. (S9, Ep4)

20 00-21 00NCIS
While investigating the murder of a coast guard officer aboard an abandoned cargo vessel, the NCIS team finds a Lebanese family seeking refuge in the US. (S9, Ep5)

21 00-22 00New: Prison Break
When Sara and her son's safety is threatened, Michael and Lincoln recruit the help of Sheba and C-Note to try and catch Poseidon. (S5, Ep8)

22 00-23 00New: Outcast
The mystery of the supernatural manifestations and why they are drawn to Kyle continues. As the possessions grow, Kyle struggles to protect those he holds most dear. (S2, Ep9)

23 00-23 30Family Guy
When Chris learns that he is the heir to Carter's fortune - but refuses to take the money - Peter takes drastic measures to keep the wealth in the family. (S13, Ep14)

23 30-00 00Family Guy
Peter takes up smoking cigarettes, and is approached by Mr. Stone, an advertising executive who wants Peter to be the face of his anti-smoking campaign. (S13, Ep15)

00 00-00 30American Dad
Threat Levels - Stan is angry that his wife makes more money than him as an estate agent. Meanwhile, Hayley helps the homeless, and Steve has an idea for a Bum Fight programme. (S1, Ep2)

00 30-01 00American Dad
Stan Knows Best - When Hayley dyes her hair, and Stan cuts it while she sleeps, Hayley moves into her boyfriend's van. Steve pretends Roger is his disfigured sister to get a girl. (S1, Ep3)

01 00-01 30Family Guy
The Giggity Wife - After a drunken night out at Harvard with the guys, Quagmire discovers that he married a decrepit old prostitute. (S12, Ep11)

01 30-02 00Family Guy
Valentine's Day in Quahog - Stewie gathers scores of Brian's former girlfriends to get to the bottom of why he's unsuccessful in love. (S12, Ep12)

02 00-02 30American Dad
LGBSteve - Hayley is dying to be on a roller derby team, but they will only let her play if her 'sister' Steve gets to play. (S11, Ep10)

02 30-03 00American Dad
Morning Mimosa - When Steve swears at Francine, she refuses to cook for him and he becomes a successful chef, appearing on a popular morning show. (S11, Ep11)

03 00-03 30Family Guy
After Peter's mother passes away, he forms a special friendship with her longtime pal, Evelyn, who attempts to seduce Peter. (S13, Ep12)

03 30-04 00Family Guy
Peter grows frustrated when players on opposing teams continue to thank God after defeating his beloved New England Patriots football team. (S13, Ep13)

04 00-04 30American Dad
When Stan lies about his texting and driving accident, he takes a seizure medication and suffers from the side effects. (S11, Ep18)

04 30-05 00American Dad
Pilot - Stan Smith uses his CIA skills to help his son Steve win class president and the heart of the hottest girl in class. Roger, the alien, helps Hayley with her school paper. (S1, Ep1)

05 00-05 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone

05 30-06 00Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.

06 00-06 30Teleshopping
A series of infomercials with products for everyone.