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TV Listings for LIVING on Saturday (25.02.2017)

06 00-07 00Border Security USA
Documentary exploring the extreme measures people take to break US security laws and America's desperate fight against drugs, illegal immigration and terrorism. (S1, ep 8)

07 00-08 00Border Security USA
Documentary exploring the extreme measures people take to break US security laws and America's desperate fight against drugs, illegal immigration and terrorism. (S1, ep 9)

08 00-08 30Monkey Life
A baby chimp tries to prove he is grown up enough to go it alone. The Bachelor Boys' reputation, meanwhile, takes a hit when they become frightened of a new toy. (S3, ep 7)

08 30-09 00Monkey Life
Celebrations are in order when golden-cheeked gibbon Zoey introduces a new member of the family. The mood sours, though, after a fight breaks out among the capuchins. (S3, ep 8)

09 00-09 30Monkey Life
Baby woolly monkey Paulo meets his new family for the first time, and pregnant orangutan Amy gets to grips with a breast pump. (S3, ep 9)

09 30-10 00Monkey Life
A shock is in store for chimps Ben and Pip when they have another encounter with Hananya. Piquita, meanwhile, is the centre of attention in the woolly monkey enclosure. (S3, ep 10)

10 00-10 30Monkey Life
Nerves jangle as pregnant woolly monkey Piquita approaches her due date. The life of ruffed lemur Blue, however, hangs in the balance. (S3, ep 11)

10 30-11 00Monkey Life
A baby woolly monkey is tempted into the outside world by a banquet of tasty bugs. The keepers, meanwhile, plan a third meeting between Ben and Hananya. (S3, ep 12)

11 00-12 00America's Next Top Model
New & Exclusive. Major Key Alert: The models are challenged to create their own lingerie videos, and then to create social media stories using some photos from a VIP party. (S23, ep 4)

12 00-13 00The Biggest Loser USA
New & Exclusive. Hooked On 'Tronics: The hopefuls face a digital challenge, with the winners given either exclusive gym use or unrestricted access to the internet and telephone. (S17, ep 4)

13 00-14 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Technology is put to the test when DNA results relating to a brutal rape conflict with the victim's identification. Which evidence will the CSIs choose to believe? (S4, ep 23)

14 00-15 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom and Catherine are sent to investigate a murder scene at a house for sale while Sara investigates how a cheerleader ended up dead on a soccer field. (S3, ep 3)

15 00-16 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
A little person is found hanged in a casino and the scene suggests he committed suicide. However, Grissom discovers that foul play was involved. (S3, ep 4)

16 00-17 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grissom investigates how a woman vanished from the face of the earth during a magic act and Catherine looks into the apparent overdose of a recovering rock star. (S3, ep 5)

17 00-18 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
A triple murder case from Catherine's rookie year 15 years ago is reopened when new DNA evidence is discovered. (S3, ep 6)

18 00-19 00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
When a middleweight boxing champ dies in the ring after taking a brutal beating from his nemesis, Grissom finds evidence that points to murder. (S3, ep 7)

19 00-20 00Forever
Season one concludes as Henry and Jo investigate the brutal murder of a museum curator in possession of an ancient dagger. (S1, ep 22)

20 00-21 00Grey's Anatomy
New & Exclusive. Jukebox Hero: Richard and the attendings set out to make Eliza's first day at Grey Sloan a bumpy one. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to track down Alex. (S13, ep 11)

21 00-22 00Bones
Booth and Brennan vow to keep their plans secret, while the team try to find out how a school principal ended up on a cliff face. Contains mature themes. (S9, ep 5)

22 00-23 00Scandal
New & Exclusive. The Belt: Cyrus proves he will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Olivia uncovers shocking new evidence regarding Frankie's shooting. (S6, ep 4)

23 00-00 00Madam Secretary
New & Exclusive. The Linchpin: With Algeria on the brink of a civil war, Elizabeth negotiates a regime change, but her plans go awry when the US ambassador is found dead. (S3, ep 2)

00 00-01 00Grey's Anatomy
Groundbreaking procedures are the name of the game at Grey Sloane Memorial, while April's sisters arrive for some pre-wedding fun. Sex/mature themes. (S10, ep 11)

01 00-02 00Grey's Anatomy
It's April's wedding day, but Meredith and Cristina continue to clash and Shane gets into a risky situation. Sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S10, ep 12)

02 00-03 00Madam Secretary
Amid continuing tensions with Russia, a fierce opponent of Elizabeth finds out the hard way that he chose the wrong person to mess with. (S2, ep 8)

03 00-03 30Customs UK
Sniffer-dog Badger picks out a suspect suitcase at Gatwick and his handler finds nearly three kilos of cocaine hidden inside. (S1, ep 1)

03 30-04 00Customs UK
At Gatwick, the customs team catch a cocaine smuggler and he confesses that he's being met by an accomplice, so the officers lay a trap to catch him too. (S1, ep 2)

04 00-04 30Customs UK
The crew of the coastguard fast cutter searcher investigate mysterious pot-markers off the Cornish coast, which they suspect are being used by drugs smugglers. (S1, ep 3)

04 30-05 00Customs UK
In Bristol, customs officer Ann catches three passengers with 87 kilos of tobacco worth nearly £11,000, but tempers boil over when they claim it's all for their own consumption. (S1, ep 4)

05 00-06 00Stop Search Seize
Join Ireland's Customs teams as they, with the help of the Irish police, try to stop organised smugglers from bringing drugs, cars and even exotic animals into the country. (S1, ep 4)

06 00-07 00Border Security USA
Documentary exploring the extreme measures people take to break US security laws and America's desperate fight against drugs, illegal immigration and terrorism. (S1, ep 10)