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TV Listings for NICKELODEON on Thursday (30.03.2017)

06 00-06 31Victorious
Tori and the gang compete to see who can get the most followers. When they get caught up in the competition, they neglect their schoolwork and their friendships. (S3, ep 27) Also in HD

06 31-07 00School of Rock
Tomika and Zack work on a love song, changing their friendship forever. Summer and Lawrence hang out together, and Freddy helps Mr. Finn with a problem. (S2, ep 12) Also in HD.

07 00-07 31Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat notice that everyone is becoming obsessed with a new phone game called Brain Crush. The game even distracts the audience at Cat's one woman show. (S1, ep 26) Also in HD.

07 31-08 00The Thundermans
Hank raises the stakes of family game night to a new high, and each member of the family will do whatever it takes to win the grand prize. (S3, ep 15) Also in HD.

08 00-08 31Henry Danger
Jasper's enthusiasm leads him to send Captain Man and Kid Danger into incidents that aren't crimes. When he's falsely accused and sent to jail, Henry and Ray must get him free. (S3, ep 5)

08 31-09 00Game Shakers
When the kids discover a hacker has put their new game Nasty Goats on an illegal website, they track him down in Alaska. With the help of Double G, they strike a deal. (S1, ep 14) Also in HD.

09 00-09 31Victorious
Tori struggles to find a birthday gift for Trina, then decides to write her a song as a present. Ungrateful Trina turns the song into cash by selling it. (S1, ep 7) Also in HD.

09 31-10 00Henry Danger
When Captain Man loses his powers of invulnerability, he becomes too afraid to fight crime. It is up to Kid Danger to keep Swellview safe! (S1, ep 5) Also in HD.

10 00-10 31Game Shakers
Babe and Kenzie's plans to hang with cool guy Mason are ruined when Bunny and Ruthless crash a birthday party. Dub uses Hudson to make Trip jealous. (S1, ep 12) Also in HD.

10 31-11 00iCarly
Carly gets her toe stuck in a bathtub right before she is supposed to leave for a date. Sam and the rest of the gang get trapped in Canada following dodgy doings. (S4, ep 9) Also in HD

11 00-11 31Victorious
Tori, Cat and Jade compete with each other to win the affection of Beck's big, handsome, hockey loving Canadian friend, Moose. (S3, ep 19) Also in HD.

11 31-12 00Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat are excited to try a new online drone delivery service, but when they use it, they encounter more problems than they expected. (S1, ep 31) Also in HD.

12 00-12 31The Thundermans
Max and Phoebe accidentally sell one of Barb's superhero utility belts to a superfan at the family's garage sale, and must get it back before she finds out. (S2, ep 13) Also in HD.

12 31-13 00Game Shakers
Babe and Kenzie get complaints from their neighbour, so they bake him a pie. After the pie sends the neighbour to hospital, Dub and Trip must clear the girls' names. (S1, ep 13) Also in HD

13 00-13 31iCarly
iBalls: Freddie wants to be recognized for his creative contributions, so invents a way for people to see 3D webcasts without glasses - which has strange side-effects. (S4, ep 10) Also in HD.

13 31-14 00Bella and the Bulldogs
Troy's feelings get hurt when his younger brother chooses Bella, instead of him, as his football mentor. Pepper worries about her future with Sawyer. (S1, ep 14) Also in HD.

14 00-14 31Victorious
Beck wants to ask a girl out but is worried about Jade, so Tori and Andre get Jade a date too. Robbie helps Cat with a butterfly that's stuck in her ear. (S3, ep 20) Also in HD

14 31-15 00The Thundermans
Max turns Billy into the world's fastest rat. Billy, getting a taste for running at super-speed, decides he does not want to go back to his human self. (S2, ep 14) Also in HD.

15 00-15 31iCarly
When Carly bans T-Bo, he retaliates by not letting Carly into the Groovy Smoothie. Freddie and Gibby discover being in a band has many perks, and a few drawbacks. (S5, ep 7) Also in HD.

15 31-16 00SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob helps Squidward remember a nice time in 'Are You Happy Now?', and then in 'Planet of The Jellyfish', an evil Jellien overlord replaces everyone in Bikini Bottom with clones!

16 00-16 31Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
When Dawn begins to play tuba in the school orchestra, the boys must accommodate Dawn's overbooked schedule, and come up with their own extracurricular activity. (S2, ep 4) Also in HD.

16 31-17 00Henry Danger
When Charlotte's invention for The Gizmo Show is destroyed and then rebuilt, Charlotte worries that the attention could expose Kid Danger and Captain Man. (S3, ep 3)

17 00-17 31The Thundermans
Phoebe and Max must work together on series of superhero team building exercises, but their different approaches put their future as a team at risk. (S4, ep 2) Also in HD.

17 31-18 00Game Shakers
Dub's bid for mayor gets off to a rocky start after he snubs a newborn, so the Game Shakers step up to help him get over his fear of babies and end "Babygate". (S2, ep 7) Also in HD.

18 00-18 31New: School of Rock
The band finally has the chance to get their music to a super producer, but when they fail to impress, they must decide whether to keep the band together at all. (S2, ep 13) Also in HD.

18 31-19 00Sam & Cat
Sam and Cat promise to buy a girl a Fresno Girl doll if she raises her grades. When she does, Sam and Cat are amazed by the expensive accessories that come with it. (S1, ep 29) Also in HD

19 00-19 31Instant Mom
Stephanie believes Aaron's fallen into a funk and believes the family is to blame. They pledge to change their bad habits for a week but this only creates more trouble. (S3, ep 7) Also in HD.

19 31-20 00Henry Danger
Captain Man and Kid Danger debate Swellview's favourite snack. As tensions rise, they must keep their preferences from affecting their job. (S3, ep 4)

20 00-20 31School of Rock
The band finally has the chance to get their music to a super producer, but when they fail to impress, they must decide whether to keep the band together at all. (S2, ep 13) Also in HD.

20 31-21 00Game Shakers
Kenzie invites an uninterested Babe to her coding club, but Babe swoons when she meets coding cutie Scott. An app predicts that Trip will go bald. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD.

21 00-21 31Bella and the Bulldogs
Bella fears that her mom is going to be embarrassed at the annual flag football game. Newt and Sawyer worry that Troy has a secret weapon for the game. (S2, ep 12) Also in HD.

21 31-22 00True Jackson VP
Lulu needs a dress for Handsome Academy's summer dance. True decides to lend Lulu a dress from the famous Mad Style dress vault, unaware that it is a one-of-a-kind prototype. Also in HD

22 00-22 31See Dad Run
David hopes to get the kids in the Halloween spirit, so he takes them with him to "exorcise" the Ghost of Stage 19. The kids aren't impressed. (S2, ep 14) Also in HD.

22 31-23 00Every Witch Way
The Principal catches Maddie in the middle of a spell and discovers that she is a witch. (S1, ep 10) Also in HD.

23 00-23 31Game Shakers
Dub's bid for mayor gets off to a rocky start after he snubs a newborn, so the Game Shakers step up to help him get over his fear of babies and end "Babygate". (S2, ep 7) Also in HD.

23 31-00 00100 Things To Do
Crispo faces his fear of asking for help in class, CJ volunteers to escort 5th graders through the school and Fenwick tries to become the high-five king. (S1, ep 26) Also in HD

00 00-03 00Teleshopping

03 00-03 30Renford Rejects
When the Rejects humiliate Terry, he decides he is going to get his own back. (S3, ep 5)

03 30-04 00Summer in Transylvania
Serena is in charge of organising the Fang Fest Fling Ball every year. Summer is outraged that it's for couples only and challenges Serena to a vote to change things. (S1, ep 14)

04 00-04 30Genie in the House
Emma wishes Sophie could meet the medieval feminist Lady Isabella. Sophie ends up in the 13th century, and Isabella's macho cousin, the Duke of Ellington, wants to marry her! (S1, ep 26)

04 30-04 45House of Anubis
Victor searches for The Book of Isis - an ancient tome that will tell him how to recreate the elixir. And Nina hears strange whispering from the cup. (S2, ep 2) Also in HD.

04 45-05 00House of Anubis
Jerome is being blackmailed by a seventh grader. Nina has a dream, inspired by a riddle of Victor's that she overheard. That night, Senkhara's spirit emerges. (S2, ep 3) Also in HD.

05 00-05 31Winx Club
Kalshara wants to save Brafilius, who is in the hand of the Trix, while the Winx have to put the Ultimate Power to safety. (S7, ep 26) Also in HD.

05 31-06 00Every Witch Way
Jax makes the ultimate sacrifice for Emma while Desdemona plots to get Emma and Daniel back together. Maddie and Sophie secretly plan Katie's surprise party. (S2, ep 17) Also in HD.

06 00-06 31Victorious
The gang's favourite megastore is having a sale. To avoid a huge line of customers, the kids hide in the store until it closes so they can get to the goods first. (S3, ep 12) Also in HD