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TV Listings for E4 on Saturday (26.08.2017)

06 00-06 25The Goldbergs
Adam and his friends go on a treasure hunt inspired by comedy adventure film The Goonies when Pops misplaces some family jewels. (S1 Ep16/23)

06 25-06 50The Goldbergs
Murray struggles to get Adam interested in hockey. Beverly tries to help Erica prepare for her college entrance exams, but her plans backfire. (S1 Ep17/23)

06 50-07 25The Goldbergs
Beverly replaces Murray's favourite chair with a new one without consulting him first. Adam is picked on during the bus ride to school. (S1 Ep18/23)

07 25-07 55Coach Trip: Road to Zante
Brand new series: The rowdy reality road trip visits the Croatian town of Zaostrog, where a local language teacher takes a shine to one of the tourists. (Ep21/40)

07 55-08 30Coach Trip: Road to Zante
Brand new series: Day 22 of the reality road trip finds the group racing traditional Croatian ladja boats on a visit to the Neretva Valley. (Ep22/40)

08 30-09 00Coach Trip: Road to Zante
Brand new series: In Ston, Croatia, the tourists find a morning oyster tasting hard to swallow before a lively afternoon at the local salt flats. (Ep23/40)

09 00-09 30Coach Trip: Road to Zante
Brand new series: The tourists scale new heights as they abseil down the city walls of Dubrovnik. And the group welcome a brand new tour guide, Riana, as Brendan has a day off. (Ep24/40)

09 30-10 00Coach Trip: Road to Zante
Brand new series: The group take to kayaks to see Dubrovnik from the sea before an Olympian takes them for a game of water polo. (Ep25/40)

10 00-11 05Made in Chelsea: Ibiza
Brand new series: Will Sam and Mimi's fling end in tears as Tiff unexpectedly arrives? Sam Prince is determined to show Toff he's turned over a new leaf with Mark Francis as mentor. (Ep4/6)

11 05-12 05Don't Tell the Bride
Brand new series: Sonny is a party fanatic. How will his bride Jazmin greet his plans for a zoo-themed Ibizan beach party with body paint? (Ep5)

12 05-12 35Streetmate
The iconic dating show returns. Scarlett Moffatt hits the streets to find people dates. Can she matchmake for personal trainer Austin in Leeds and Cardiff beauty queen Sara? (Ep1/15)

12 35-13 05Streetmate
Scarlett Moffatt hits the streets in the iconic dating show. Musician James is looking for his muse in Cardiff. In Cheltenham, Charlotte wants a date with a great sense of humour. (Ep2/15)

13 05-13 35The Goldbergs
Murray steps in when Adam asks Beverly to help him avoid the humiliation of taking a national physical fitness test at school. (S1 Ep19/23)

13 35-14 05The Goldbergs
To help his little brother get his first kiss with Dana, Barry hosts a 'no parents allowed' birthday party in the basement for Adam. (S1 Ep20/23)

14 05-14 35The Goldbergs
The family rallies round to comfort Erica when she's dumped by her boyfriend Drew. Barry becomes addicted to an arcade video game. (S1 Ep21/23)

14 35-15 00The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon and Kripke argue over who should get Professor Rothman's vacant corner office. Amy buys Penny some art to celebrate their friendship. (S5 Ep17/24)

15 00-15 30The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon's well-organised world is turned upside down when he learns that the barber who has cut his hair for years is ill in hospital. (S5 Ep18/24)

15 30-16 00The Big Bang Theory
Amy is upset when Sheldon breaks his promise to attend her aunt's birthday party in order to join the guys for a video game marathon. (S5 Ep19/24)

16 00-16 30The Big Bang Theory
Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon some Star Trek memorabilia but she is irked when they refuse to remove the toys from their packaging. (S5 Ep20/24)

16 30-16 55The Big Bang Theory
When Stephen Hawking comes to lecture at the university, Howard is given the task of maintaining his wheelchair, making Sheldon envious. (S5 Ep21/24)

16 55-17 20The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon films a special post-break-up episode of Fun with Flags. Bernadette feels guilty about withholding a secret from Penny. (S9 Ep2/24)

17 20-17 50The Big Bang Theory
The guys take fencing lessons from Barry Kripke. Stuart struggles to attract female customers to the comic book shop. (S9 Ep5/24)

17 50-18 15The Big Bang Theory
Amy's out on a date with a mystery man so Sheldon enlists Howard and Raj to help find a new girlfriend by posting online. (S9 Ep8/24)

18 15-18 45The Big Bang Theory
At Thanksgiving, Sheldon and Amy hang out as friends at the aquarium, and Howard reluctantly agrees to volunteer at a soup kitchen. (S9 Ep9/24)

18 45-21 00Shallow Hal
Romcom starring Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow. An ignorant man is only interested in women for their looks until a TV guru hypnotises him to see people's inner beauty. Will it last?

21 00-23 10Immortals
Fantasy action-adventure. A megalomaniac king (Mickey Rourke) frees a horde of imprisoned immortal warriors to overthrow ancient Greece and the gods themselves. Gory violence.

23 10-00 10Gogglebox
Britain's favourite opinionated viewers on: Casino Royale, Catchphrase, The Missing, Nigellissima, Morecambe & Wise, The X Factor and the News. (S4 Ep12/12)

00 10-01 15Gogglebox
Britain's favourite viewers return for another series. What do they think of Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor, Bake Off, First Dates, Time Crashers and Lady Chatterley's Lover? (S6 Ep1) [SL]

01 15-02 20Tattoo Fixers
The tattooing titans return as Jay saves Luke's bacon with a polished portrait, Alice deletes Hannah's horrible hashtag and Sketch beautifies Mark's belly Buddha. (S3 Ep1) [SL]

02 20-03 15Rude Tube: Mashed 'n' Mixed
Alex Zane showcases the funniest, strangest and most outrageous video upload trends sweeping the internet, beginning with the 50 greatest video mash-ups.

03 15-04 05Gogglebox
Britain's favourite opinionated viewers on: Casino Royale, Catchphrase, The Missing, Nigellissima, Morecambe & Wise, The X Factor and the News. (S4 Ep12/12) [SL]

04 05-04 30How I Met Your Mother
Despite feigning indifference, Barney is plagued by jealousy as a result of his girlfriend Quinn's job as a stripper and he tries to persuade her to switch careers.

04 30-04 55How I Met Your Mother
The Magician's Code (Part 1/2): Lily goes into labour while Marshall is in Atlantic City with Barney, so Ted and Robin try to distract her from her painful contractions.

04 55-06 00Rude(ish) Tube
This edition of Rude(ish) Tube presents a man being attacked by a wreath, a tornado wreaking havoc on a football match and a lady with a crush on President Obama.

06 00-06 25Kevin Can Wait
Brand new series - Showroom Showdown: Kevin and Chale get jobs working in the warehouse of an electronics store to pay for Kendra's wedding but Kevin's competitive side is unleashed. (Ep19)