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TV Listings for GOLD on Sunday (26.02.2017)

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

07 00-07 25Cheers
Sharp comedy from the Boston bar. When she finds out Evan Drake is transferring to Japan, Rebecca disastrously tries to tell him her feelings. S6 Ep25

07 25-07 50Cheers
Classic American comedy. Sam's first date with Rebecca turns sour when Rebecca's new boss spills the beans about her job duties. S7 Ep1

07 50-08 30One Foot in the Grave
David Renwick's masterly comic creation, Victor Meldrew. Roger, Victor's cousin, accidentally invites the couple to his 60th birthday. Big mistake. S4 Ep2

08 30-09 10To the Manor Born
Sitcom about a super-posh lady of the manor who could only be played by Penelope Keith. A rare tropical bird nesting on the estate causes a flurry of interest. S3 Ep4

09 10-09 50To the Manor Born
Much-loved stately sitcom with Peter Bowles. Richard is anxious to sign a contract with a glamorous cosmetics boss. Genuine Polish Countess Rula Lenska is the guest star. S3 Ep5

09 50-10 30To the Manor Born
Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles star in the classic stately sitcom. Richard is facing a crisis and has no time to battle with Audrey over the estate. S3 Ep6

10 30-11 10To the Manor Born
Penelope Keith in full posh mode in the stately sitcom. Audrey's hopes of regaining her position as Lady of the Manor look like being dashed when Richard's business falters. S3 Ep7

11 10-12 30Only Fools and Horses
Things are moving on for the Trotter family as Del is now a dad, and Rodney is back with Cassandra. But Del is down in the yuletide dumps with money problems. S7 Ep9

12 30-14 20Only Fools and Horses
Raquel leaves Del after he goes back to his bad old ways of gambling, drinking and staying out late. Meanwhile, Rodney is a shadow of his former self. S7 Ep10

14 20-15 50Only Fools and Horses
The feature-length Christmas special which saw the Trotters return to the screen after living it up in Monte Carlo. Del appears on TV game show Gold Rush.

15 50-17 05Only Fools and Horses
The first of a three-part Christmas special from 1996. Del and Rodney become Batman and Robin! S20 Ep1

17 05-18 25Only Fools and Horses
Del buys a self-help book aimed at the modern New Man in an effort to improve his relationship with Raquel. Meanwhile, the Trotters' finances have hit an all-time low. S20 Ep2

18 25-19 45Only Fools and Horses
The final part of the Christmas special which saw the Trotters' dreams finally coming true! Raquel has invited her parents to dinner at Nelson Mandela House. S20 Ep3

19 45-20 25Only Fools and Horses
Ducking and diving from the Peckham wide boys. After Del manages to sell a rust-bucket of a car, he decides that he and Rodders have earned a night on the town. S1 Ep2

20 25-21 00Only Fools and Horses
National treasure of a comedy with Peckham's finest. An opportunity arises for Del to make his fortune, but a missing statue and gang warfare create problems. S1 Ep3

21 00-21 40Not Going Out
Lee Mack stars in the likeable sitcom about a thirty-something slacker. A stressed Lee decides to take up yoga - but his technique leaves a lot to be desired. S1 Ep4

21 40-22 20Not Going Out
Witty sitcom about thirty-somethings starring Lee Mack. Kate and Lee take in a surly 14-year-old lodger, and Lee's attempts to bond with him prove less than successful. S1 Ep5

22 20-23 00Not Going Out
Lee Mack stars in the engaging sitcom. Lee finally gets a job, but taking up the post involves moving out of the flat and his new boss proves a hard taskmaster. S1 Ep6

23 00-23 40The Thick of It
Political satire. Stewart Pearson is running 'Thought Camp' at a remote country house hotel. Phil is surprised to find the ministerial offices less than deserted. S4 Ep3

23 40-00 20The Thick of It
Political satire. With Nicola on a long train journey to attend the Here 2 Hear event in Bradford, Malcolm Tucker is free to launch his latest plot. S4 Ep4

00 20-01 00Limmy's Show
New to Gold. Inventive comedy. Limmy finds inspiration in a one way street, he encases a fly in his laptop and lifts the lid on bottled water. S2 Ep5

01 00-01 40Limmy's Show
New to Gold. In the last episode of the series, Limmy impresses with his laser harp, soaks in a sinister bath and finds some very warped magazines. S2 Ep6

01 40-02 20House of Fools
The anarchic, surreal sitcom returns. Vic and Bob feel Erik has come of age and decide to arrange a surprise blind date for him at Julie's Bistro. S3 Ep1

02 20-03 00House of Fools
More chaos with Vic and Bob. Vic steals some unused botox equipment from a very famous residence and decides to test it out on Julie and Bosh. S3 Ep2

03 00-03 25jam
Unsettling no-holds-barred sketches from Chris Morris, including delivery room infidelity and a terrible affliction affecting male porn stars. S1 Ep2

03 25-04 00French and Saunders
Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders kick off their 1990 series with a Sound of Music spoof, an Abba video that never was and a profile of 'Star Pets'. S3 Ep1

04 00-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

06 00-07 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.