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TV Listings for GOLD on Saturday (29.04.2017)

06 00-07 20Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

07 20-07 50Ever Decreasing Circles
King of comedy Richard Briers in the timeless sitcom about an obsessive busybody and his long-suffering wife. Martin decides Ann needs help, and she thinks he does. S2 Ep7

07 50-08 30Butterflies
The very first episode of the great family sitcom, which made a star of Nicholas Lyndhurst. A dull husband and two odd sons drive wife Ria to look for romance. S1 Ep1

08 30-09 10Butterflies
The classic family sitcom with Geoffrey Palmer and a young Nicholas Lyndhurst. Ben and Russell talk after a year of silence. Ria lies to Leonard about her age. S1 Ep2

09 10-09 50Butterflies
Carla 'Liver Birds' Lane's sitcom which made a star of a future 'Rodders'. Ria reaches a point where she must break away to be herself, and decides to get a job. S1 Ep3

09 50-10 30Butterflies
The family sitcom starring Wendy Craig as the hopeless cook and disenchanted wife and mother. Leonard wants Ria to spend his birthday with him. S1 Ep4

10 30-11 10Last of the Summer Wine
Laughs with the old boys of Yorkshire, not forgetting their long-suffering lady friends. Compo's memory is stirred when he travels by motorbike and sidecar. S18 Ep10

11 10-11 50Last of the Summer Wine
Fun with the young-at-heart ramblers of Yorkshire, not forgetting some homespun philosophy from the great Thora Hird. Compo enjoys a spot of volunteering. S19 Ep1

11 50-12 30Last of the Summer Wine
Laughs with the retired folk of Yorkshire, now joined by Frank Thornton, previously best known as Captain Peacock. Nora reveals unexpected osteopathic skills. S19 Ep2

12 30-13 10To the Manor Born
The very first episode of the hugely popular sitcom, with Penelope Keith in full regal mode as the upper-crust Audrey fforbes-Hamilton meeting the smoothly suave Peter Bowles. S1 Ep1

13 10-13 50To the Manor Born
Penelope Keith turns up the poshometer in the stately sitcom. Audrey moves out of Grantleigh Manor, but her hopes of seeing the estate run along old lines are dashed. S1 Ep2

13 50-14 30As Time Goes By
Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer star in the very first episode of the popular romantic comedy. A couple meet up 38 years after being separated. S1 Ep1

14 30-15 10As Time Goes By
Judi Dench stars in this romantic sitcom. Despite attending a ghastly party together, Lionel and Jean start to rekindle their love affair. S1 Ep2

15 10-15 50Keeping Up Appearances
Patricia Routledge is the snobbish Mrs Bucket. When Hyacinth plans a nautical supper, events take an unexpected turn - and so does the boat. S3 Ep7

15 50-16 30Keeping Up Appearances
More twitching of net curtains in the suburban sitcom. Hyacinth arranges one of her candlelight suppers and plans to impress Emmet with her singing. S2 Ep3

16 30-17 10Marley's Ghosts
Supernatural sitcom. Marley discovers that her imaginary childhood friend was actually a ghost and tries to find her. S2 Ep5

17 10-17 50Gavin & Stacey
Second series of the much-loved sitcom. The newlyweds return from honeymoon to a big welcome from both families. But Smithy is unhappy and Nessa has a confession to make. S2 Ep1

17 50-18 30Gavin & Stacey
The sitcom that Britain has taken to its heart. Smithy goes AWOL after learning that he's going to be a dad. Stacey is shocked to hear of Gwen's new domestic arrangements. S2 Ep2

18 30-19 10Gavin & Stacey
Warm-hearted sitcom about the relationship between an Essex lad and a Welsh lass. Stacey is getting used to being an Essex wife, but it's not as exciting as she had hoped. S2 Ep3

19 10-19 50The Catherine Tate Christmas Show
Festive fun with Catherine Tate's best-loved comedy characters. Bernie the nurse invites a famous patient to the karaoke party, while Lauren spits some lyrics and learns to kayak.

19 50-20 30Gavin & Stacey
What's occurring in Essex today? Well, Mick becomes a celebrity after finding a body. Gav and Stacey go house-hunting, but tensions between the pair escalate at a bowling alley. S2 Ep4

20 30-21 10Gavin & Stacey
The much-loved sitcom. Bryn plans a special treat for Gwen's birthday, but things take a surprising turn when an uninvited guest turns up. Stacey tells Gavin of her decision. S2 Ep5

21 10-21 50The Royle Family
Square-eyed sitcom. Tensions run high in the Royle household as Antony finally snaps after one too many nasty comments from Jim and Barb, and goes awol! S2 Ep5

21 50-23 00The Royle Family
A special reunion episode for Britain's favourite square-eyed family. Tension mounts as the Royles contemplate the prospect of becoming fully laminated throughout.

23 00-23 35Black Books
Essential viewing for stand-up fans as comedians Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey star in the quirky sitcom. Bernard and Manny accept a house-sitting job. S1 Ep3

23 35-00 10Black Books
More brusque bookselling with Bernard Black in the offbeat sitcom. A coffee-fuelled Manny is mistaken for a policeman after attempting to thwart a purse-snatching. S1 Ep4

00 10-02 10Little Miss Sunshine
Steve Carrell and Toni Collette star in the Oscar-winning comedy about a family who set off on a road trip to ensure that their daughter can enter a beauty pageant.

02 10-02 45Human Remains
Rob Brydon and Julia Davis star in the darkly comic spoof documentary series. Neurotic Barne and wannabe rock chic Fonte invite the cameras into their home. S1 Ep5

02 45-03 15The Armando Iannucci Shows
Armando Iannucci expresses his comic outlook on life. In this edition, he examines reality, drawing the conclusion that we no longer take it seriously. S1 Ep7

03 15-04 00Nighty Night
Julia Davis and Angus Deayton star in the very first episode of the twisted, surreal comedy about the monstrous owner of a suburban beauty salon. Jill takes some bad news very well. S1 Ep1

04 00-06 00Teleshopping
Shopping from home.

06 00-07 20Teleshopping
Shopping from home.