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TV Listings for CHANNEL 4 on Saturday (28.01.2017)

05 25-06 20Phil Spencer: Secret Agent
In Gosforth, mother and son Barbara and Paul Bainbridge have been trying to shift their four-bed for more than seven months. But Phil thinks a massive makeover could get them a sale. [SL]

06 20-06 45The King of Queens
Carrie starts Doug on a new diet but goes easy on him if she's been out drinking with her friends. But when she falls out with her friends, Doug must keep the alcohol coming...

06 45-07 10The King of Queens
Doug tries to stop Carrie wearing her hair in a bun because he wants her to look sexy at his high school reunion. But how can he tell her without hurting her feelings?

07 10-07 35The King of Queens
When they realise they don't give much to charity, Doug and Carrie make a donation to the local library. But the library don't realise quite how much they've given.

07 35-08 00Everybody Loves Raymond
Debra is upset when Ray fails to back her up in an argument with a competitive parent about 'unapproved' pretzels at Ally's little league game.

08 00-08 25Everybody Loves Raymond
Robert's traffic school students are so bored with his class that he is driven to practise his delivery on his family, who are even tougher critics.

08 25-08 55Frasier
Frasier plays Cupid when he arranges a supposedly accidental meeting between Martin and Roz's mother.

08 55-09 25Frasier
Frasier receives a surprise visit from Woody (guest star Woody Harrelson), his old friend from the Cheers bar in Boston.

09 25-09 55The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Sheldon co-publish a physics paper but are forced to defend themselves against negative comments from an online critic. (S8 Ep14/24)

09 55-10 20The Big Bang Theory
The gang prepare for the reopening of Stuart's comic book shop. Penny teaches Sheldon to 'let it go' when he is irritated. (S8 Ep15/24)

10 20-10 50The Big Bang Theory
When the gang hear about an experiment designed to make participants fall in love, Sheldon and Penny put it to the test as a joke. (S8 Ep16/24)

10 50-11 20The Simpsons
When he ruins her saxophone recital, Homer realises that he has never shown Lisa enough attention, so he buys her a pony.

11 20-11 50The Simpsons
Paranoid that he is not a good father to Bart, Homer helps his son build a soapbox racer for a big race. But then Bart gets a better offer.

11 50-12 50Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night...
Jamie Oliver shows comedian Michael McIntyre how to cook a beautiful scallop dish. There's also meat loaf and wild crab caught with homemade lobster pots. (S4 Ep5/8)

12 50-13 25Come Dine with Me
First to host in Guildford in Surrey is 22-year-old Shanice, who hopes to show she is more than just a pretty face by serving up sumptuous food and dazzling conversation. (Ep1/5)

13 25-13 55Come Dine with Me
Guildford. Retired estate agent Vivi hopes to land the prize with a feast inspired by her homeland. And she doesn't disappoint with Norwegian fish soup, singing and nursery rhymes! (Ep2/5)

13 55-14 25Come Dine with Me
Guildford. It's now Charlotte's turn to host. She's taken a risk with her Asian-inspired menu and is worried that entertainments manager David will find her food too exotic. (Ep3/5)

14 25-14 55Come Dine with Me
Guildford. It's the turn of entertainments manager David to host. And with his simple food, it's David's fun, excitement and entertainment that are the main event. (Ep4/5)

14 55-15 25Come Dine with Me
Guildford. Neil hopes to land the prize with his sophisticated menu of a caviar starter, Moroccan lamb main and an artistically angled panna cotta for dessert. (Ep5/5)

15 25-16 30A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun
Rodney and Lynda Palliser from Hertfordshire are looking for an apartment on Mallorca, close to Palma. Can Laura Hamilton help them find their dream property within their £100,000 budget?

16 30-17 35Location, Location, Location
Kirstie Allsopp searches north east London on behalf of ballet dancer Nicol and his brother Harry. And Phil Spencer helps Tinder success story Hiren and Priyanka find a home. (Ep2)

17 35-18 30Grand Designs
Matt and Sophie White want to build a giant family house of fun with secret dens, a fireman's pole and a James Bond room. Kevin McCloud can't wait to see the final outcome. (Ep2)

18 30-19 00Channel 4 News
Includes sport and weather.

19 00-20 00Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages
Penelope experiences the most extreme villages in the show so far, as she indulges her love of ferries, mountains and lochs visiting the remote communities of Argyll and Bute. (S3 Ep2/4)

20 00-21 00Great Canal Journeys
Timothy West and Prunella Scales travel to the Netherlands, exploring the canals from the windmills of the Kinderdijk to the vibrant city of Amsterdam. (S4 Ep2/3)

21 00-23 20The Monuments Men
Drama. George Clooney's fact-based Second World War movie sees a group of art experts forming a unit to prevent the Nazis from destroying a generation of culture. Strong language.

23 20-01 05Haywire
Violent action thriller. A black ops assassin (Gina Carano) realises that one of her employers wants her dead. But which, if any, of her associates can she trust? Strong language.

01 05-02 00The Last Leg
The award-winning satirical comedy show returns for a new series. Hosts Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe are joined by guest David Tennant to pick over the big news. (S10 Ep1)

02 00-04 00Hollyoaks Omnibus
Things take a sinister turn when Tegan makes a grim discovery. Nathan worries about his relationship, while Mac has something else on his mind. Simone panics when Zack goes missing. [SL]

04 00-04 55Hoarder SOS
A woman in Lincolnshire sends out an SOS to clear the clutter taking over her home, while in Newcastle upon Tyne a teacher wants to clear out rooms brimming with items from her late father.

04 55-05 50Phil Spencer: Secret Agent
In Edinburgh, Jason and Maya Lawie have been trying to sell up for seven months and move to Lancashire. They're a creative couple, but could this be what's putting off potential buyers?

05 50-06 15The King of Queens
Against Carrie's wishes, Doug takes $100 from the 'emergency fund jar' to bet on a boxing match.