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TV Listings for DISNEY on Saturday (28.01.2017)

06 00-06 24K.C. Undercover
Coopers Re-activated - Part One: K.C. raises her profile at school by being the DJ at the dance. The Jackal has escaped and wants revenge on The Coopers. S2 E1

06 24-06 55K.C. Undercover
Coopers Re-activated - Part Two: For the Coopers to return to The Organisation, Craig must re-capture The Jackal. Craig is injured so K.C. goes undercover to trap him. S2 E2

06 55-07 24Lab Rats
Future Leo arrives in a time machine to stop Adam, Bree and Chase from taking part in a dangerous mission to stop a particle collider from creating a massive black hole. S1 E16

07 24-07 55Best Friends Whenever
Revenge of the Past - Part One: Barry is taking Daisy to the big homecoming dance, but his plans change when he accidentally opens the time rift and an unexpected visitor arrives. S2 E12

07 55-08 24Miraculous Tales of Ladybug...
...& Cat Noir. Lady WiFi: Marinette's friend Alya is akumatized. Now Lady Wifi, she's convinced Chloe is Ladybug and seeks to unmask her. Ladybug must protect her secret identity at all costs! S1 E7

08 24-08 55New: The 7D
The Queen seeks the advice of a fortune teller. Grumpy and the 7D set sail on the Grump-Tiki in search of the world's stinkiest cheese. S2 E7

08 55-09 00Descendants Wicked World
Mal's mischievous spell leads to a colorful scene in the chemistry lab for Evie, Freddie, Jane & Audrey. A new-comer sneaks about Auradon. S2 E5

09 00-09 31Elena Of Avalor
A moth fairy tries to bring the gift of eternal darkness to Avalor during a solar eclipse, Elena must control the magic in her sceptre to save the kingdom. S1 E10

09 31-10 00Liv and Maddie
In order to get out of a mother/son pageant, Parker intentionally gets up to mischief to get detention. Pete plays nurse when Liv and Maddie get sick at the same time. S2 E9

10 00-10 29Liv and Maddie
When Maddie accidentally loses her special twin charms, Liv is upset and disappointed. Maddie steals Liv's charms to get back at her. S2 E10

10 29-11 00Liv and Maddie
The boys invent a rating system for how attractive girls are. The girls are furious and consider revenge. Then Liv writes a song to show it's who people are that's important. S2 E15

11 00-11 31Liv and Maddie
Liv has an audition as a basketball star, so Maddie has to teach her to play - quickly! Meanwhile, Joey and Parker fight for the affection of a girl in their robotics class. S2 E6

11 31-12 00Bizaardvark
Belissa Returns: When Paige and Frankie hit a writing slump and other bad things start happening to them, Paige begins to think they are cursed. S1 E11

12 00-12 31Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie invite Amelia over for a sleepover, while Bernie helps Dirk conceal a big mistake. S1 E7

12 31-13 00Bizaardvark
Paige and Frankie are over the moon when their Bizaardvark channel finally hits 10,000 subscribers and they are invited to produce videos in the prestigious Vuuugle space. S1 E1

13 00-13 29Bizaardvark
When the girls receive mean comments about their videos, Frankie begins to lose her confidence and becomes obsessed with finding who wrote them. S1 E5

13 29-14 00Bizaardvark
When Dirk leads the gang in a circle of truth exercise, Frankie learns Paige has been secretly taking MMA lessons and decides to join in on the fun. S1 E4

14 00-14 31Liv and Maddie
Before Diggie leaves for Australia, he needs to find Maddie and tell her how he feels about her. S2 E24

14 31-15 00Liv and Maddie
Ridgewood's mascot has been vandalized, and the Rooney's all become suspects. Meanwhile, Parker has the day off from school and gets into trouble at home with Reggie. S2 E17

15 00-15 31Liv and Maddie
Continuing from the cliffhanger at the end of season two, it's time to find out if Maddie managed to catch Diggie before he left for Australia. S3 E1

15 31-16 00Liv and Maddie
Maddie enlists Liv's help to build a giant Paulie Porcupine head for the Homecoming parade. Joey and Parker accidentally destroy it while playing around with a stunt-prop. S3 E2

16 00-16 29Disney The Lodge
Teenager Skye heads for the family's summer lodge for the first time in ages. Horrified to learn her father is planning to sell it she is determined to stop the sale. S1 E1

16 29-17 00Girl Meets World
Riley's surprised when she's invited to a party but Maya isn't. It turns out to be a geek party, but Riley embraces her new-found popularity and becomes Queen of the Geeks. S1 E11

17 00-17 31Girl Meets World
Recognising Maya's talents makes Riley question her own. She learns she has the best of both parents when she helps Maya with a show and to reconcile with her mum. S1 E12

17 31-18 00Girl Meets World
Cory divides his class into two fake companies, one driven by profits and the other by making people happy. Riley and Maya learn first impressions aren't always accurate. S1 E7

18 00-18 31Girl Meets World
Auggie hosts a trilogy of scary stories where characters each face their own worst fears, including his own fear that there is a creature under his bed. S1 E8

18 31-19 00Girl Meets World
While learning about types of government, the students run for election as any kind of leader. Maya chooses a Princess, Farkle a dictator and Lucas aims to be President. S1 E9

19 00-19 31Girl Meets World
Cory gives the class a living history assignment. Through investigating their ancestors, the kids have a chance to learn from history and not repeat the mistakes of the past. S1 E14

19 31-20 00Girl Meets World
Maya and Riley team up for a project. Cory asks them to include Brenda and warns them not to try to change her as it is her weird qualities which make her unique. S1 E18

20 00-20 31Elena Of Avalor
Visiting a neighbouring kingdom Elena is convinced by a spoiled prince to set aside her better judgement and take a break, resulting in unforeseen problems. S1 E7

20 31-21 00K.C. Undercover
To boost Ernie's self-confidence, K.C. tells him that he's in charge of their mission, though she's secretly running point. S2 E9

21 00-21 31K.C. Undercover
K.C. goes undercover at a retirement home in order to plant a tracker on her target. S2 E10

21 31-22 00K.C. Undercover
When Craig and Kira discover they were never legally wed, K.C. decides to throw them a do-over wedding. S2 E11

22 00-22 53Violetta
Violetta sings with Leon to get back at Tomas. Matias is worried Jade will abandon him when she's rich, so dresses up as the ghost of Maria to scare her into giving him what he wants. S1 E27

22 53-23 16Hannah Montana
Miley and Jackson want to go to the cinema but Dad says no. They go anyway and see him with a strange woman. Miley talks to him about trying to replace her mother. S1 E2

23 16-23 40Hannah Montana
Oliver's madly in love with Hannah Montana. He's shocked when Miley reveals that she is Hannah. S1 E3

23 40-00 00Groove High
Tom learns the school's new gardener is Max Shredder, a legendary guitar hero who mysteriously disappeared years earlier, and tries to persuade him to make a come-back. S1 E16

00 00-06 00Disney Channel Preview
Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!

06 00-06 24K.C. Undercover
K.C. must capture wanted computer hacker Noah Stone, but finds herself competing against teen bounty hunter Pinky Carter, who also wants to catch the hacker. S2 E13