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TV Listings for E4 on Sunday (22.01.2017)

06 00-06 20How I Met Your Mother
Robin is still unemployed and has time to make friends with a new group of single girls. Barney convinces his boss to hire Ted to redesign his office building.

06 20-06 45How I Met Your Mother
Ted and Barney get involved in a fight at their local bar, as Barney's keen to impress Robin, but it's their friend Doug who does all the real fighting.

06 45-07 05Melissa & Joey
Mel grounds Lennox because she's failing chemistry, but when Mel's father Senator Russell Burke shows up unexpectedly, he undermines her authority. (S1 Ep5/30)

07 05-07 35Melissa & Joey
Mel catches Joe having secret meetings with a girl named Tessa in the basement, and discovers they are on a manhunt for her brother-in-law Lewis Scanlon. (S1 Ep6/30)

07 35-08 00Baby Daddy
Sam invites Ben, Riley and Danny to the Hamptons for the weekend, leaving Ben confused as to whether he wants to be with Sam or Zoey. (S5 Ep10/20)

08 00-08 30Baby Daddy
Danny is desperate to build bridges with Riley after their break-up, but she is furious after learning he hooked up with Sam in high school. (S5 Ep11/20)

08 30-09 00Young & Hungry
Josh and Elliot are keen to impress editor Logan Rawlings so that she'll feature Josh in her magazine. But Logan is more interested in Gabi. (S1 Ep3/10)

09 00-09 30Young & Hungry
While cooking an elaborate engagement celebration meal for Caroline and Josh, Gabi is horrified to realise that she may be expecting a baby. (S1 Ep4/10)

09 30-12 00Hollyoaks Omnibus
Prince engineers it so that he and Lily are together for a science project. Ellie surprises Marnie at the hospital. Louis is intrigued by Tegan revealing that they're registering Daniel.

12 00-12 30Coach Trip: Road to Marbs
Brand new series: Day 1 of a new sun-soaked reality competition. Starting in Mallorca, 14 contestants head off on an epic 30 day trip around the Mediterranean towards Marbella. (Ep1/30)

12 30-13 00Coach Trip: Road to Marbs
Brand new series: Day 2 and the coach is in Mallorca. The group are buzzing after going flyboarding before Brendan brings them down a peck or two at an ostrich farm. (Ep2/30)

13 00-13 35Coach Trip: Road to Marbs
Brand new series: Day 3 on the reality road trip. Brendan tries to broaden the group's cultural horizons with a chorizo making class before challenging them to some rock-climbing. (Ep3/30)

13 35-14 05Coach Trip: Road to Marbs
Brand new series: Day 4 of the sun-drenched reality show. The group let rip on a quad bike tour before Brendan indulges them in a massage class, with mixed results. (Ep4/30)

14 05-14 35Coach Trip: Road to Marbs
Brand new series: Day 5 and the coach boards a ferry from Mallorca for the Spanish mainland. Brendan arranges a day of fun on the high seas with caricature and dance classes. (Ep5/30)

14 35-15 00The Goldbergs
When Beverly invites Murray's unreliable brother Marvin to visit at Thanksgiving, she reignites their long-standing feud. (S1 Ep9/23)

15 00-15 35The Goldbergs
Erica's new job at a department store is put in jeopardy when Beverly takes advantage of her daughter's employee discount far too frequently. (S1 Ep10/23)

15 35-16 00The Goldbergs
Brand new series - George! George Glass!: Adam risks bodily harm during an game of paintball to impress his latest crush, and Erica pretends she has a college-aged boyfriend. (S4 Ep3)

16 00-16 30The Goldbergs
Brand new series - Crazy Calls: After getting telephone answering machines, Murray and Pop-Pop (guest star Judd Hirsch) wage a message war on one another. (S4 Ep4)

16 30-17 00The Big Bang Theory
When Sheldon lends Penny some money, it brings her ex-boyfriend Kurt back into her life, with negative consequences for the gang. (S2 Ep14/23)

17 00-17 30The Big Bang Theory
A disastrous visit from Leonard's mother Beverly has the unexpected side-effect of bringing Leonard and Penny closer together. (S2 Ep15/23)

17 30-18 00The Big Bang Theory
A game of paintball leads to a squabble when Penny accidentally shoots paint at one of Sheldon's cushions. Romance blossoms between Howard and Leslie. (S2 Ep16/23)

18 00-18 30The Big Bang Theory
Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj discover that beautiful sci-fi actress Summer Glau is on board their train to San Francisco. (S2 Ep17/23)

18 30-19 00The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon and Penny bond while Leonard is away. Raj finds someone to share his heartache. Bernadette and Amy attract male attention at a conference. (S7 Ep1/24)

19 00-19 30The Big Bang Theory
Leonard returns early from his research expedition as a surprise for Penny, but Sheldon becomes upset that he wasn't in on the secret. (S7 Ep2/24)

19 30-20 00The Big Bang Theory
Leonard buys a dining table for the flat, but Sheldon objects to such a big change inside his home. Howard gets the chance to return to space. (S7 Ep16/24)

20 00-20 30The Big Bang Theory
In an attempt to improve their strained friendship, Howard invites Sheldon to visit Nasa with him. Penny is upset when her car breaks down. (S7 Ep17/24)

20 30-21 00The Big Bang Theory
Tensions rise when the guys struggle to complete their Air Force project on time and are forced to work around the clock. (S10 Ep3/24)

21 00-23 05Colombiana
Violent thriller. Zoe Saldana stars as a Colombian woman whose parents were slaughtered when she was a girl. Now, years later, she sets out to exact bloody revenge. Strong language.

23 05-00 10Tattoo Fixers
Brand new series: Belieber Nathan decides it's time for Sketch to rid him of his embarrassing fan tattoo, and Jay tackles a 'bad' tattoo of his idol. (S3 Ep6)

00 10-01 05Virtually Famous
Brand new series: Chris Ramsey hosts with team captains Vicky Pattison and Seann Walsh and regular panellist Scarlett Moffatt, plus Joey Essex, Russell Kane and Jordan Stephens. (S4, Ep5)

01 05-01 50Gogglebox
Britain's most opinionated TV viewers comment freely on Supersize vs Superskinny, Call the Midwife, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and other programmes. (S1 Ep2/4) [SL]

01 50-02 20The Goldbergs
When Barry insists that Beverly always favours Adam, she tries to make amends. Murray is not happy about Erica's new boyfriend, a fanatical music fan. (S3 Ep21/24)

02 20-02 40The Goldbergs
Barry and Erica forget to buy Beverly a Mother's Day present and make some last-minute 'Mom Coupons' instead, hurting her feelings. (S3 Ep22/24)

02 40-03 30Rude Tube: Utter Fails
Alex Zane returns with a show delivering more internet madness with 50 clips of utter fails featuring spelling bees, smashed Lamborghinis and the worst band in the world.

03 30-06 00Hollyoaks Omnibus
Prince engineers it so that he and Lily are together for a science project. Ellie surprises Marnie at the hospital. Louis is intrigued by Tegan revealing that they're registering Daniel. [SL]

06 00-06 20Suburgatory
The Shays take action to get Ryan back when he takes up residence with Malik's family and adopts a new identity. Tessa and Dalia feud over their exam results.