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TV Listings for CHANNEL 5 on Wednesday (03.05.2017)

06 00-06 05Driftwood Bay
A Bee in a Million: Meet Lily, a five-year-old who creates a world of adventure from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach. (S1 Ep 16)

06 05-06 15Mofy
Animated series created from cotton wool. When Mogu comes across a large black crow, Kerry builds a scarecrow to stop the bird eating all the cherries on the trees. (S1 Ep 1)

06 15-06 20Peppa Pig
Animated series. Granny and Grandpa Pig have invited Peppa and her family to lunch. On the way, Peppa's family get caught in a very long traffic jam. (S2 Ep 13)

06 20-06 30Little Princess
The weather outside the castle is stormy, but Little Princess is bored with her indoor toys and considers football as an exciting alternative. (S2 Ep 24)

06 30-06 45Paw Patrol
Animation. It seems just a regular day in Adventure Bay as the Paw Patrol is called to duty. But the pups are in for a surprise - Paw Patrol Appreciation Day! (S2 Ep 23)

06 45-06 55Bob the Builder
CGI animation. Bob and his team help Chef Tattie open up his new UFO-themed revolving restaurant. (S1 Ep 3)

06 55-07 05Fireman Sam
When the Pioneers go to Pontypandy Island, they are in such a rush to explore the island, they do not pull their boat up safely and it drifts off. (S9 Ep 6)

07 05-07 20Thomas and Friends
CGI animation. Thomas, Annie and Clarabel are keen to impress when the railway inspectors come to the island of Sodor. (S19 Ep 3)

07 20-07 25Milkshake Monkey
Preschool series following inquisitive puppet Milkshake Monkey. Milkshake Monkey challenges his friend to a fruit-picking competition. Who will pick the most fruit? (S2 Ep 4)

07 25-07 35Shimmer and Shine
Animated series about twin genies-in-training. Leah befriends a fox that can turn invisible, but Zeta tries to capture the animal for its magic. (S2 Ep 22)

07 35-07 50Noddy Toyland Detective
CGI-animation. Big Ears can't complete his jigsaw puzzle because some of the pieces are missing. Who has taken them, and why? (S1 Ep 32)

07 50-08 05Paw Patrol
Animation. Cap'n Turbot and his cousin Francois are whale watching when the Flounder hits a rock and starts to sink! (S2 Ep 28)

08 05-08 15Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Preschool animation. When the fairies wake up to find that their wands are not working, the kingdom has to cope without any help from magic for the entire day. (S2 Ep 4)

08 15-08 30Digby Dragon
CGI-animation. Digby reads the story of Black McKracken to Sprite, then hears a McKracken-like noise outside. Is Red Rufus's arch-enemy in Applecross? (S1 Ep 18)

08 30-08 40Peppa Pig
Animation. Miss Rabbit's train has broken down, so Grandpa Pig lends her his little train, Gertrude. (S4 Ep 20)

08 40-08 50Peppa Pig
Animation. Playgroup is having a pet competition and everyone has brought their pets. Dr Hamster is the judge, but it is so hard to choose the best pet... (S4 Ep 21)

08 50-09 00Wissper
CGI-animated series about a seven-year-old girl who talks to animals. A baby bear cub wakes up at the slightest sound and just won't go back to sleep. (S1 Ep 17)

09 00-09 15Wanda and the Alien
Animated series about a little girl rabbit and her best friend from another planet. Wanda and Alien help a hermit crab to find his starfish friend who is lost at sea. (S1 Ep 39)

09 15-11 15The Wright Stuff
Matthew Wright hosts the topical discussion show.

11 15-12 10GPs: Behind Closed Doors
Documentary series. Cases include an elderly patient with suspected skin cancer, a severely depressed woman who is self-harming, and a baby with gastroenteritis. (S4 Ep 29)

12 10-12 155 News At Lunchtime
National and international news.

12 15-13 15The Gadget Show
Action-packed consumer series. Ortis Deley helms a fire engine with the power to reduce the temperature of a burning building from 700C to 7C in just 6 seconds. (S25 Ep 7)

13 15-13 45Home and Away
Irene's offer causes anger. Kat tries to patch things up between Ash and Patrick. Nate tells Tori that he does not want children - ever. John and Ash have a heated confrontation.

13 45-14 15Neighbours
Amy badly needs a shoulder to lean on, but who can she turn to? When Sonya tells Mark to give her some space, he takes drastic action. Elly is deeply shocked by Finn's activities.

14 15-15 15NCIS
US crime series. The NCIS team re-examines an ambush on a group of Special Ops snipers in Iraq after an American couple is attacked in the same area six months later. (S13 Ep 18)

15 15-17 00Taken Back: Finding Hayley
Thriller starring Moira Kelly and Amanda Tapping. A mother loses her daughter during a day out. Years later, she becomes convinced that she has found her. (2012)

17 00-17 305 News At 5
National and international news.

17 30-18 00Neighbours
Amy badly needs a shoulder to lean on, but who can she turn to? When Sonya tells Mark to give her some space, he takes drastic action. Elly is deeply shocked by Finn's activities.

18 00-18 30Home and Away
Irene's offer causes anger. Kat tries to patch things up between Ash and Patrick. Nate tells Tori that he does not want children - ever. John and Ash have a heated confrontation.

18 30-19 005 News Tonight
National and international news.

19 00-20 00Chris Tarrant Extreme Railways
Documentary series. Chris heads to the Arctic to explore a railway which probably should never have been built, the Alaska Railroad. (S3 Ep 1)

20 00-21 00New: GPs: Behind Closed Doors
Documentary series. A young man confesses to smoking cannabis to combat loneliness and depression. An older lady admits to neglecting her health to help a bereaved friend. (S4 Ep 30)

21 00-22 00New: Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away
Reality series. A car parts dealer throws a spanner in the works after Stewart and Elmor strike a deal, and the cops are called to help evict a tenant in East London. (S5 Ep 7)

22 00-23 05New: One Night With My Ex
Reality series. Ellie's move abroad brought her relationship with Laura to an abrupt end. Ruth and Ricardo's relationship hit the rocks when they prioritised their careers. (S1 Ep 6)

23 05-00 05Violent Child, Desperate Parents
Therapist Mandy Saligari takes on some of the UK's most difficult children. Eight-year-old Jordan terrorises his siblings, punches his mum and trashes the furniture daily. (S2 Ep 2)

00 05-01 00On Benefits: 100 Stone & On The Dole
...On The Dole. Documentary series. Sarah dreams of solving her financial woes by making it as a plus size model. Housebound MS-sufferer Bryan has taken up indoor archery. (S4 Ep 7)

01 00-03 10SuperCasino
Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit

03 10-04 00Top 20 Funniest
Clip show. This episode includes a forklift destroying a pond, kittens falling out of baskets and a bartender who accidentally attacks the camera. (S2 Ep 1)

04 00-04 45Get Your Tatts Out: Kavos Ink
Documentary series. Fun-loving Madison is so impressed by Kavos's nitrous oxide balloons that she decides to get a lifelong reminder etched on her foot, along with half a chicken. [SL] (S1 Ep 3)

04 45-05 10House Doctor
Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton present more home improvements for properties that are proving hard to sell. This property is in Bow, East London. [SL] (S5 Ep 8)

05 10-05 35Great Scientists
Allan Chapman profiles famous and influential scientists. This edition features Isaac Newton and his revolutionary discoveries about light, colour and gravity. (Ep 3)

05 35-06 00Wildlife SOS
Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. (S1 Ep 7)

06 00-06 05Driftwood Bay
Animation. Driftwood Bay is the busiest it has ever been and poor Hatsie is working very hard. She needs to take some time out to stop, think and relax. (S1 Ep 17)